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King's Curse

King's Curse is a boss in Dark Cloud. It is found on floor 18 of the Sun & Moon Temple. The King's Curse is the spirit of an ancient king that has been corrupted by the Dark Genie. It stands watch over the door to the Moon Ship.

Toan and his companions, including Ungaga, must defeat the King's Curse in order to gain access to the Moon Ship. After its defeat, the temple will cave in.


Ungaga's charge attack will disperse the black cloud surrounding the boss, leaving him open for attack. The black cloud will reform after a couple of seconds. Repeat the process of dispersing the black cloud around the boss using Ungaga's charge attack, then attack the King's Curse (using any character from the party), until it is defeated (Note that you do not need to use the Sun Sword for this fight and you can use Ungaga's fighting stick without repairing it to get rid of the black cloud). The button combo best for this boss is, Hold X until black cloud is gone, Select, Down, X, X, Select, Up, X, Repeat. make sure you start with Ungaga and watch the HP of Toan's weapon. If the combo is done right then the curse has no chance to attack you and you will do as much damage as Toan does with his sword