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Haley Holey

Haley Holey is a monster that is encountered in Dark Cloud, found in the Wise Owl Forest. It resembles a tomato and/or radish with huge leafy "ears". The Haley Holey has no variations, making it a unique one-time experience. Haley Holey is not an available NPC in the Japanese release.

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Battle Tactics[]

Haley Holey is invulnerable to all attacks while it is planted underground. It will come out when you draw near, upon which it will spin its leaves in a helicopter-like fashion and fly toward you. Since its spinning leaves make it nearly impossible to fight at it close range, use projectile attacks to take it down. Another viable way is to rush in to melee range and stagger it before the spinning attack starts.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud Haley Holey
Habitat Wise Owl Forest
Type Sky
Hit Points 50
Defend Yes
Weakness None
Steal Carrot