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Minotaur Joe

Raging Moon Warrior Minotaur Joe is the boss of the Moon Sea Dungeon in Dark Cloud. He is a giant minotaur that wields a large Ax. He has 38 consecutive victories at the Coliseum. Toan and his new companion Osmond face off against Minotaur Joe to win the power source for the Sun Giant.


Around the arena are wine barrels that Joe will go for. If he drinks one, he will go into state identical to the effects of a Stamina Drink. Start off with an attack, at which point he will run away and put some distance between himself and you. When Joe picks up a barrel and starts chugging from it, attack him so he won't be able to finish the drink. Afterwards, Joe will start moving again. Wait for another barrel to come, then get behind it so he is on the other side. When he picks it up to drink, attack again. After a few rounds of this, Joe will fall.