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Masked Tribesman

The Masked Tribesman is a monster encountered in Dark Chronicle. It is found in the Starlight Canyon.

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This monster and its variations, carrying a big mask that entirely covers its front, can only be defeated by attacking its rear. When it sees the player, it'll try to charge towards the player in order to hit him. Fortunately the Masked Tribesman's speed is slower than Max or Monica's, and the attack is easily blocked. If the player blocks while he gets "hit" by the Masked Tribesman, the monster will fall down shortly after. In this time the player can get behind the tribesman and deal attacks. Using this strategy the player can kill the tribesman without any trouble.

It has a second attack when the player is close enough. It will make a 'bite' attack using the mask mouth. This attack is quite slow but can pierce the player's block. For a very slight moment, this monster becomes vulnerable to attack through its 'mouth', but this lasts only a split second.

Monster data[]

Dark Cloud 2 Masked Tribesman Lava Runner Stone Guard Last Guardian
Habitat Starlight Canyon Mount Gundor Zelmite Mine Zelmite Mine Depths
Type Darkling Darkling Darkling Darkling
Hit Points 110 495 2600 8500
Attack/Defense 23/11 51/45 127/85 157/110
ABS/Gilda 20/18 95/57 200/110 400/122
Weakness Flame (150%), Lightning (200%) Chill (250%) Flame (200%), Smash (250%) None
Effective Weapons None None None None
Ineffective Weapons Sword (50%), Gun (50%) Sword (50%), Gun (50%) Sword (50%), Gun (20%) Sword (10%)
Item Inventory Repair Powder, Protector Crystal, Sturdy Cloth Repair Powder, Protector Crystal Repair Powder, Protector Crystal, Sturdy Cloth Repair Powder, Protector Crystal, Scrap of Metal

Invention scoop[]

  • This monster is the source of the scoop, "Face Behind Devil Mask". There are two ways of capturing it.
    • Get close and in front of the Masked Tribesman and arm the camera, when it opens its "mouth" take a shot of it. Max or Monica will take some damage, and so it should be determined that they have health to survive and retreat.
    • The second way is to throw one of the rock set-pieces, which may be picked up with L1 and X , at the Masked Tribesman- when it gets up it will be take a shot and obtain the scoop.

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