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Jibubu is a character in Dark Cloud. He is a very self-centred warrior, living in Muska Lacka. He is very jealous of Ungaga because he is considered beautiful by women. In Muska Lacka, Jibubu is considered ugly, and he longs to be beautiful too. Toan gives Jibubu a product called "Foundation" obtained from Basker in Queens. It makes a person's features very beautiful, Jibubu is grateful to Toan for it and gives Toan a rare artifact.


  • An issue may occur where Jibubu isn't in his house, in order to trade the Foundation. At the exact moment it becomes morning, Jibubu tends to go in his house.
    • Move Jibubus' house to the entrance of the Sun & Moon Temple and turn it so that it is facing the temple. Go back and forth between Jibubus' house and the Sun & Moon Temple until he is in his house. When entering Muska Lacka, if you see Jibbubu outside of his house turn around and try again.