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Monica's ranged weapons are armbands, armlets, brassards, and bangles in Dark Chronicle. Monica Raybrandt uses them to charge and fire magical attacks at enemies. Unlike Maximilian's ranged weapons, Monica is capable of charging hers (by holding L1), which will let her hold the attack, forcing it to grow bigger, which in turn ends up dealing more damage to the target. A charge attack does not cost more WHP than a normal one. Armbands also have an innate homing effect, thus often being able to hit enemies with a direct lock-on.

The nature of the projectile itself depends on the weapon's dominant attributes, depending on Flame, Chill, Lightning, and Cyclone. The first attribute supersedes the next ones, meaning that a weapon with two equal attributes always uses first attribute in line.

General information[]

Icon Weapon Inventory description Weapon ability
Magic Brassard icon Magic Brassard Magical armband.
Gold Brassard icon Gold Brassard A valuable brassard made of gold.
Bandit Brassard icon Bandit Brassard Lets you steal enemy's items in battle. Steal
Crystal Brassard icon Crystal Brassard Valuable armband made of rare crystal.
Thorn Armlet icon Thorn Armlet Armlet of woven thorns. ABS Up
Platinum Brassard icon Platinum Brassard Sturdy armband with strong magic. Wealth
Pocklekul icon Pocklekul Magical armband made to honor the forest dwarves. Wealth
Athena's Armlet icon Athena's Armlet Host to the blessed power of the goddess Athena.
Spirit Brassard icon Spirit Brassard Phantom armband. Forged by spirits.
Destruction Brassard icon Destruction Brassard Dark armband with the power to destroy all.
Moon Armlet icon Moon Armlet Highly magical armlet made from the Moon Stone.
Sun Armlet icon Sun Armlet Legendary armlet made of sunlight changed into metal.
Goddess Brassard icon Goddess Brassard Armband blessed by a goddess.
Satan Brassard icon Satan Brassard Armband said to have been forged by Satan.
Star Armlet icon Star Armlet Magical armlet that captures the stars' brightness.
Mobius Bangle icon Mobius Bangle Absorbs power from infinite reaches of time and space. Durable
Angel Shooter from DC2 icon Angel Shooter Armband often worn by clergymen.
Love icon Love Only those that truly understand love can wear it. Heal
Five-Star Armlet icon Five-Star Armlet Made in the shape of the ancient royal house' crest.

Weapon flowchart[]

Magic Brassard
Bandit Brassard
Gold Brassard
Thorn Armlet
Crystal Brassard
Platinum Brassard
Moon Armlet
Destruction Brassard
Spirit Brassard
Athena's Armlet
Star Armlet
Satan Brassard
Goddess Brassard
Sun Armlet
Angel Shooter
Mobius Bangle
Five-Star Armlet