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Ice Element belongs to the Spirit type of monsters encountered in Dark Chronicle. They resemble flying spirits with dismembered hands that have control over a single elemental type. There are other variations of these elemental monsters present in later dungeons, which are the Spirits, Ghosts, and Servants, each with the same sub-elements. These groups of elementals are often encountered at different stages of the game, with some appearing earlier in dungeons than others in the same family. However, every type behaves in exactly the same manner.

Battle Tactics[]

The Elementals and their variations all retain the same behavior and attack patterns. Each uses two attacks. The first is a long-range projectile attack in which the Elemental will form a ball of their respective element, and launch it at the player in a linear fashion. Before this attack is launched, there is a distinctive sound the Elemental makes as it puts its hands together. It deals low damage, bears no block breaking ability, and fires very slowly in succession, making it very easy to predict and dodge or block accordingly.

The second attack is a melee two-step hand strike. It will attack twice with its hands in quick succession once it approaches you, and it has the ability to incapacitate the player in seconds. Because the Elementals have a tendency to be unpredictable with their movements and change direction at a moment's notice, it can be hard to tell when this attack will occur. However, this attack can be safely blocked, as it has no block breaking ability. Approach the Elementals cautiously and be prepared to block to avoid this melee attack.

As a floating enemy, the Elementals cannot be easily hit by your melee weapon until it executes its own melee attack. Additionally, the Elementals move quite fast and can easily chase you down should you run away. Although they has a slight resistance to Max's wrenches and Monica's swords, it is recommended to take on these monsters using such. Because of their high pain chance, they easily succumb to repeated combo attacks, and can be knocked down with ease. As such, the best way to approach it is to avoid or block its elemental projectiles, wait until you safely block its melee attack, and quickly counter with your own melee attack until it is defeated.

Do not try to use Max's ranged weaponry on this type of monster, as this monster resists all of Max's guns, beams, and grenades. Monica's magic and sword absorption technique does normal damage, so it can be used to safely lure the monster toward you.