Magic Brassard

The Magic Brassard

The Magic Brassard is Monica's starting ranged weapon in Dark Cloud 2. You have the opportunity to use it in the battle with the Griffon soldiers in Raybrandt's castle, and later in the game. It has no special abilities.

Its in-game description reads "Magical Armband."

Unlike Maximillian's guns, you can charge Monica's armbands. If you don't charge it, Monica will release a small projectile of magic, which does some damage, depending to the enemy, but if you hold the L1 button, Monica will begin to concentrate the magic, and while she does it, the magic will grow up in her hands and when you attack with the X button while holding the L1 button, a bigger and more powerful projectile will be release by Monica, normally dealing more damage to the enemy. The nature of the projectile varies with the stats of the Brassard which is actually equipped by Monica.  Armbands unlike most other weapons have an innate homing effect that allows it to be easily used even when using a hard lock-on.  So long as the target's name appears, the weapon automatically homes in.

There are 4 elements that can be shot that all depend on the value of the stat and 2 homing types depending on the fire, chill, lightning, and cyclone stats.

If the elemental stats are equal and both are the highest on a single armband priority on the weapon fired goes Fire > Chill > Lightning > Cyclone.  This means that if an Armband has capped stats, the element will be fire.

The 2 different homing types depend on which element is dominant.  Fire an Chill both go up and climb down directly to their enemy when shot while Lightning and Cyclone both go to the side and stall before launching themselves at the enemy.

And note that a charged or fully charged fireball won't use more WHP than an uncharged fireball.

Build upEdit

The Bandit Brassard can be made when it reaches 22 in Attack and 18 in Cyclone. The Gold Brassard can be made when it reaches 22 in Attack and 18 in Flame.


Starting stats (Starting or when found or bought)Edit

Weapon Hit Points 42 Synthesis Points 1
Attack 14 Durable 15
Flame 10 Chill 0
Lightning 0 Cyclone 0
Smash 0 Exorcism 0
Beast 0 Scale 0

Maximum statsEdit

Attack 35 Durable 34
Flame 34 Chill 34
Lightning 34 Cyclone 34
Smash 34 Exorcism 34
Beast 34 Scale 34