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Pierre, known as Macho, is a character in Dark Cloud. He resides in Norune Village with his older brother, Komacho. They are cousins of Wilder, the sheriff in Queens. He enjoys exercising, training, and brawling with his brother.


All of these can be found in the first two floors of the Divine Beast Cave.

  • Macho's House
    • Annex Room
    • Barbell
    • Lamp
    • Fence
    • Macho
    • Komacho


  • Macho
Believes that "Fighting is what a man should live for"
Wants an Annex Room and a Barbell
Would like to be "Someplace he doesn't have to go far for a good workout."
Would like a Fence and a Lamp for his house.

Macho doesn't want to have to travel far to train, so his house should be placed right beside Divine Beast Cave. To satisfy Macho and Komacho's requests, the house should be placed close to the Divine Beast Cave entrance. Placing the Macho House away from Alnet's house will also satisfy Alnet's request.


Komacho steals Macho's Stone Breaker attachment and gives it to Toan.

Macho's House[]

Macho's House is a house in Norune Village, obtainable from Atla from the Divine Beast Cave. The house is home to Macho and Komacho, two brothers who pride themselves on physical strength.


Macho's House is a two-room building (once completed) with a small fence around the front. At the back are a set of barbells and to the right side is an unusable ladder which leads to the roof.

Once certain parts of the Divine Beast Cave are completed, two miracle chests containing Bread and Tasty Water can be found outside the house.


Once inside Macho's House, Toan begins in the main "living room" area, which doubles as Macho's bedroom. This room features a large round table and stove, as well as Macho's bed. To the left of the room is a door to Komacho's room. In here there is a large punchbag and Komacho's bed.

Inside Macho's House there are a total of 4 miracle chests. Two in Macho's room both contain Endurance+ attachments, and the two in Komacho's room contain an Attack+ and Speed+