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Lin is a young girl living in Balance Valley. She is a student mage and until recently was apprentice to the late sorcerer Crest. Her residence is near the entrance to the valley, where she is watched over by a large owl named Argo. In Monica's time she is the much more powerful guardian of the valley and the Moon Crystal.

In Max's era, Lin is a young girl around the same age as the two protagonists. She wears a short dark dress with a red bandana around her neck and brown shoes. Her hair is a bright purple which she keeps tied up in two pigtails that stick out to the sides. In official art she is shown carrying a broom.

In Monica's time she is still alive but obviously much older. Her hair is still purple but is now worn in four pigtails that are pulled back behind her head. She wears a dark mage's outfit and a head band now and has developed a large round nose. Instead of a broom, she now carries a staff.


When Max and Monica first reach the valley, they come upon Lin's house. Inside, she is very ill and is being watched over by a large talking owl. The owl relates the story of how Crest died and how Lin came to be in this state. Apparently the Lighthouse had been attacked and after her master sacrificed himself to save the Moon Crystal there, Lin witnessed him fall to his death. This caused so much shock for her that she was severely traumatized, ending up in a painful, fever-filled coma. Dr. Dell is called in to inspect her, but he concludes that the only way to save her is with a miracle cure. It turns out she personally cannot remember what happened, this is due to the influence of a Memo-eater, which was likely what had caused her poisoning in the first place. By using the power of a Starglass, Max, Monica, and Lin return to the night when Crest and Lin were attacked. Upon returning to the night the lighthouse was attacked, Monica squares off with Gaspard, and Max protects Lin allowing Crest to use the crystal to damage Gaspard's ship.

When her master died she took it upon herself to continue his dream of becoming a Sage. By Monica's time she has become a mighty mage and watches over Balance Valley, protecting it and its Moon Crystal from evil. She also took on her master's name and goes by the title of Great Sage Crest.