Monster badges

Monster Badges are special items used by Monica in Dark Cloud 2 that allow her to transform into monsters. There are twelve such badges available in the game. Ten of these permit transformation into the game's ten monster classes. The other two augment the other transformation badges.

While WHP is not a consideration, Monster Morph controls how long Monica can stay transformed. Unlike Max's special ability, the Ridepod, Monica's monster transformation ability users her own HP. While transformed, Monica can speak with other monsters in the dungeon who are of the same type.

Each badge must be leveled independently, and, once acquired, can be viewed from the Badge Box. Many of the monsters start off alarmingly weak, and can take a long time to level up.


Gift Capsules are required to get the majority of the Monster Badges. These can be purchased from Claire or Woody Tailor, found in dungeon chests, or invented. You may only start collecting Monster Badges once you have obtained the Floral Badge as a part of the storyline in Chapter 2.

The following table provides a list of the types of badges, items required for the gift capsule, and who needs to receive the gift capsule. Note that variants of a same type of monster (for example, a Sewer Rat and a Beach Rat) can both be given the same type capsule with the same items for the same badge.

Badge Gift Monster World
Flora None Bought The Woody Tailor at the Jurak Mall (Future Sindain)


Premium Chicken (On Ram also gives you Sewer Rat)

Sewer Rat, Beach Rat, Castle Eater, or Death Mouse Underground Channel, Ocean's Roar Cave, Moonflower Palace, or Zelmite Mine
Windup Kill with Bomb Bomber Head, Triple Cracker, Danger Bomb, or Sweet Dynamite Mount Gundor or Zelmite Mine
Aquatic Battan Froggy, Geron, Gamal or Plutos

Underground Channel, Ocean's Roar Cave

Evy Goyone

Ocean's Roar Cave

Darkling Gold Bar Spider Lady Rainbow Butterfly Wood
Card Diamond (gemstone) Any Diamond Card Moon Flower Palace
Spirit Gooey Peach Pixie Rainbow Butterfly Wood

Wind Element

Fire Element

Chill Element

(Georama Element)

(Element on respective Gemron. note all give same result.

Wind Gemron Starlight Canyon
Undead Kill with Holy Water Skeleton Soldier Rainbow Butterfly Wood
Magical Sturdy Rock Statue Ocean's Roar Cave
Moon Photography Lvl. 7 Donny None
Sun Photography Lvl. 8 Donny None


Monster Badges are leveled by transforming into the monster and defeating other monsters inside dungeons.

When a Monster Badge levels up to 26, 51, and 76, they can be upgrade into a stronger monster. Each time the monster badge is upgraded, the reward is a Monster Drop item; these are valuable for upgrading weapons. When a monster badge reaches its final evolution, it will reward the player with 5 gemstone along with the usual items.