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The Mardan Garayan is a bladed weapon and part of Toan's weapons in Dark Cloud, called Arise Mardan, and Monica Raybrandt's melee weapons in Dark Chronicle. In the first game it is the third-strongest weapon, and can only be obtained through fishing. Using Poison Apples, fish at the oasis in Muska Lacka until you catch a Mardan Garayan. Once completed, the water fairy begins selling the Mardan Eins. Keep catching more Mardan and Baron Garayans until you can build it up into the Mardan Twei and finally the Arise Mardan.

In the sequel it can either be built up from the Garayan Sword or obtained from the Finny Frenzy's senior class races.


Dark Cloud[]

Attr. Min. Attr. Min.
Mardan Garayan (weapon) Mardan Garayan (weapon)
Attack (max 50 (250) Anti-Dragon 10
Endurance 50 Anti-Undead 8
Speed 50 Anti-Marine 10
Magical Power (max 50 (120) Anti-Rock 10
Fire 5 Anti-Plant 0
Ice 5 Anti-Beast 0
Thunder 5 Anti-Sky 0
Wind 5 Anti-Metal 0
Holy 5 Anti-Mimic 10
Anti-Mage 0

Dark Chronicle[]

Attributes Attack Durable Flame Chill Lightning Cyclone Smash Exorcism Beast Scale
Minimum 102 79 0 120 0 0 0 0 0 120
Maximum 151 99 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150
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