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Memo Eater concept art

The Memo Eater, also known as the Devourer of Memories, is a boss monster encountered in Dark Chronicle. This creature ate Lin's memories, causing her to forget about Crest's death and the destruction of the lighthouse on the cape. But when Maximillian and Monica visited Yorda's Valley, the memories came rushing back and the Memo Eater was forced out. It resembles a giant, obese tapir, whilst having a shadowy form when feasting on people's memories.

The Memo Eater is a boss variation of the Burger, a regular monster encountered in Mount Gundor. Unlike most other monsters' boss variations, the Burger is fought by the player later in the game after defeating its first boss variation.

Battle Tactics[]

This boss is simple to defeat. Use the Ridepod with a good ranged weapon, or use Max/Monica if you feel confident in fighting up close (after you take the scoop with Max's camera of course). Keeping your distance and using ranged weapons is completely fine to do, but so is attacking with melee (wrenches, hammers and swords are easier to power up than ranged weapons, both early and late in the game).

The monster is big; but unfortunately for Memo Eater this intimidating figure is his only advantage. This monster's pain chance is somewhat low, but so is his movement speed. He has two simple attacks. The first is a close range shockwave in which Memo Eater jumps and slams down on the ground. The attack is quite fast and ignores blocking, but can be avoided quite easily (using the dodge ability is very useful in this situation). The second attack is a ranged 'green spit' attack. This ability has a very selective range - several meters out of the spray spot is completely safe (you can actually be touched by the green substance in some cases and end up unscathed). 

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Memo Eater
Habitat Starlight Canyon
Type Boss
Hit Points 450
Attack/Defense 37/30
ABS/Gilda 0/0
Weakness Flame (150%), Chill (150%), Lightning (150%), Cyclone (150%), Smash (200%)
Effective Weapons Beam (120%)
Ineffective Weapons Gun (50%), Grenade (50%)
Item Inventory None


  • To get the scoop "Phantom Memo-Eater", all Max needs to do is simply get a photo of the beast.