Guns refer to the class of weapons in the Dark Cloud series. They are wielded by Osmond in Dark Cloud, and Maximillian in Dark Cloud 2. Guns are a ranged class, and can not be charged.

Dark CloudEdit

In Dark Cloud, there are three classes of Guns: Machine Guns, Laser Guns, and Flamethrowers. Machine Guns release a rapid single-file stream of bullets when the X button is held, and will continue to do so until either the Speed Gauge empties or the weapon breaks. Laser Guns are slower, but much more powerful, releasing an evenly spaced array of lasers when the X button is held. Finally, the Flamethrower type maintains what appears to be a large beam that stretches for several feet in front of Osmond, potentially giving him the shortest reach of any Long-Range character. The third class is not capable of defeating the second stage of the final boss, as its range is too short.

Weapon ChartEdit

The following table displays the minimum stat values needed for weapon Build Up.
WHp. (Weapon Hit Points) and Abs. (Absorption) are not included, since they are not stats required for weapon Build Up.

Abbreviations used:

At - Attack
Ed - Endurance
Sp - Speed
Mp - Magical Power
Fi - Fire
Ic - Ice
Th - Thunder
Wi - Wind
Ho - Holy
Dr - Anti-Dragon
Un - Anti-Undead
Ma - Anti-Marine
Ro - Anti-Rock
Pl - Anti-Plant
Be - Anti-Beast
Sk - Anti-Sky
Me - Anti-metal
Mi - Anti-mimic
Mg - Anti-Mage
Weapon At Ed Sp Mp Fi Ic Th Wi Ho Dr Un Ma Ro Pl Be Sk Me Mi Mg
Machine Gun2230550000000000000000
Blessing Gun3450601015151515150000000000
G Crusher50606025000008883088835208
Hexa Blaster6440775539393939390000000000
Star Breaker708070300000020202065202020453020

For the list below:

(M) - Machine Gun
(L) - Laser Gun
(F) - Flamethrower

Base WeaponEdit

Rank 2 WeaponsEdit

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Final WeaponsEdit

Dark Cloud 2Edit

In Dark Cloud 2, there are also three classes of Guns: Normal Guns, Laser Guns, and Grenade Launchers. Normal guns are then divided into two sub-classes: Normal and Machine Guns.

Normal Guns fire once for each time the X Button is pressed, while the Machine Guns rapidly fire while the player holds the button down. Laser Guns are a bit faster and stronger than Normal Guns, but still emit one beam per button press. The Grenade Launchers are much slower than its other variants, but the range and power are increased dramatically. They launch one grenade per button press, which explodes on contact.

For the list below:

(N) - Normal Gun
(M) - Machine Gun
(L) - Laser Gun
(G) - Grenade Launcher

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