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An Idea is obtained from a photograph, collected with the use of the camera, and can be used for Inventing in Dark Chronicle. A Scoop is a more exclusive and rarer version of an Idea. Very few Ideas are missable, mostly pertaining to those that are in the future, which becomes inaccessible after Chapter 7.

Chapter 1[]

Palm Brinks[]

Idea Location
Auto Book Reader The book on a stand in Cedric's Shop. near the stairs
Bar Sign The small green sign on the ground just outside of the bar, near the Station
Barrel Cedric's shop, also inside the Bar near the Station
Belt Worn by the Sheriff who may be found outside the Police Station in the day time and inside of it at night
Bench Near the Lake, up past the church to the left
Binoculars In Cedric's Shop
Blackstone One In the Station. From Chapter 2 through 5, it is available at any location's train stop. This idea is unavailable in Chapters 6 and 7, and is available again in Chapter 8.
Boat In the Lake at the end of the Dock
Bone Skeleton in Dr. Dell's office, by the Lake in Palm Brinks, to the left of the Church
Book Morton's Sundries (item shop near Cedric's Shop)
Bottle Inside the bar (near the Station) on the car
Bread Inside Polly's Bakery
Café Sign Outside the Cafe near the Bar
Can On a shelf above the bread in Polly's Bakery in Palm Brinks
Candle Inside the church in Palm Brinks
Car Inside the Bar near the Station
Cart Inside Cedric's Shop
Cedric's Shop Sign Outside Cedric's Shop
Chair Inside Morton Sundrie's item shop behind the register
Chandelier Inside Morton's Sundries item shop, or Max's Mansion
Chimney On any house outside
Clock Inside Cedric's Shop, inside Morton's Sundries item shop, above the station entrance
Constructor The platform with levers inside Cedric's Shop, down the stairs
Cup Inside the Train Station, near the entrance and behind the counter with the man at it
Curtain Inside Parn's studio or Max's room
Deer Horn Inside Max's Mansion or the Mayor's office
Drawbridge Over the river connecting the first and second areas
Egg Inside Dr. Dell's Clinic on the high shelf, above the skeleton
Elena's Portrait At Max's House, Gerald's room, look to the left, almost unseeable without first person mode.
Evening Sun In the evening sky
Eyeball Inside Dr. Dell's Clinic on the desk near the skeleton
Fan Inside Cedric's shop near the barrel
Fence Outside Morton's house or Max's Mansion
Figure Above the altar in the Church or ceiling in Parn's Studio
Fire House
The open firebox of the Blackstone One, just before the battle with P-3000.
Fireplace Inside several houses - Max's Mansion, Claire's house
Fish Inside Max's house, on the kitchen table
Flag The triangle flags hanging above the main street
Flower Inside Polly's Bakery or Dr. Dell's Office in Palm Brinks
Flower Chair Inside the Train Station near the entrance
Fountain Outside near the bar
Freight Train Inside the Train Station
Gold Store The doors behind the counter inside Milane's Weapons Shop
Glasses Case In the Mayor's Office in City Hall, next to a phonograph
Hoe Resting outside Morton's house
Iron Bridge Exit of the Underground Water Channel
Iron Maiden On the lowest level inside Milane's Weapons Shop
Ladder Inside the bar right above the car
Lamp On the wall inside Milane's Weapons Shop
Letter Inside the servant's quarters of Max's house
Light On the ceiling inside Milane's Weapons Shop
Mailbox Outside of Milane's Weapons Shop
Manhole In the alley next to Cedric's place
Milk Can Next to the door to Polly's Bakery
Monument The stone structure near the Lake, up past the Church to the left
Morning Sun In the sky during the morning
Morton's Sundries Sign Outside Morton's Sundries item shop
Old-Style Robot Inside Cedric's Shop, next to the door
Oven Inside Polly's Bakery
Painting Inside Morton Sundries item shop or Max's house
Paints The cans of paint inside Parns Art Studio
Palm Tree Inside Max's house, in the hallway room
Parasol The umbrellas over tables near the drawbridge, or the umbrella over the table in front of the Coffee shop
Parn's Studio Sign Above the door of his studio from the outside at Palm Brinks.
Phone Max's house, in the Servant's Quarters, only visible when in Camera mode, against the wall near the top of the first set of stairs.
Phonograph Inside Morton's Sundries item shop
Piano Inside the Bar near the station or Max's house.
Pipe On the top/side of Cedric's shop
Police Sign Above the Police station
Polly's Bakery Sign Next to Polly's Bakery
Post Outside infront of Cedric's place
Pot In the station, one of the shops
Pumpkin Outside of Morton's Sundries item shop
Railroad In the Station
Rapper The yellow horn on top of the barrel inside Cedric's shop, near the door, atop the piano in the bar
Refrigerator Morton's Sundries, it has a watermelon in it.
Register Inside any shop
Rifle On the wall of Max's mansion
River Under the drawbridge near Cedric's Shop
Rock Near the Lake, up to the left past the Church
Rug At the Church past the Drawbridge near Cedric's Shop
Saw Behind the chair inside Dr. Dell's Clinic (near the Lake, up to the left past the Church)
Shield On the shelf in Milane's Weapons Shop
Show Window The pink window inside Milane's Weapons Shop
Shrubbery Inside the Police station
Sign Next to the train station, or the "Ticket" sign inside the Station, near the entrance
Staircase Inside the train station
Stand Mayor's Need's desk inside City Hall
Streetlight Outside on street corners
Sunshade Above Polly's Bakery door
Table Cedric's shop
The Moon In the sky
The Sun In the sky
Tiny Hammer The large saw on the wall inside Cedric's shop near the stairs
Traffic Light Above the drawbridge
Trashcan Outside near alleys
Tree Near the river or lake
Vacuum Inside Cedric's shop, down the stairs on the desk
Vacuum Bag The trashcan with wheels in Cedric's shop
Vegetable/Fruit Inside Morton's Sundries item shop
Vending Machine Morton's Sundries
Waterfall End of the Underground Water Channel
Weapon Inside Milane's Weapons Shop
Weapon Shop Sign The pink sign outside of Milane's Weapons Shop
Weight Gauge Inside Cedric's Shop, near the door
Wheat Flour Inside Morton Sundries item shop
Wheel Inside the Bar (near the station) on the wall
Window Inside the Police Station
Wooden Box Inside Cedric's Shop

Chapter 2[]


Idea Location
Coal Inside Blackstone One's engine, in the front carriage.
Fruit The yellow fruit on the Georama item "Fruit Tree."
Grass The grass patches in Sindain when you first get there (also a Georama item).
Hammock Inside the Firbits' house, in the back.
Jurak's Eye The Georama tree "Eye Tree (1 or 2.)"
Jurak's Nose The Georama tree "Nose Tree."
Log The logs that are in Sindain when you first get there (also a Georama item).
Pot Torch A Georama part.
Quartz The blue/green crystal above the Jurak Arms Sign in the future.
Water Wheel The Georama item "Water Wheel," it is required to take a picture of the wheel outside.
Withered Jurak The big dead tree in the back of Sindain.
Wooden Bookshelf The small bookshelf on the tree inside the Firbits' house

Jurak's Mall[]

Idea Location
Jurak Arms Sign The Weapon sign in Jurak Mall in the future.
Mushroom The glowing mushrooms around Jurak in the future.
Mushroom Burgers Sign The Sign around Juraks forehead where the food shop is, in the future (photo may be taken from the ground)
Woody Tailor Sign The shop sign in Jurak's nose in the future

Chapter 3[]

Balance Valley[]

Idea Location
Basket Steamer A part of the Georama item "Chinese Stand"
Chinese Lantern A part of the Georama item "Chinese Stand", or one of the red and white lanterns in Lao Chao's Bistro.
Fresco Painting A painting on the wall inside of the Georama item "Church"
Hand-Sewn Silk Flag The blue colored flags hanging on the "Chinese Stand" Georama item
Holy Emblem The triangular object behind Priest Bruno inside of the Georama item "Church"
Laundry The Georama item "Laundry"
Lin's House The exterior of the house you meet Lin inside of, in Balance Valley
Rotating Sign The rotating sign atop of the Georama item "Chinese Stand"
Saint's Writings The Book at the back of the Georama item "Church" (The book on the altar behind Priest Bruno)
Star Lamp The Georama item "Star Lamp"
Warehouse The Georama item "Warehouse"
Weather Vane The Georama item "Weather Vane"
Well The Georama item "Well"

Starlight Canyon[]

Idea Location
Giant Yorda Tree The big tree in Yorda Valley.

Starlight Temple[]

Idea Location
Chinese Lantern A part of the Georama item "Chinese Stand", or one of the red and white lanterns in Lao Chao's Bistro.
Crescent-Shaped Light One of the yellow lights on the ceiling inside of "Star Items"
Hat The big hat on the awning above the counter at Star Weapons.
Horn The Horns on the wall of Star Weapons in the Future.
Lao Chao's Trademark The pink emblem behind Lao Chao.
Peeping Pole The telescope inside the glass display case on the wall of "Star Items" , to the left of the cashier
Pork Dumpling One of the Dumplings inside of Lao Chao's place. You can also find a few dumplings at the Georama item "Chinese Stand."
Runaway Dragon One of the large dragons hanging from the ceiling at Lao Chao's Bistro.
Scroll One of the purple, red, and yellow scrolls hanging from the ceiling at Lao Chao's Bistro.
Special Peking Duck The cooked duck on the counter which the man with the hat is sitting at, in Lao Chao's Bistro.
Starglass The big pink gem at the back of Star Items, above the counter
Torch One of the many torches around Starlight Temple

Palm Brinks[]

Idea Location
Electric Bulletin Scoreboard inside the tent at the Fishing Contest event
Fishing Contest Sign Only during Fishing Contest events
Glowing Gate Inside the tent at the Fishing Contest event
Scale The scale inside the tent at the Fishing Contest event

Chapter 4[]


Idea Location
Banana Inside any Iron House, on the table
Iron Shed Georama that goes on top of a house.
Light of Luna Stone The Georama item "Luna Light" in Veniccio.
Luna Stone Shards Take a picture of the blue lights in the ocean in Veniccio.
Red House The Red houses on the cliff.
Small Generator Gold colored object in Iron Houses.
T.V. Inside the Iron Houses.
Ventilation On the ceiling of an Iron House.
Windmill The Windmills on the cliffs of Veniccio above the Red Houses
Windmill Feather The Georama item "Windmill."

Luna Labs[]

Idea Location
Air Cleaner Giant columns in the corners of the outer labs (inside)
Egg Chair Work chairs at Luna Lab.
Egg-Shaped Transmitter The blue egg-shaped devices inside of the Iron houses.
Energy Pipe Glowing pipes in outer labs.
Futuron 800 Base of the glowing Columns with pipes at Luna Labs
Neo-Projector A machine on the ceiling of the central main lab
Search Light The pink orbs on either side of the walkway from the Time Gate to Luna Labs.
System 5WP2 Yellow circles with smaller purple circles around it in the central main lab
Work Arm Attached to Futuron 800 (see above) in the central lab at Luna Lab
Work Equipment Above the Work Robot on the ceilings in the outer labs.
Work Robot White platform in the center of the outer labs.

Palm Brinks[]

Idea Location
Opposed Island Central island during the Finny Frenzy fishing event
Victory Stand The Victory Stand seen during the Finny Frenzy fishing event
Water Tank Inside the tent during the Finny Frenzy fishing event

Chapter 5[]

Heim Rada[]

Idea Location
Place a wooden structure in Heim Rada, then jump to the future and back immediately. The structure will be burned down - snap a picture of that. Once the Fire Squall gets destroyed, you are not able to get this picture.
The geysers all around Heim Rada. Can be missed if you fill all geysers with mud.
Hot Springs Pond The hot springs at the back Heim Rada.
Large Crane The Georama item called "Large Crane."
Mount Gundor When you're in Heim Rada, turn around and take the picture of Mount Gundor.
Mud The Georama item called "Hardened mud pile."

Gundorada Workshop[]

Idea Location
Computer In the Operations room, one of the many computer with blue-ish screens.
Decorative Lights The purple lights in "G-Tools."
Display Robo The big robot in "G-Parts."
Drum Can The big red drum cans in "G-Parts."
Electric Sesame The pink top looking objects in "G-Parts."
Elevator The Elevators around Gundorada.
Hammer The large hammer behind the counter at "G-Weapons."
Generator The Georama item called "Generator."
Patterned Rug The rug on the floor of 'G-Tools."
Paznos Pattern The pattern on the front of the Paznos Bridge.
Power Arm One of the large arms around Gundorada.
Propeller One of the large propellers in the Operations Room.
Sulfur-Colored Juice The little yellow jug on the floor of "G-Tools."
Transmission Device The little pads that you use to teleport around Gundorada.
Work Crane The crane on level 3 of Gundorada workshop.

Chapter 6[]

Moon Flower Palace[]

Idea Location
Dead Tree
The dead trees in the courtyard must be caught before entering the Moon Flower Palace for the first time, after you do, they disappear for some reason when rebuilding the courtyard.
Gold Gate The gate before entering the courtyard of Moon Flower Palace.
Pinky The pink objects near the doors between cars on Ixion.

Kazarov Stonehenge[]

Idea Location
Earth Altar The Earth Altar is in Kazarov Stonehenge.
Fire Altar The Fire Altar is in Kazarov Stonehenge.
Water Altar The Water Altar is in Kazarov Stonehenge.
Wind Altar The Wind Altar is in Kazarov Stonehenge.

Chapter 7[]

Moon Flower Palace[]

As every Idea in this chapter can only be obtained in Moon Flower Palace, they can be permanently missed if they aren't photographed before completing the chapter.

Idea Location
Alexandra's Bed In Alexandra's Room, take a picture of her bed.
Blue Lantern In the Garden, take a picture of the blue crystals near the table.
Camellia Tree The Georama item called "Camellia Tree."
Flower Bathed in Light In the Garden, take a picture of the sunflowers near the water.
Flower Bed The Georama item called "Flower Bed."
Flower Chandelier In the Sun Chamber, take a picture of the blue lights on the ceiling.
Golden Door In the Sun Chamber, take a picture of the doors leading to Griffon's chamber.
Gold Gate Take a picture of the doors leading into the Moon Flower Palace from the Moon Flower Palace Stop
Hooked Nose The hooked shape on the top of the Palace.
Labyrinth Door In the Sun Chamber, take a picture of the flower door used to enter the room.
Lotus Flower In the Garden, take a picture of the pink flowers floating in the water.
Moon Column The Georama item called "Moon Column."
Relaxation Fountain The Georama item called "Fountain."
Road to Golbad The Georama item called "Road to Golbad."
Silver Bench The Georama item called "Silver Bench."
Stardust Pond The Georama item called "Stardust Pond."
Starlight Stairway The Georama item called "Starlight Stairs." take a pic of the stairs
Starlight Tunnel The tunnel under the Georama item called "Starlight Stairs"; there has to be water flowing under it.
Sun Chair The chairs in the Garden.
Sun Table The table in the Garden.
Waterfall Curtain In the Garden, take a picture of the waterfalls surrounding the ponds.

Chapter 8[]

Zelmite Mine[]

Idea Location
Mr. Big Shot's Shadow
Take a picture of the real Dark Genie when fighting him.
Zelmite Found! A picture of the Zelmite.