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King is a character in Dark Cloud. He is the Mayor of Queens, as evidenced when he speaks in his Rewards Sequence about needing to keep a good image for his re-election as well. King is a large man, and is mostly seen sitting down in his desk chair. He has black shoes, cut hair and is always seen with a cigar in his mouth or hand. He has many rings, almost one per finger, and also wears a white business suit and purple bow tie at all times.

King is a wealthy, spoiled man who cares more about money and his status than anything else. He has two body guards, Stew and Jake, who are often seen standing next to him. He lets them deal with business. He also had a personal genie, Ruby, but he grew so irritated with her personality that he gave her to Toan as a reward for fixing his house.

When King was running to be re-elected as Mayor of Queens, Toan fixes his house and asked for a reward. Jake suggested that he beat Toan up for the thought, but King realized it was a terrible idea, since he needed to keep his good publicity before his re-election, so he gave him a lamp, trying his best to get him to leave before he could find out what it actually was. However, the lamp dropped on the floor by accident, causing enough friction to release the Genie inside, Ruby. She asked who it was who summoned her, but King and his men were too frightened to speak which He don't want nothing to do with her completely. She went around the room, asking Stew and Jake individually if they had summoned her, to which each person shakes their head no. She eventually lifts King off the ground, assuming it was he who summoned her, and commands him to shout her name, which he does, but then manages to say that it was in fact Toan who summoned her. Toan tries to deny it, but Ruby does not believe it, and takes him out to the balcony to talk, much to King and the others' relief.