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La Saia is a character and boss in Dark Cloud. She was the queen of Queens when the town was a Kingdom. She ascended the throne when she was eighteen. She met a merchant named Rando and fell in love. They could only meet secretly, though, as the idea of the queen and a commoner was not accepted by society.

One evening, they planned to marry in secret. The night of the wedding, La Saia arrived at the church, but Rando never showed up. Left at the altar, she was heartbroken with despair, and decided to end it all by throwing herself into the ocean. When the people heard news of La Saia's death, they sank the queen's favorite royal ship in her honor.

The merchants of Queens began to use the Shipwreck as a warehouse, but soon after the Dark Genie was released, the ship was overrun by evil beasts. Decades later, Toan and his party, including Ruby, would clear the Shipwreck of monsters, only to find Ice Queen La Saia waiting for them at the end.

After her defeat, La Saia asks why her bitterness remains, and Rando appears to explain why he left her at the altar and his reasons for taking the Moon Orb. The Life Stone had been keeping him and La Saia alive, in torment. He then gives Toan the Moon Orb and breaks the Life Stone. La Saia and Rando depart for the afterlife, happy that they are together at last.



  • Guided Ice Ball: La Saia will cast a homing ice ball that causes minimal damage, but Freezes its target. La Saia's most common attack.
  • Giant Ice Block: After casting a Guided Ice Ball, she will summon a giant ice block that falls from above, dealing massive damage.
  • Ice Whirlwind: If a target is within melee range, La Saia will cast a massive whirlwind that causes moderate damage and knockdown.
  • Mini Whirlwind: Whirlwinds spring up randomly on the battle field. They deal moderate damage that cause knockdown.
  • In the Japanese version, instead of throwing a Guided Ice Ball she throws one of the giant icicles that surround her that serve as her shield. The icicles are also guided.

The Ice Queen has a shield around her that has 100 HP. It can be attacked by Toan, Xiao, or Goro. After the shield is down, only Ruby can damage La Saia (who has approximately 600 HP), but as soon as Ruby hits her, La Saia will raise her shield again.

It's best to alternate between both ranged attackers, Xiao and Ruby. Give each of them a Stamina Drink to provide immunity to the Freeze status that results from La Saia's Guided Ice Ball. La Saia is weak to fire.

An alternate strategy is to purchase between 15 and 20 Fire Gems from Joker in Queens, making this fight very simple and eliminating the need to switch characters.