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Ixion render

The Ixion.

Ixion is a flying, time-traveling train that appears in Dark Chronicle. It exists 100 years in the future, constructed at the Lunatic Wisdom Laboratories during the events of the story. Ixion becomes the main mode of transportation across the map starting in Chapter 6, replacing the Blackstone One. From the map menu, the player will now be able to select future locations directly, as opposed to accessing the Time Gate. However, the map menu cannot be used the same way in the future; the player must still use the Time Gate to return to the past before visiting other locations.

All passengers that had been on the Blackstone One will reappear on the Ixion, including Conda in the final car. Osmond will appear standing outside of Ixion, replacing Cedric.


Chapter 4[]

As Crest had revealed that Griffon exists ten thousand years in the past, since the Atlamillia stones were limited to 100 years in their travel capabilities, the Luna Labs begin work on developing a method to send Maximilian and Monica Raybrandt to the past to defeat him. Following the Labs' complete restoration, Ixion's blueprints are revealed by Dr. Nobb. He also introduces Dr. Jaming's grandson, who had developed the Space/Time Control Panel necessary for the Ixion to work, as well as incorporating his grandfather's now perfected aeroharmonics technology. This reveals to Max to Monica that more than simply restoring the future, they are creating an entirely new one that differs from the original.

Chapter 5[]

Following the defeat of Gaspard and the restoration of Gundorada Workshop and Paznos, Dr. Nobb informs Max and Monica that Ixion is complete. Upon returning to the Luna Labs, the Ixion is parked inside the central lab. Max comments on how cool he thinks the design is, while Monica laments that it looks garish. Osmond joins Max and Monica to pilot the train, while Dr. Nobb and Jaming see them off. Ixion takes off from a ramp and disappears into the past through a Time Gate.

Chapter 6[]

Ixion lands in front of Moon Flower Palace ten thousand years in the past. Osmond stays with the train while Max and Monica venture inside the Palace. Shortly thereafter, Griffon transports the Palace to the present day, along with Ixion. The Carpenterion appears to attack the Palace as Max, Monica, and Osmond escape aboard Ixion. Ixion then lands in front of Kazarov Stonehenge, where Max and Monica are tasked with recovering the four gems necessary to form a Chrono Union, in order to bring Paznos to the present day and bring down the Palace. From this point onward, Ixion serves as the main transportation.

Chapter 7[]

Following the defeat of Griffon and the end of the Chrono Union, the Ixion returns to the future.


The following Ideas and Scoops are available with Ixion. Both are permanently missed if not collected prior to completing Chapter 7.

  • Pinky - Inside the cars, take a photo of the glowing pink devices between car doors.
  • Ixion - Take a photo of the Ixion locomotive from the outside. This can be done in any station where Ixion is present. It is used in 2 inventions: Drill Arm III, Laser Arm II.