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Milane is a support character from Dark Chronicle. She is initially seen performing in Flotsam's circus, although she doesn't seem to side with him or his Clowns. Milane, as can be expected from someone in her capacity as a weapon shop owner, is something of a proud woman who takes pride in her weapons skill. So that she'll lend her services, Monica must prove that she, too, is skilled. Milane has short length, gray hair and wears a small, low cut top. She's usually seen holding a knife.

To get her to join, a necessary task for completing the Sindain georama, Monica must build up the Gladius sword twice. This can be done with a store bought Gladius or the one Milane gives the player. You are also allowed to simply show her a Chopper or a Sand Breaker you acquired through other means. She can usually be found in her weapon store in Palm Brinks, where she sells a number of early-game weapons. When recruited her Weapon Shop Clerk takes her place.

Aside from selling repair powders, she adds one extra SP and random elemental attribute on level-up for Monica's melee weapons.

Milane needs to move to Sindain for georama quest.

Behind the scenes[]

According to the character designer, Jun Sonobe, Milane was originally never supposed to play as the circus girl, who was instead supposed to be an original character. Due to a 'budget' on character creation they had Milane play both parts, however.[1]



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