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Mina or Mena (in all instances aside from her character screen) is a support character from Dark Chronicle. She is found in Palm Brinks town hall, and once Spheda becomes unlocked she starts complaining of an illness, quickly diagnosed by Monica (she will not talk about it to Max) as caused by time distortions. Fixing ten of these will improve her health, and she will then join.

Her abilities to heal characters may be useful to players who are attempting to obtain medals awarded for not healing on certain floors, as using this ability will not prevent the medal from being granted. Although it fully heals all HP for both characters, it also costs all her skill points, taking a while to recharge.

Behind the scenes[]

According to the character designer, Jun Sonobe, she was originally supposed to portray Cedric's deceased wife, along with his deceased daughter Corinne. Cedric was supposed to build a time travel machine to meet them again, but the idea was scrapped. According to Sonobe her design lost its meaning afterwards, which he did not like very much, but accepts that these things happen when you create something.[1]



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