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Mikara is a character in Dark Cloud. She is one of three sisters (Nagita and Devia being the other two) living together in a house in Muska Lacka. Mikara asked Toan to place their house close to the oasis so she wouldn't need to go as far to wash her clothes.

Mikara is the youngest sister and Ungaga's fiancée. When Ungaga was bitten by a scorpion long ago, Nagita rushed to find a doctor. Ungaga had given up hope until Mikara arrived and spoke to him. She then risked her life by sucking the poison out from the wound, saving Ungaga. Impressed by her courage, he chooses to marry her. However, this leads to her being mistreated by Nagita. Ungaga later resolves the conflict between Nagita and Mikara and the two reconcile. Mikara requests that Toan move the house close to the oasis, so that she can draw water easily. She seems shy, but courageous.