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Dr. Jaming is an antagonist character found in Dark Chronicle, and is fought as a boss during the Shigura Village section of Ocean's Roar Cave dungeon in Chapter 4. He is a man with blue skin and hair. He has large uneven teeth and wears a monocle. He wears a long black cape, a yellow jacket, and yellow and pink striped pants.


Dr. Jaming had dedicated his life to perfecting his "Aeroharmonics Flying Technology", which would allow objects to float in the air using sound. However, he became desperate after reaching a dead end in his research, and was convinced by Gaspard to become a servant of Griffon. He accompanied Gaspard on the Death Ark and in Chapter 3, he uses the ship to attack the Lighthouse on the Cape.

During the events of Chapter 4, he used his new technology to make mind-control devices to use on the Shigura, and could command them in battle using his specially designed guitar, the Marionette. However, when he's defeated by Maximilian and Monica, the Shigura show him sympathy, and he has a change of heart. He rededicated himself to his research, eventually perfecting Aeroharmonics. This leads to the development of many flying vehicles.

Before he passed away, he asked for his grandson to use his research for "something good and just". This eventually leads to the development of the Ixion.

Boss fight[]

It should be noted that this boss fight presents the only opportunity given to obtain a photography scoop, and it will be missed forever if not obtained. The "Doctor Jaming" scoop may be obtained by simply taking a photo of him on the hovercraft during the fight.

Dr. Jaming controls the Shigura from above, and cannot be hit directly. He will manipulate the Shigura to swing their heads to attack, after which they will lay their head on the ground. When Jaming is hovering over a Shigura head on the ground, the player must strike the head, making it snap up and hit Jaming.

This section can be completed relatively quickly by playing as Monica (due to her fast weapons) and simply running in a circle, avoiding the Shigura whose heads are up and waiting at those whose heads are down to hit Jaming.