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Maximilian's ranged weapons include pistols, grenade launchers, and machine guns in Dark Chronicle. Maximilian first began using them Donny gave him a Classic Gun, which he then upgraded as he progressed through various dungeons, culminating either in the Supernova, Sigma Bazooka, or Last Resort weapons. Each weapon is the strongest for the respective weapon types; pistol, grenade launcher, and machine gun.

Maximilian's pistols focus primarily on accuracy (if locked-on) and being able to hit enemies at range, comparable to his melee weapons which focus largely on power. The Last Resort and related machine guns have the highest fire rate of all weapons in the game, but lack in power, having diminishing returns against enemies when no weaknesses are exploited. The grenade launchers are powerful, but have a slower rate of fire, and the Last Resort is severely lacking in attributes. Lastly is the laser-type pistol line, the natural evolution from the bullet-types, which finalizes in the Supernova, the most powerful gun available.

General information[]

Icon Weapon Inventory description Weapon ability
Classic Gun icon Classic Gun Light and easy to use.
Dryer Gun icon Dryer Gun Peculiar gun fashioned out of a hair dryer.
Trumpet Gun icon Trumpet Gun Gun made from a trumpet. What'll they think of next?
Bell Trigger icon Bell Trigger Chaming gun made from a bell. Kind of cute, really.
Grenade Launcher icon Grenade Launcher Allows rapid fire of grenades. A little heavy.
Jurak Gun icon Jurak Gun Jurak's mystical gun. It's powerful, but a bit plain.
Star Breaker icon Star Breaker Its trademark is the destroyed star on its side.
Magic Gun icon Magic Gun Forms magic power in the atmosphere into bullets.
Wild Cat icon Wild Cat Cursed machine gun. Brings out the beast in its user.
Question Shooter icon Question Shooter Interrogates the enemy. Poverty
Dark Viper icon Dark Viper Sucks up and absorbs the effect of enemy attack. Absorb
Soul Breaker icon Soul Breaker Legend says it can smash any living creature's soul. Dark
Sexy Panther icon Sexy Panther A sexy little number. Can't get enough of this one.
Twin Buster icon Twin Buster A double-barreled gun. Twice the power?
Desperado icon Desperado Vindictive machine gun bent on revenge.
Steal Gun icon Steal Gun Steals enemy's items. Also called the "Thief Gun". Steal
Last Resort icon Last Resort There's no tomorrow for whoever faces this one.
Sigma Bazooka icon Sigma Bazooka Bazooka that fires rocket bombs.
Supernova icon Supernova Laser gun that burns as brightly as exploding stars.

Weapon flowchart[]

Classic Gun
Dryer Gun
Trumpet Gun
Bell Trigger
Grenade Launcher
Jurak Gun
Magic Gun
Star Breaker
Question Shooter
Wild Cat
Dark Viper
Sexy Panther
Soul Breaker
Steal Gun
Twin Buster
Last Resort
Sigma Bazooka