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The Mandora is a boss monster in Dark Chronicle, encountered in the fourth dead end of the Zelmite Mine. It is the boss variation of the Himarra, and is optional in terms of completing the game. Only eight of them are encountered in the entire game; after defeating them in the Dead End 4, they are never encountered again.

Battle Tactics[]

See Himarra for the behavioral tactics of this monster. These guys function identically to Himarra, but of course due to their large numbers, they will gang up on you. Either slowly approach them and separate one another from the pack and use ranged attacks, or use charged attacks to knock them down. Repeat until all eight Mandoras are dead. Winning will net you two Diamonds.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Mandora
Habitat Zelmite Mine Dead End 4
Type Boss
Hit Points 10000
Attack/Defense 170/110
ABS/Gilda 400/130
Weakness Flame (200%), Cyclone (200%)
Effective Weapons Sword (120%)
Ineffective Weapons Wrench (80%), Gun (50%), Beam (80%)
Item Inventory Prickly, Wind Crystal, Forest Dew