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Maximilian's melee weapons include wrenches and hammers in Dark Chronicle. Maximilian first began using them when his wrench turned into a Battle Wrench, which he then upgraded as he progressed through various dungeons, culminating either in the Grade Zero or LEGEND weapons. The former being the end of the wrench-type build up line, and the latter being from the hammer-type line.

The wrenches focus on speed over power, whereas the hammers are more focused on power over speed. Regardless, the LEGEND is vastly superior due to its higher maximum attack attribute compared to the Grade Zero. Maximilian can also use his melee weapons to charge up an extra powerful 360 degrees spin attack, which also catches and returns certain projectiles back at enemies.

Maximilian can also use several Spheda clubs as a weapon, although they are inferior to equivalent weapons and improved clubs do not become more powerful at Spheda. The first club he gains is the Handy Stick in Barga's Valley, which cannot be build up or obtained in any other way. Later clubs have a bird theme for their names, and can build up.

General information[]

Icon Weapon Inventory description Weapon ability
Battle Wrench icon Battle Wrench Big wrench. Looks painful.
True Battle Wrench icon True Battle Wrench The Battle Wrench, made easier to use in battle.
Drill Wrench icon Drill Wrench Wrench with a drill attached.
Smash Wrench icon Smash Wrench Powerful wrench that smashes monsters to pieces.
Stinger Wrench icon Stinger Wrench Special wrench that can steal items from the enemy. Steal
Poison Wrench icon Poison Wrench Wrench that can sting the enemy with poison. Poison
Sigma Breaker icon Sigma Breaker Highly functional weapon that splits the damage.
Grade Zero icon Grade Zero Rolls attack points all the way around to zero again.
Turtle Shell Hammer icon Turtle Shell Hammer Hammer made from a turtle's shell.
Kubera's Hand icon Kubera's Hand Hammer in the shape of the god Kubera's hand. Steal
Frozen Tuna icon Frozen Tuna Frozen like a rock. You can't eat it. Use it as a weapon.
Cubic Hammer icon Cubic Hammer Powerful. Sharp corners. Delivers heavy damage. Durable
Digi Hammer icon Digi Hammer High-tech hammer designed for efficient attack.
Big Bucks Hammer icon Big Bucks Hammer Odd hammer that makes the user rich. Wealth
Heavy Hammer icon Heavy Hammer Battle hammer that packs a heavy wallop.
LEGEND icon LEGEND Legendary hammer whose very existence was in doubt.
Handy Stick icon Handy Stick Just the right size for swinging. Good for Spheda?
Turkey icon Turkey Spheda putter. Good for short distances.
Swan icon Swan Spheda club. Good for medium range shots. Fragile
Flamingo from DC2 icon Flamingo Spheda club. Good for medium range and curved shots.
Falcon icon Falcon Spheda club. Good for long shots. Critical
Albatross icon Albatross Spheda club. Good for long and curved shots.

Weapon flowchart[]

Battle Wrench
Handy Stick
True Battle Wrench
Turtle Shell Hammer
Drill Wrench
Kubera's Hand
Smash Wrench
Frozen Tuna
Stinger Wrench
Cubic Hammer
Poison Wrench
Digi Hammer
Big Bucks Hammer
Sigma Breaker
Heavy Hammer
Grade Zero