Metal Flotsam

Metal Flotsam - Metal Flotsam is basically the same as Flotsam, being the same person, but with a robotic body built of Zelmite. Metal Flotsam is the Dark Genie's guardian, and resides deep inside the hostile Zelmite Mines, a secret dungeon only available once the Dark Genie's curse, the Dark Element, is defeated.

Personality Edit

Metal Flotsam is a being only kept alive by the power of Zelmite, meaning he is shallow and empty inside. Metal Flotsam is a robot, basically, and this means that he is only metal.

Appearance Edit

Metal Flotsam is a cyborg of Flotsam, meaning he is part human, but mostly Cyborg. Three quarters of his face are real, but the rest is artificial. He has one glass eye with advanced technology, and a torso of Zelmite metal. His hands are replaced with a drill and a circular grip. His feet can be retracted, regular or Nova jets.

Weapons Edit

Metal Flotsam uses his drill, grip or even powerful magical beams shot from his eyes to attack. He also uses a modified version of the RoBomb, except it is sleek and black instead of bumpy and red.


  • HP: 16000
  • Attack: 145
  • Defense: 20
  • Monster Class:Boss
  • ABS: 0
  • Gilda: 0
  • Dropped Items: Nothing
  • Notes: Lightning attribute is 250% effective against Metal Flotsam.

How to defeat Metal Flotsam Edit

At the beginning of the battle, Flotsam will charge at you. Now is a perfect time to get the scoop, "Flotsam Revived". After you have the scoop, run away from Flotsam and head up onto the ramps on the sides.

Flotsam will most likely charge after you, so a good idea is to turn around and throw some lighting stones, as he is weak against lighting and this will do intense damage. Continue to dodge Flotsam on these platforms. Occasionally he will slip off and get stuck trying to run at you. A good idea is to use a charged attack here. However, he will then float upwards and launch bombs at you. Just continue this strategy. Flotsam is a fairly simple boss, just try to keep your health above 140, in the event something bad happens. The bombs btw, are difficult to avoid since Flotsam is VERY accurate when he throws them and since it deals splash damage, he hurts himself but he takes less damage from it.

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