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The Gunny is a monster that is encountered in Dark Cloud, found in the Shipwreck. The Gunny can be easily identified by the strange smacking noise it makes while moving. It resembles a hybrid between a crab and a clam, and is colored blue. Its later variant, the Crabby Hermit looks like a brown lobster with spikes on its "shell".

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Battle Tactics[]

The Gunny is a basic enemy, but requires special strategy to defeat. Be sure to only use single strikes, as a full combo may cause it to hide in its shell, blocking your attack and causing heavy damage to your weapon. Its primary means of attack is clipping the player with its claws. It uses a bubble projectile attack, but because the bubble moves so slowly, it is very easy to dodge. Should you get hit by it, it will cause a goo status condition.

Its later variant, the Crabby Hermit, is a little more difficult to combat. He spews gas clouds instead of bubbles, and does so a lot more often. It also uses its shell spikes as a defense mechanism to catch the player off guard and cause damage. You will have to be more cautious when attacking, step back in order to avoid the spikes. Otherwise, use the same tactics as you would on the Gunny.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud Gunny Crabby Hermit Crabby Hermit
Habitat Shipwreck Sun and Moon Temple Demon Shaft Wind Zone
Type Marine Marine Marine
Hit Points 240 280 6500
ABS 4 4 30
Defend Yes Yes Yes
Weakness Thunder Fire Thunder
Steal Soap Throbbing Cherry ?

Variation Gallery[]