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Mayor is a character in Dark Cloud. He is the Mayor of Norune Village, and one of the only people left after the Dark Genie attacks, and the first person that players talk to in the game. He stated that he used to sail around the world when he was younger. Mayor wears very plain clothes; a reddish-brown vest, which matches the color of his sandals and a pair of light brown pants, as well as a yellow cap. He also has a gray beard and is always seen smoking a pipe.

Mayor is a good-natured man who truly wishes for the people of Norune Village to be happy. He speaks very politely. He was surprised but thrilled to see Toan when he first saw him, as he had thought that he was the only one left in the whole village. He gives Toan a refill of the essential items he will need, and gives him the Cave Key to the Divine Beast Cave, in hopes that Toan can convince Dran to help the village in its time of need. Even the mayor has very little means to get by, it seems, as when Gaffer's Buggy reopens, he pleads Toan to get his items from Odd Gaffer rather than him.

The mayor will give Toan free items if the Odd Gaffer's Buggy isn't fixed, thus it is usually a good idea not to fix odd gaffer's buggy until you reach Dran, so that you can get free items, but it must be fixed because you must complete each house before you can leave Norune village. He gives you the following items whenever talked to. (you can only have a maximum of 1 at a time, but he has an infinite supply of all)

If the Hag's House is completed, you cannot amass items, for if you have the item in the Hag's storage, he counts it as you having that item, and will not give you another one of them.