Halloween is the first major boss encountered in Dark Cloud 2. It is first seen at the end of the prologue chasing Maximillian down the streets of Palm Brinks, but is later fought at the end of the Underground Channel. It is a giant spider-like clown robot controlled by Flotsam.

Battle TacticsEdit

Primarily, Halloween will launch RoBombs (the big red nose) at the player. The bombs have a delay, giving the player a chance to pick up the bombs and throw them back at Halloween. Hitting the head will temporarily stun Halloween, allowing the player to get close and attack. The player can attack with either Max's melee or the Ridepod; guns are ineffective.

Halloween has a close-range stomp attack; if the player is holding a bomb when it uses the stomp attack, the bomb will explode, dealing extra damage. Halloween can also jump long distances, and land on top of the player. At long range, it will shoot missiles through its eye plates, which are powerful but have poor accuracy.

If the battle lasts long enough, Halloween can also launch several Flotsam Balloons to attack. While they're attacking the player, Halloween begins walking in circles on the room's walls. Once all of the Flotsam Balloons are defeated, Halloween will jump down and attempt to land on top of the player.

Monster NotesEdit

Dark Cloud 2 Halloween
Habitat Underground Channel
Type Windup
Hit Points 256
Attack/Defense 20/1
ABS/Gilda 0/0
Weakness None
Effective Weapons None
Ineffective Weapons Gun (0%), Magic (0%)
Item Inventory None


  • The Clown Robo's Attack scoop can be gotten by taking a picture of it when it is launching a missile. The eye plates where the missile is launched from must be visible in the photo for the scoop to be accounted for. This is an important picture, as it not only grants the ability to make the Clown Foot, but also clown Ridepod parts as well.
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