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Monica's melee weapons are blades of various sizes; large knifes, sabers, short- and longswords, and greatswords, in Dark Chronicle. Monica Raybrandt is an agile attacker, and can charge her attack to jump in the air and slash down. Her blades eventually gain the Magic Absorb Blade ability, which lets her absorb elemental attacks while guarding with L1, and release them back at enemies using L1, similar to her ranged attacks. The attacks that have been absorbed are stored as charges, denoted by circular slots around the outside of her weapon's WHP meter, which light up with the colors of the attacks's element that have been stored. This ability is gained the first time Monica blocks an elemental attack. The earliest it is available is in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood, when first facing a Fire or Ice Element enemy.

The amount of slots is dependent on the weapon's total Durability attribute, with the minimum of three being unlocked at 32. Each subsequent 16 points add one extra slot, up to a maximum of 7 at 96. Her sword can only absorb one element type at a time, meaning that if she has three fire charges and absorbs an ice element, she loses the former, leaving only the latter. Charges are indicates by their color (red, blue, green, yellow). Absorbing an elemental attack reduces the damage from that attack to zero, but she cannot absorb non-elemental attacks, such as the goo from a Himarra, the stop from a Stick Joe, or the poison from a Stormy.

Even before the ability is gained, pressing L1 while Monica guards will allow her to perform a quick melee strike, which can prove useful when up close to a strong enemy. Charges are not guaranteed to land even if the target is locked onto, and are less likely to land in close proximity, since the trajectory of the charge mimics the magic from Monica’s brassards, and also somewhat vary by element. Flame and Chill charges tend to be pretty direct, while Cyclone and Lightning charges have wider cones of deviation before homing in on their target. The actual damage of a charge is solely derived from the enemy's absorbed attack's stat, with each charge adding more of that same stat to the attack once it is used. Returned attacks are still affected by enemies' defense, vulnerabilities, and strengths, since the charges count as an elemental attack of the magic type. They are also granted a bonus 100 points in their own respective element, ensuring more damage if the attack is used on something weak to it (usually not the same enemy however).

General information[]

Icon Weapon Inventory description Weapon ability
Royal Sword icon Royal Sword Decorative sword with quite an edge.
Long Sword icon Long Sword Monica's favorite. So-so attack, but easy to use.
Gladius icon Gladius Light, one-handed sword. Relatively high attack.
Baselard icon Baselard Big single-edged sword with long reach.
Bastard Sword icon Bastard Sword Strong double-edged sword.
Cliff Knife icon Cliff Knife Short sword with hidden magic powers.
Broad Sword icon Broad Sword Broad, double-edged sword. Good attack power but heavy.
Bone Rapier icon Bone Rapier Sword made of bone. Its abilities are unknown. Poison
Mardan Sword icon Mardan Sword Might contain the spirit of Mardan Garayan.
Shamshir icon Shamshir Distinctive curved blade. Easy to handle.
Sax icon Sax Single-edged sword that's easy to handle.
Chopper icon Chopper Short, easy-to-handle sword.
Sand Breaker icon Sand Breaker Rare sword made from desert sand. Easily broken, though. Fragile
Kitchen Knife icon Kitchen Knife Get good with this and you could be a super chef.
Wise Owl Sword icon Wise Owl Sword Legendary sword made by the white-bearded owl's artisan. Poverty
Evilcise icon Evilcise Sword imbued with the power of an evil spirit. Poison
Dusack icon Dusack Wieldy, single-edged sword with a unique design. Sharp.
Brave Ark icon Brave Ark Legendary sword. All but forgotten.
Holy Daedalus Blade icon Holy Daedalus Blade The sword Monica's father, King Raybrandt, left her.
Antique Sword icon Antique Sword Ancient sword forged long ago. Stop
Choora icon Choora Short sword with a beautifully-patterned blade.
Serpent Slicer icon Serpent Slicer A sword bathed crimson in the lifeblood of snakes.
Drain Seeker icon Drain Seeker Demon sword born of a magic spell. Drains enemy power. Poison
Garayan Sword icon Garayan Sword Probably contains the spirit of Mardan Garayan.
Claymore icon Claymore Large, double edged-sword. Heavy but powerful.
Ruler's Sword icon Ruler's Sword Sword once used by the legendary Aga. ABS Up
Sun Sword icon Sun Sword Darkness-slicing sword. Legendary.
7 Branch Sword icon 7 Branch Sword Dug up from ancient ruins. Holds a mysterious power.
Halloween Blade icon Halloween Blade Cute sword with a Halloween pumpkin design.
Tsukikage icon Tsukikage A sword blessed by the power of moonlight.
Lamb's Sword (lamb) icon
Lamb's Sword (wolf) icon
Lamb's Sword Lamb: As gentle as a lamb? Looks weak, but...
Wolf: It looks thirsty for blood. It seems to have grown in power.
Small Sword icon Small Sword Small Japanese sword. Wieldy and devastatingly sharp. Critical
Sargatanas icon Sargatanas Sword of darkness. Once owned by the god of death. Dark
Cross Heinder icon Cross Heinder A treasured, double-edged sword with tremendous power. Durable
Chronicle Sword icon Chronicle Sword Manipulates time. Found between time and space. Stop
Big Bang icon Big Bang Star-powered sword.
Shining Bravado icon Shining Bravado Aborbs light and converts it into slashing power. Heal
Ama no Murakumo icon Ama no Murakumo A sword among swords. The strongest of all?
Maneater icon Maneater A sword that devours the souls of men.
Dark Excalibur icon Dark Excalibur Evil sword that presides over everlasting darkness. Dark
Mardan Garayan (weapon) icon Mardan Garayan Definitely contains the spirit of Mardan Garayan. Heal
Sword of Zeus icon Sword of Zeus Sword of immeasurable power. Once used by the great god.
Chronicle 2 icon Chronicle 2 Manipulates time. Surpasses even the Chronicle Sword. Critical
Atlamillia Sword icon Atlamillia Sword Sword with the power of an Atlamillia.
Muramasa icon Muramasa Famous sword crafted by great swordsmith Muramasa.
7th Heaven icon 7th Heaven Beautifully ornate sword. He who sees it is captivated.
Dark Cloud (weapon) icon Dark Cloud Magic sword with the power of darkness.
Griffon Fork icon Griffon Fork Made from the feathers of a legendary monster.
Island King icon Island King Once used by the great ancient king, Kamehameha.

Weapon flowchart[]

Long Sword
Bastard Sword
Cliff Knife
Broad Sword
Bone Rapier
Sand Breaker
Kitchen Knife
Brave Ark
Holy Daedalus Blade
Antique Sword
Serpent Slicer
Wise Owl Sword
Drain Seeker
Ruler's Sword
Sun Sword
Halloween Blade
7 Branch Sword
Lamb's Sword
Small Sword
Cross Heinder
Chronicle Sword
Big Bang
Shining Bravado
Ama no Murakumo
Dark Excalibur
Sword of Zeus
Chronicle 2
Atlamillia Sword
Dark Cloud
7th Heaven
Griffon Fork
Island King