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Jurak Mall is a collection of several shops built in and around Elder Jurak. It is the future location of Sindain.

Jurak Mall is comprised of the following:

  • Elder Jurak: The Great Tree of Sindain's Rainbow Butterfly Wood. Jurak's revival is required for continuation of the storyline. Provides Max and Monica of knowledge of Crest the Great Sage, and items needed for enabling the appearance of the Rainbow Butterfly, the corresponding boss fight and completion of Chapter 2.
  • Woody Tailor: Sells basic clothing, Ability Coins, Gold Paint, Gift Capsules, and Himara Badge (Quest Related). Requires Jurak's Revival, Adel residing in Sindain, and 40 Culture Points.
  • Mushroom Burger Eatery: Sells various restorative items, throwing items and fishing baits. Requires Polly residing in Sindain, Jurak's Revival and 40 Culture Points.
  • Jurak Arms: Provides various weapons and repair powders. Requires Milane residing in Sindain, Jurak's revival, Jurak's Branch and 50 Culture Points.