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Gordon  is a support character found in Dark Chronicle. He works as the gardener for Maximillian and Gerald's, and can be found just outside of Max's house, in the front yard. which is in Palm Brinks and up the hill across from the drawbridge. He is the gardener of Max and Gerald's large gardens, and is known for his skill with plants. Gordon seems rather gruff, but friendly and willing to help. The care of his plants comes first. He is an elderly bald man with large white eyebrows, with a tanned skin tone and is well muscled. He carries a bag over his shoulder, and is holding a potted plant.


After collecting the Geostone from the "Legendary Killer Snake" floor in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood dungeon during Chapter 2, he may be recruited as a support character into the players party. Gordon is notable for being the first support character to be recruited other than the original members of the Blackstone One such as Cedric. The player may not progress through the story without collecting him, however they will need to have immigrated him to Sindain before they are able to face the boss monster and complete Chapter 2. Speaking with him reveals that he needs Holy Water to treat a tree which is sick, before he'll join the Blackstone One, but unfortunately for him, Max's father and Priest Bruno do not get along, and Gordon thus has no Gilda to spend on some.

After speaking with him you may check the notebook which says: "Gordon loves taking care of plants. He wants to cure his tree with Priest Bruno's Holy Water." As the Notebook says, you have to give him a Holy Water. It is not necessary to speak with Priest Bruno, and if the player already has one they may simply talk to Gordon and give him one. If the player does not have a Holy Water in their inventory it is most quickly obtained by head to Palm Brinks Church, just down the road from Max's house, where they are able to purchase one from Priest Bruno for 40 Gilda.

After he is recruited he can be found on the Blackstone One. It is necessary to immigrate Gordon to Sindain in order to progress the story and fight the boss monster of Rainbow Butterfly Wood dungeon in Chapter 2. In order to move into a house, he needs to have a tree near his house.

Gordon needs to move to Sindain for georama quest.


He sells a few nature-themed crafting materials as part of his Gordon's Bonsai shop, later in Chapter 5 he will also sell Plum Rice Balls for 800 Gilda. He also grants an unknown amount of extra bonus damage against enemies of the Flora type.