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The Joker is a monster encountered in Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle that is classified under the Card type. All variations of the Joker behave in exactly the same manner.

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Battle Tactics[]

Dark Cloud[]

Joker is the latter of the card monsters to appear in The Gallery of Time, and does a semi-quick attack with its sickle. Although it is a fast attack, it can be safely blocked making the Joker less of a threat than its brethren. Attacking first and not letting up should make short work of Joker.

Dark Cloud 2[]

The Joker and its variations wield a sickle. Guarding will reduce damage, but not by much, as the card can go around your defenses. It has no other attacks but a single sickle-slice. This attack is slow, but does high damage and pierces defense.

The most efficient way to defeat this monster is through the use of melee weapons, as all ranged attacks suffer heavily due to a resistance to these weapons. Preferably, any melee weapon with a high Exorcism stat will reign supreme with this monster, because all melee weapons will have the same advantage: there is no melee weapon the Joker is weak against, only one attribute.

Use the full combo of any weapon you use against it, as it has a pain resistance of 20%, meaning that any second melee in a combo will phase it. Use the long combo, or chain a series of charged attacks, or combine these: you have a lot of health to chip away at, so you can experiment with this system.

If you have a holy stone, it is an instant kill on the Joker. But the player should only use this in an emergency, such as in Zelmite Mine and Moon Flower Palace, these are used along with Holy Elements and such to create Revival Powders.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud Joker Joker
Habitat Gallery of Time Demon Shaft Holy Zone
Type None None
Hit Points 600 9500
ABS 6 35
Defend Yes Yes
Weakness Holy Holy
Steal Premium Chicken Premium Chicken
Dark Cloud 2 Joker S. Joker R. Joker RSF Joker
Habitat Moon Flower Palace Moon Flower Palace Zelmite Mine Zelmite Mine Depths
Type Card Card Card Card
Hit Points 910 1100 4900 11200
Attack/Defense 101/67 133/65 137/92 177/120
ABS/Gilda 182/112 190/102 240/99 500/120
Weakness Exorcism (300%) Exorcism (300%) Cyclone (300%) Exorcism (300%)
Effective Weapons None None None None
Ineffective Weapons Gun (50%), Beam (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%) Gun (50%), Beam (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%) Gun (50%), Beam (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%) Gun (50%), Beam (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%)
Item Inventory Stone, Gun Repair Powder Stone, Gun Repair Powder None Stone, Gun Repair Powder

Variation Gallery[]