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The Gyumo is a monster encountered in Dark Chronicle. It makes its first appearance in Rainbow Butterfly Wood, Floor 8, Legendary Killer Snake.

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Battle Tactics[]

The Gyumo and its variations have two attacks: The first is a charging attack where the Gyumo charges the player. It'll take roughly 1 to 2 seconds to prepare itself before charging and it will grunt while preparing so this attack is easy to predict. The damage this attack deals is immense and the speed in which it travels is quite high, but it is easy to block and counter due to the slow recovery. The second attack is a simple headbutt that can be safely blocked.

The best way to defeat it is to approach while having your guard raised. Wait for it to do the charging attack and attack while it's recovering. The Gyumo will flinch and it can be knocked over, so it's easy to land combo chains on it.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Gyumo Blumo Cabuble Minotaurus
Habitat Rainbow Butterfly Wood Starlight Canyon Star Path Zelmite Mine Zelmite Mine Depths
Type Beast Beast Beast Beast
Hit Points 160 780 2800 11300
Attack/Defense 19/10 82/65 127/88 177/120
ABS/Gilda 18/21 156/68 200/88 500/130
Weakness Flame (125%), Chill (125%), Lightning (125%), Cyclone (125%) None Flame (125%), Chill (125%), Lightning (125%), Cyclone (125%), Beast (200%) Flame (125%), Chill (125%), Lightning (125%), Cyclone (125%), Beast (200%)
Effective Weapons Sword (120%) None Sword (120%) Sword (120%)
Ineffective Weapons Gun (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%) None Gun (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%) Gun (10%), Beam (30%), Grenade (10%), Magic (50%)
Item Inventory Bread, Power Crystal, Sturdy Rock Cheese, Power Crystal, Sturdy Rock Premium Chicken, Power Crystal, Sturdy Rock Double Pudding, Power Crystal, Sturdy Rock


  • This monster can give you the scoop "Gyumo's Yell". To obtain it, take a photo of the Gyumo while it yells. It will perform this at random, so be prepared to take a shot of this easy scoop. Like most scoop-based actions, this has no damaging capabilities whatsoever, and is merely an intimidation tactic.

Variation Gallery[]