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The Inferno is a boss monster in Dark Chronicle, encountered in the Chamber of the Blazing Fire Gem in Mount Gundor's star path. It is the boss variation of the Bone Lord. Defeating it is necessary to obtain the Fire Gem, needed for completing Chapter 6. This boss being the last one fought if the player followed the same chapter order, it's also the one which can cause some serious trouble.

Battle Tactics[]

The Inferno is a palette-swap of the Bone Lord, meaning they share the same behavior and attacks. Since you've got to fight this pile of bones, and since it has both short-range and long-range attacks, it can be difficult to fight it effectively. But fortunately, the fighting area is quite large, so you can easily dodge its attacks.

The best way to defeat Inferno, is the same method used to fight the other bosses in this chapter; use the Ridepod in order to deal high damage while being able to easily evade its attacks with high speed legs. Just shoot Inferno with the Nova Cannon while moving until it drops to the ground.

Alternatively, you can treat this boss exactly like a Bone Lord with higher health and kill it using the normal patterns and guarding when appropriate. Charged attacks easily knock down the Inferno and can be used repeatedly to defeat it.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Inferno
Habitat Mount Gundor Star Path
Type Boss
Hit Points 2000
Attack/Defense 98/64
ABS/Gilda 140/123
Weakness Chill (250%), Exorcism (150%)
Effective Weapons Magic (150%)
Ineffective Weapons Gun (50%)
Item Inventory None