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Master Utan is a character in the Dark Cloud series, and a boss in Dark Cloud. In Dark Cloud he is the guardian of Wise Owl Forest and appears outside the entrance to Brownboo Village. When Toan and the gang try to get to Brownboo, Master Utan stops them by throwing a boulder at them. The Fairy King appears and informs Toan that Master Utan is being possessed by the Dark Genie, like Dran was. After a hard battle, Master Utan is freed from the Dark Genie's control and apologises to Toan. He then removes the boulder blocking the entrance to Brownboo and lets the gang through, then falls into a deep sleep.

In Dark Chronicle, he appears on level 4 of the Rainbow Butterfly Wood. Here, he tells Max and Monica where King Mardan is, and a photo of him can be taken.


At close range, Utan will run towards you, arc his hands backwards and attack you. This is easily avoidable. At long range, Utan will spit seeds which can follow you and are fast, so you must be ready to change direction right before they hit you.

The best tactic would be to get close and attack him with Goro, taking care to not let him hit you. His arms are impervious to attacks, so be sure to only attack his body. After doing so, he will sit down and lick his wounds, at which point you will be able to attack him again. Goro is the best choice for this, due to his strength (assuming Toan and Xiao's weapons are not sufficiently leveled up and Goro has obtained the battle axe from Treant). Afterwards, he will get up and run from you, during which he is invincible. Repeat this process until he is defeated.