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The Elder Jurak is the wise and ancient tree spirit that resides in Sindain's Future, as well as being a tree spirit he is also the propriertor of the Jurak Mall. Jurak and the Jurak Mall exist in Monica and Max's present and past, respectively. It is know that he is able to reincarnate his own form whilst keeping the memories of his past forms and ancestors, this is why he has such a vast knowledge of the world.


Dark Cloud[]

It is speculated that the Great Treant from the first game could possibly be another of Jurak's forms. This only a theory, and the only evidence to suggest this is the fact they are both called tree spirits and have a similar appearance to one another. Due to the ambiguity of the timeline it is unknown which of the two came first, or even if it's the same world.

Prior to Dark Chronicle[]

Some time before Max's quest, Jurak's origin point was destroyed by the forces of Griffon completely removing all trace of Jurak from his home, in the future.

Dark Chronicle[]

Jurak is first encountered when the duo travel to the future in Sindain, this is only after certain criteria has been met. When they travel to the future Jurak appears to have been sleeping, and seems disoriented. His mistake is explained to him, as well as what Griffon has been doing. It seems the duo's efforts were in vain as Jurak is unable to remember who Griffon was or is. 

After more and more criteria is met through the Carpenterion, the duo travel into Sindain's future again and find the forest and the Jurak Mall fully revived. Jurak's memories return and he is able to aid the duo with what information he knows about Griffon, as well as aiding the two about the Rainbow Butterfly . It is he who reveals to the duo of the Rainbow Butterfly's fondness for the lafrescia flower.