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Julia is a support character in Dark Chronicle. She is the wife of the artist Parn. Originally she was simply a painting of Parn's ideal woman, but was brought to life after Parn is given Gold Paint by Max. Julia is automatically recruited with Parn, whom Max must bring Gold Paint to. This item can be obtained at the Golden Eggs which are found on the branches up the stairway in the Jurak Mall, or are purchased from Woody Tailor for 1000 Gilda.

After recruiting Julia, she may be found in the second front most passenger car of Blackstone One. At this point she may be immigrated and placed in Georama areas. She has a small shop, Julia's Ringware, in which she sells a number of armbands for Monica Raybrandt. Her party ability is called Confuse, and said to bewitch or charm enemies within range, but actually only stuns them as if hitting them with a thrown object. This ability actually also works on bosses, but tends to cause a number of bugs.[1]

After you recruit her, she will tell you that Parn has started to work on a new painting of a different woman, implying he’s probably not committed to her. You also cannot move her in with Parn in Balance Valley for whatever reason.

Behind the scenes[]

The character designer, Jun Sonobe, said that Julia was originally supposed to be Parn's wife (who was supposed to be looking for a way to resurrect her), and make her appearance in a scene where Parn was grieving her death.[2]



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