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Goro's weapons are hammers and axes in Dark Cloud. Goro uses the slowest type of weapon, with little range, but high power to balance it out. He attacks with a single jump-smash, and when charged will spin, smash his hammer down, and release a shockwave, dealing five hits in total. His Inferno is one of the strongest weapons in the game, with a very high maximum attack.

General information[]

Icon Weapon Inventory description Weapon ability
Mallet icon Mallet Light-weight and easy to use. Default weapon.
Frozen Tuna icon Frozen Tuna Frozen like a rock. You can't eat it. Use it as a weapon.
Steel Hammer icon Steel Hammer Hammer made of steel. A little heavy but powerful.
Big Bucks Hammer icon Big Bucks Hammer Magical hammer. Stroking it makes you rich. Big Bucks
Plate Hammer icon Plate Hammer Hammer made of steel plate. Light.
Trial Hammer icon Trial Hammer Blood and sweat hammer w/ warriors' soul. Poor
Abs Up
Turtle Shell Hammer icon Turtle Shell Hammer made of turtle shell.
Battle Ax icon Battle Ax Cut any enemy into half with a single stroke. A Hunter's must.
Magical Hammer icon Magical Hammer Hammer with magical power. Makes attribute attack effective.
Gaia Hammer icon Gaia Hammer Strongest hammer with the power of Gaia.
Last Judgement icon Last Judgement Helluva strong hammer loved by the gate keeper of Hell.
Satan's Ax icon Satan's Ax Ax used by dreadful Satan of hell.
Tall Hammer icon Tall Hammer Hammer with fearful power generated my monstrous curse.
Inferno from DC1 icon Inferno Great hammer with Hell's fire.

Weapon flowchart[]

Steel Hammer
Frozen Tuna
Big Bucks Hammer
Plate Hammer
Turtle Shell
Trial Hammer
Magical Hammer
Battle Ax
Gaia Hammer
Last Judgement
Satan's Ax
Tall Hammer


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