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The Himarra are monsters in Dark Chronicle. They reside in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood, appearing on the very first floor. They also play an important part in the story; after buying a Himarra badge from Jurak Mall, Monica must transform into one and talk to a fellow Himarra to obtain a Sundrop. It has a boss variant, the Mandora, encountered in the Zelmite Mine dead end.

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Battle Tactics[]

Himarras and their variants are quite basic in terms of capabilities. This monster has two attacks, a spinning attack using the flower part of its head, and a limited range attack, in which it quickly launches sap at the player. It may be a hazard due to its gooey effect but both attacks cannot break through blocking. In terms of defeating it, use Monica. Her armband deals heavy damage due to high flame damage, her sword is also powerful against it.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Himarra Balalla Stormflower
Habitat Rainbow Butterfly Wood Starlight Canyon Star Path Zelmite Mine
Type Flora Flora Flora
Hit Points 55 600 2700
Attack/Defense 14/6 74/60 127/88
ABS/Gilda 10/12 120/120 200/90
Weakness Flame (200%), Chill (300%) Flame (120%), Chill (250%) Flame (200%), Lightning (200%)
Effective Weapons Sword (120%) Sword (120%) Sword (120%)
Ineffective Weapons Wrench (80%), Gun (50%), Beam (80%) Wrench (80%), Gun (50%), Beam (80%) Wrench (50%), Gun (50%), Beam (80%)
Item Inventory Prickly, Wind Crystal, Forest Dew Prickly, Wind Crystal, Forest Dew Prickly, Wind Crystal, Forest Dew

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