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Monster script comprises the full enemy script of Dark Chronicle through interacting with them by using Monster Badges

Sewer Rat[]

Sewer Rat[]

  • Ouch! Did you just step on my foot?
  • We love gooey cheese, just like those Goyone love Evy.
  • The Evy those Goyones eat, I wonder if they're any good.
  • Lately my teeth have been hurting so bad, I can't eat any cheese!
  • Humans have polluted Mother Nature, and chased us into the sewers.
  • Froggies are always chasing after those Battan. They must really love them a lot.
  • I wonder if those Battan are any good. At least the Froggies enjoy snacking on them.
  • I sort of think it would be nice to meet a human. But if they attack us, we'd be in trouble.
  • Chutan is nice, but I really like Chuniter! My heart changes too quickly. What should I do?

Beach Rat[]

  • Ahh, I've got a tail cramp!
  • Aww! There's no cheese around here!
  • So you wanna go out with Ratleen and the girls?
  • Humans don't know how to fight fair. They've got guns!
  • Churik is always chasing girls. Doesn't he know he's got short legs?
  • We must keep the peace in Ocean's Roar Cave. Come on guys, let's roll!
  • How you like my swimsuit? Sorry, this hunk of burning love is already taken.
  • Without the captain around, our 3rd battalion is divided. What should we do?

Castle Eater[]

  • Churick didn't get me anything for my birthday.
  • Mrs. Chuneko had another baby.
  • Today's lucky color is brown. Like I'm not brown enough already.
  • The strongest guy in the Moon Flower Palace is King Mimic.
  • These giant forks are mighty heavy. They're just way too much for us old-timers to handle.
  • The humans have invaded our turf. What a nightmare!
  • Hey, the Silver Gears are picking on me. And I really don't like skeletons.
  • I don't like my buck teeth.
  • We can play croquet with this log we're carrying. We play every morning with the old lady.
  • How come we can't open the treasure chest, but humans can? It's not fair!
  • Hey, are you new? We mice are all really friendly.
  • Hello. You know, I really can't stand those Froggies. They're always jumping in my face.

Death Mouse[]

  • You are so restless!
  • My dream is to be buried in cheese.
  • All the monsters in the Zelmite Mine are really strong.
  • I am so stressed out! I think I'll go home and work out on my wheel!
  • Did you know that in the human world, there is a Year of the Mouse?
  • Don't worry. If we fight alongside other monsters, we can beat the humans.



  • Hey you. You hiding something from me? Hmm? Hmmmm?
  • We get to see lots of cool stuff from up here, man.
  • Ah, so much to do ... Skree, skree! I'm busy right now.
  • Skree! Bats are the only mammal monsters that can fly.
  • Poor me, I can never fly as gracefully as the other bats.
  • Flying tires you out. But you can't exactly take a break you know.
  • We are the weakest monster in these sewers. So, give us a break, will ya?
  • The truth is -- I AM the SERVANT of the DEVIL! Heh! Just kidding, Scare ya?
  • Bright and sunny places aren't my thing, you know. I can't stand the sun, at all.
  • I wanna be a magician. That way I can stick it to those filthy humans with my spiffy magic.
  • Eeek! I think I saw a human! What's a human doing in our Aqueduct? Oh no, what do we do? Eeek!
  • What are you huffing and puffing about? Just lie down somewhere and get a little shut-eye already.
  • Hey, if you take a good look, we're actually pretty cute, right? But for some reason people actually hate us.

Sea Bat[]

  • Why do I hang upside down you ask? It's because I can't support my own weight standing up.
  • Bats have often inspired human scientific advances. For example, the shape of the airplane wing was partly based on that of a bat's.
  • Skree! I'm pent up, man!
  • Our wings aren't made out of feathers. They are a thin membrane. Freaky, huh?
  • I'm really hungry. Skree!!
  • Radar is based on bats' use of ultrasonic signals to spot prey in pitch dark.
  • Damn! And after we helped those humans by eating pests for them...
  • Have you seen my little baby? She ran off somewhere, and I can't seem to find her.
  • Woah, I got here early. I'm meeting someone here. But that's okay, I'm quite fond of waiting.
  • Hey, guess what. I love mosquitoes. We're both blood-sucking brethren, but oh well.
  • Duuude, this place is like, the bomb. It's all dark and damp, perfect for just hangin' out.
  • Boy, you sure are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Lately I've been real tuckered out.
  • You know, I've been thinking. I say some monsters are superior to humans, definitely.
  • I bet that babe's blood tastes real sweet. Like honey even.
  • Just because I like dark places doesn't mean I'm a gloomy person, I'll have you know.
  • The taste of blood is the taste of sweet nectar.
  • I'm being such a good boy today. I cleaned up my room, just like mommy asked me to.
  • Those plant monsters, they photosynthesize and stuff, so they need the sun. But me, I hate the sun.
  • I just love this pitch black. It's so relaxing.
  • Flap flap flap...Sure, I may be fidgety, but it's because all the voices in my head talk at once.
  • You better not ask me for directions, 'cause I have no idea. I just fly around in circles.
  • Nothing good ever happens to bats. Everyone always treats us like we're the bad guys. Gimme a break.
  • Come on, do you have to stare at me like that? Wait, I don't have something stuck in my fangs, do I?
  • Oh no, his birthday's tomorrow! What am I going to get him?!
  • Hmmph. Nothing good ever happens to me.
  • That Auntie Medusa's always glaring at me. Freaky, man.
  • I think I've gained a little weight lately. I can't seem to fly ten feet without running out of breath.
  • Ahh! I'm supposed to be on a date right now! Aarrgh, this happens every single time.

Lava Bat[]

  • Don't worry. I won't suck your blood.
  • Skree, skree! Sheesh, somebody put out that darn sun.
  • We're certainly a step us from mosquitoes. We don't suck blood from just anybody.
  • I want to suck her blood! No! I must resist!
  • For a mammal of our size, we live quite long. Some brown bats live 30 years!
  • We're second in number to Mimics? No way. We'll be the most numerous of all monsters!
  • I like the dark, but my outlook's quite bright!
  • I've heard about humans. They have blood that tastes like iron, don't they?
  • Skree! Skree! I'm not big enough to fight yet. Mommy, where'd you go? Mommy?
  • Humans have different blood types and stuff, don't they. Does that mean they taste different?
  • Gimme a minute. Can't you see I'm busy here?
  • Stop forth, human! Slurp, slurp. I vaant to suck your blood, uwahahah.
  • It's time for some nutrient replenishing. So, who will be today's lucky winner...
  • Decisions, decision. What can I give her that would make her fall in love with me?
  • I'm going to train and train so I can be a big, strong monster some day.
  • It's a little hot today. If I end up fainting, please catch me.
  • Mr. Ice Spirit must be sweating like crazy in this weather. I hope he doesn't poop out on us.
  • Griffon's soldiers are always saying the coolest things.
  • Those Gundrons. Quite the strong and silent type, eh.
  • You human types sunbathe, I hear. And I thought we were crazy for hanging upside-down.

Evil Bat[]

  • What is it? What happened? You seem all worked up. Is something going on?
  • We're supposed to be beautiful, graceful night creatures, but I sure don't feel that graceful.
  • The rose, red as fresh blood. Roses go with my eyes wonderfully.
  • I just don't get those sun-loving Himarra types.
  • Why are vampires always so cool? Have you ever wondered about that? Maybe that means we're cool too...
  • Hey, you seem a little pale. Why don't you suck up on some nice nutritious blood and get some rest?
  • SkreeeEee! I'll make sure no human ever gets me!
  • Yeah, people often ask me if all my blood goes to my head when I sleep. Actually, I like that feeling.
  • Skreee! Did you see the fangs on that babe?!
  • I am one bad bat! Well, at least, I'd like to think so.
  • Servants of the devil? Dracula? Stop calling us such awful names.
  • I hate garlic. It stinks.
  • Black is darkness. And darkness is blind faith.
  • I wish the whole world was pitch black.
  • We bats...we suck blood to replenish our life energy...We cannot live without blood...
  • We can live forever. We just feed off of humans, using the blood as a source of energy and life.
  • Ooh, it's time for some nutrient replenishing. So, who will be today's lucky winner...
  • We Evil Bats love the night like nothing else. This dark and beautiful world. The relaxation the stillness brings. Even the grime melts away here.
  • Blood is the symbol of life. And it is our destiny to take that.
  • Of course, we don't show up in mirrors either, man.
  • That vampire, the great Dracula, is sooo dreamy. He's cool, and he's tough. He's got it all.
  • This place is nice and dark, just perfect. Don't you think so?
  • We outnumber any other monster here in the mines.
  • We are monsters capable of harnessing the power of the dark.
  • You humans may be scared of the dark, but we're scared of the light.
  • I got a cavity on my favorite fang. You wanna see it?
  • I have seen it! Yes. I have! I have witnessed a Fire Ghost and a Snow Ghost exchanging blows.



  • Wasn't there a river with a name like mine? Maybe in Mesopotamia. I remember it from history class.
  • Can you believe it? I'm so gorgeous, that the humans want to mount my head on a wall!
  • It's fate. A cool monster like me is destined to dispatch humans.


  • I'm a large bird to begin with. But when I spread my wings, I'm gigantic.
  • There no way we could lose to the humans.
  • We'll show the humans what we are made of!
  • You know my big wings are not made for flying.
  • If we could fly, we'd be the strongest monsters on Mt. Gundor.
  • I'll teach you how to fight!


  • Stop bothering me! I'm getting ready to sleep!
  • You've got a question? Oh, I'm not interested in your superficial questions! Leave immediately.
  • I had a weird feeling the other day. I turned around, and a Lich was standing there.
  • My weapons are my sharp claws. No prey can survive my attack.
  • We have the combined strengths of the tiger and the hawk. One look at us, and the humans will run!
  • So what do you seek? Answers lay within you. You must dig deep into your thoughts. Don't worry about the meaning of war. This is all I shall say.



  • How about a drink?
  • Huh? I'm breathing heavy? Mind your own beeswax!
  • Man, I think there's something wrong with the way I run.
  • All the ladies freeze when they see my strong, sexy body.
  • True men are of few words.
  • I heard that in the world of humans we've been reduced to brand names!
  • Some people say my ear piercing's are too big!
  • I could never be friends with one of those Hunter Foxes. They're always looking down on us.
  • The other day I was walking along and I found this huge spider's web. It was blocking my way and I couldn't get through, either. Boy, it was huge.
  • I'm kind of a klutz sometimes. The other day, I was just spacing out, and I walked right into a tree. Boy am I glad no one saw me, especially a human. I probably would've died from embarrassment.


  • Behooold! My horns absolutely rule! And then bow dooown! To my neato pants!
  • A glass of milk a day keeps the ranchers away.
  • You like my nose-ring? My fiancée gave it to me - it's an engagement nose-ring!
  • You look pretty tough. Wanna try yer hand at arm wrestling with me?
  • I once heard of a human pastime called cow-tipping! Whatever it is, it sounds just awful!
  • Even if you sleep standing up and eat lots of grass it won't make you a Gyumo.


  • Sometimes we can even beat the Ram Z's at ramming!
  • Moo!! Boy, do I need to go to the barber!
  • That pesky Spider Lady, always trying to lead me astray, moo.
  • The other day, I secretly "borrowed" a seed from a Stormflower. And boy, was it delish!
  • The Rock Tasters are giants, just like us. We get along real well! ‘Cause we can see eye-to-eye!


  • Mooo! I'm such a cool cow!!
  • Did you talk to my sweety-pie? We have matching nose rings, you know. He's the mooingest Minotaurus in the whole Zelmite Mine.
  • My girlfriend just loves my strong chest! Moo!!
  • A nice, cold glass of milk after a battle -- this is one thing that I just can't give up.
  • Listen, listen! I fell in love with this girl, and she is just great!! Moo, moo!!!
  • Moo moo moOO!! I just wanna moo all day long! MOOOO!!!
  • Listen up, willya! If you don't drink yer milk, you won't grow big and strong!
  • I wonder if I have too much chest hair? I heard the ladies like it light nowadays.
  • We are the mightiest of the Gyumo, but at the same time, we're the shiest. Don't tell!
  • Time for me to go to the gym and work these muscles ‘o mine!



  • It's a pleasure digging in the gentle earth here in Rainbow Butterfly Wood.
  • Our attack method relies upon our intuition. We dig where we expect our enemies to be!
  • It's easy for an Earth Digger to defend himself. Just hide underground!
  • It ain't easy diggin' for a livin'. My arms are pooped!
  • Yeah, we dig in the wrong direction sometimes. Everyone makes mistakes!
  • Captain Mole is very dependable. You should say "hi" to him.
  • We moles can hardly see anything. But our sense of smell is beyond any monster's!
  • My baby's name is Digdee. We're in a bit of a long-distance relationship at the moment. I know she misses me real bad, but I think I miss her even more. Don't tell anyone, alright?
  • Somewhere amongst us Earth Diggers is a one called BusyMoler. He must be busy!
  • Have you heard?! The humans have invaded our forest!

Sand Moler[]

  • I'm in the middle of digging my way through this rock so I can visit my boyfriend. There isn't a rock thick enough that could keep me away from my guy! This love's for real!
  • My arms are getting so fat I'm worried about how they look.
  • There are many passageways through the rock that one would never see from the surface!
  • Ever see those trap holes? Well, those are just exits that we made.
  • Somewhere lives one of our kin named Mine Moler.
  • It ain't easy mining through rock!
  • Huh?! I lost the spot that I started digging!
  • Shoot, I didn't dig very far today.
  • Well, I haven't seen you around. Did you just dig here?
  • I'm the fastest digger here in Ocean's Roar Cave.
  • Our claws are built perfectly for digging through rock, you see.
  • Magmanoff is so scary! I'd rather just avoid him.
  • My girlfriend doesn't like these buck teeth of mine. But what can I do?!
  • I wonder where that cute little mole could be digging at this moment...
  • It feels great to be surrounded by dirt. When I'm feeling blue, I just stay down in it all day.
  • Have you heard of that human game based on mashing the heads of moles? Frightful!!

Mine Moler[]

  • This isn't an eye. Our eyes are tiny. This is a lamp.
  • Well shiver me timbers! I finally reach the surface only to find a Ram Z trying to ram me.
  • I've got to apologize to Mallone! I made some holes in his garden.
  • I can't believe this! Those humans are invading our mine? This place belongs to the monsters!
  • I don't have buck teeth!
  • I guess they used to mine Zelmite here. But not any more.

Busy Moler[]

  • I want to become friends with the ancient Wyrms, but they never respond to me.
  • I've gotten pretty fat lately. I'm having trouble fitting through the tunnels!
  • Don't think. Just dig.
  • Did you know we can jump nearly as well as we dig? We can jump even higher than Death Mouse!
  • I can drill 100 times faster than other Molers with this here drill. I'm always swamped, so this helps out big time.
  • The earth here is nice and cool! Like a gentle breeze.

Smiling Fairy[]

Smiling Fairy[]

  • Oh, I need to get a haircut, bad. My bangs are starting to get in my eyes.
  • Hey, let's play hide-and-seek. You hide first. And when I find you,I might just get you with my knife! Gahaha!
  • Oh no, my belly's getting big.
  • Gyahahahaha! You can run, but you can't hide!
  • I'm getting a tummy ache.
  • I can't seem to keep my jaw shut. I'm always drooling and it's getting on my nerves.
  • When you look as innocent as we do, humans just waltz on up. And that's when I let 'em have it!
  • Every day is like a barrel of monkeys for me. Oh, you have a boring life? That's too bad.
  • It's not like I'm trying to look young or anything. I just happen to look young naturally.
  • My hobby is sharpening knives. After all, who wants a knife that won't cut?
  • I have great hearing. You were just talking trash about me, weren't you? I could hear you. Yes I could.
  • There are no silly dreams stuffed in these pockets.
  • I love knives! Especially real sharp ones. 'Cause I'm real sharp too!
  • Those who believe shall be saved? Gyahahaha, don't make me laugh.
  • Hey,don't you look at me like that. I know you think I'm some kind of monster.
  • Those Priest of Canary guys are not fun, always preaching on about something or other.
  • I can hear everything, you know. I can hear you humans coming from a mile away.
  • In the near future, a trusted friend shall betray you. Gyahaha! Hey, I'm getting good at this!
  • Hey, you like my pot belly, do you?
  • I'm going to die tomorrow, so I'm glad I had the chance to meet you before I died... Gyahahaha!
  • No matter how old I get, people still see me as just a kid. It's so frustrating!!
  • Human? You're human, right? Hahaha, just kidding. I haven't seen a human down here in ages.
  • I think it's about time for me to head home. Can't keep my mommy waiting.
  • Yeah, I'm an outie. You got a problem with outie's? Just leave my belly button out of this, okay? I'm very sensitive about my belly button, I'll have you know.
  • Hey, you wanna join forces? No? Fine, then. I don't feel like being your friend, anyway!
  • You are about to be wiped from the place of the planet, foooreeveer. Hahahaha, that was a good one, eh?
  • We are sorry to inform you that we will be close for business today. Hahahaha, almost got you there!
  • There is a guardian spirit watching over your every move... Almost had you, didn't I?

Heat Fairy[]

  • Those human children look so tasty, all soft and squishy...
  • I bet you fell for it too. You thought I was a kid, right? That's my whole strategy, see?
  • Hey, I'm up here! Quit staring at my stomach! It's not like I tried to get this big on purpose, man.
  • Owww! I just bit my tongue. But don't get me wrong. That's not why it's this color, no sir.

Fairy Helper[]

  • Go ahead, say it! Make fun of me. I dare you! Then it'll be easier to dispatch you! I may be small, but I pack plenty of oomph!!
  • Sometimes when I act nice and cute, potential victims just come a-running, yelling, "Oh you're so cute!" I have a huge blade here folks, fer cryin' out loud!!
  • Hey, let's play war! We'll keep fighting ‘till one of us runs out of energy. Here, I'll go first. What, you don't want to play? You're no fun!
  • What's with the droopy face, now? You're not thinking about how meaningless your life is or anything, are you? It's no use, ‘cause you could pop off tomorrow. Just forget about it. Let's play war!
  • I ain't small. Everyone else's just huge. I'm telling you! Get it right! You don't want to tick me off! So watch your mouth, buddy!
  • Aww, almost there...I'm barely "small"...I'm almost "normal"...nobody can call me "shorty" now... Huh? You want something?

Hell Fairy[]

  • What? You think I'm brutal? You humans can be pretty brutal sometimes, too.
  • Humans are so idiotic, throwing away their lives for such childish reasons as "love."
  • Gwahaha! It's survival of the fittest, and only the strongest survive. You knew that, right?
  • You really are clueless. Hope and desire and all that means nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  • I know that deep down, everyone is really thinking evil thoughts, just acting like good monsters.
  • I know the truth. All one needs to live is hatred. Nothing more.

Hunter Fox[]

Hunter Fox[]

  • You look like you've seen a ghost!
  • With those ears, it looks like a rabbit. But it's not.
  • I can't forgive the humans for destroying our forest. I'll show them who's boss with this gun!
  • There's a rumor among our people. Humans are turning into monsters!
  • Yes, we dress to kill! Slick outfit, huh? All of the other monsters love our clothes.
  • Hey, check out my cool gun! I shoot everyday. Practice makes perfect!
  • It's party time! Move out of the way!
  • I'm the sharpest shooter in the monster world. Ha ha ha!
  • I'm no wolf! I fight with far more grace than that!
  • It's my wife's birthday today. I'd better get her some flowers!

Rifle Wolf[]

  • When I see the moon, I reminisce about my beautiful wife. Oh, enough about me. Just forget it.
  • My Lady, would you care to join me in howling at the moon? I'm only kidding, of course. Ha ha ha...
  • So, you want to know how I got the scar on my forehead, do you? Well, let's just say it's a guy thing.
  • Gundrons are quite the silent types. But I hear there is one Gundron who actually talks.
  • Who is it? Who is masquerading as a human? We must find him!
  • I'm a noble wolf, yes indeed. People think we just go around intimidating the ladies, but that's a big misconception.
  • Oh moon! Why? Why did you not protect my wife?
  • Wipe that smile off your face! You want the humans to walk all over you?
  • I need to some target practice before the humans arrive.
  • Last night I caught my son looking up at the moon. He's getting old enough to wish upon a moon too!
  • I shoot to kill! 'Cause that's what it means to be a Sniper Fox.
  • I take care of my gun every night.
  • Humans were a strong breed! A superior breed. But technology has turned them into weaklings.
  • I wager humans never dreamt they would lose their lives to the inventions of their forefathers...
  • Long ago, humans were hunters and gatherers. It's hard to believe they would hunt huge mammoths. And look at what they have evolved into now. How pathetic!
  • We haven't changed, the humans have! And they've changed us!
  • Our time has come! We will be the hunters, and the humans will be the hunted!
  • Yes, I agree. Humans do have wisdom and intelligence. But they have no idea what they're up against.
  • Let's move out! We shall not fear the pathetic humans anymore!
  • The humans we once feared are gone! Only the weaklings among the species remain!

Red Fox[]

  • Argh! I'm nothing compared to my late father. He was a great marksman.
  • I can shoot anything, and anyone!
  • When you're handling a gun, you must wear gloves.
  • Um? I haven't seen you before. Be careful. Some places don't take kindly to strangers.
  • Legend has it that foxes can turn into humans. So maybe humans can turn into foxes?
  • You know, out of all the foxes, I'm the wildest and craziest one.

Smiling Wolf[]

  • Have you come across any humans? I lost track of them. If you see any, let me know. I'll finish them!
  • I am invincible with my gun! They'll have to kill me before I give it up. That'll never happen though. Ha ha ha!
  • I see a fighter in you. I can see it in your eyes. You want a piece of me? I like a person with courage.
  • Ah! You're either very brave or very stupid. Be gone now, before I pull the trigger!
  • Once I set my sights on you, you'll wish you were already dead. Ha ha! Just kidding, I wouldn't hurt you. Not yet, anyway.
  • What? You want to challenge me? Ha ha ha! Think again. You don't really want to die, do you?



  • The hammers we use are mighty hefty and take a lot of strength to swing around. Our hammers are very manly.
  • Just running around won't cut it in battle. Try to never let the other guy get an opening.
  • I got a cavity in one of my fangs. What a humiliating predicament!
  • Cigars all around! My wife gave birth to a beautiful little lamb today.
  • I'm not shy to say I'm fast. And if I ever see a human, it's gonna be like a cougar on an antelope.
  • Hey, you smell human. I'd kill you except I can't think how a human could turn into a monster.
  • Forward! No rhyme or reason, just move full steam ahead!
  • Rumor has it that the damn humans are using us as stew meat now. Unforgivable!
  • I inherited this hammer from my granddad. It weights a ton and packs a mean wallop.
  • Did you see that ewe? Her fangs are so cute, they drive me crazy!
  • Looks like humans wandering around over there. Better keep an eye on the kids.
  • In Ram society, the speedier guys are popular with the ladies. How fast can you run?
  • Last week, my boyfriend took first place in the 50-yard dash at the Rainbow Butterfly Wood Track Meet. He's soooooo studly, and I am sooooo in love!
  • Well, we're pretty fast, but all we can do is run in a straight line.
  • Look at these muscles. And even if I look flabby, my percentage of body fat is single digits, baby.
  • This canyon is the best environment for raising my kid.
  • Have I gained some weight? My body feels heavier than usual.
  • Why is that guy so popular?! What's wrong with me? What, I'm bad because I can only run straight?
  • Yow! I dropped the hammer on my foot! My own fault, but still - stupid hammer!
  • Ugh, my stomach is killing me. I think I ate too much yesterday.
  • Charging at me like a lovesick puppy won't impress me. I need a guy who's mature.
  • I'll never understand women! How can they be so selfish?!
  • I'm a straightforward, dead-ahead kinda guy and I wouldn't change a thing.
  • Could you move that thing? It's in my way.
  • See, the most important thing about charging is leading off with the right foot.
  • I've had it with my boyfriend. He didn't buy me one little thing for my birthday!

Savage Ram[]

  • Aw, come on, don't be sore.
  • Come on, just have one round with me.
  • Creatures possessed of wit, wisdom, and awesome fighting skills. That's the epitome of us Rams.
  • I don't have a good reason for it. I'm just going full speed ahead!
  • Get out of my way. I'm in no mood to chat with you.
  • Jeez, I'm hungry! You got anything to eat?
  • We're the only ones strong enough to whirl these big axes around.
  • No matter what situation you find yourself in, never wuss out!!
  • My son was cute, too. When he was little, anyway. I guess he's just at an awkward age right now. He used to love my super spicy lava burritos, but now he won't even touch them.
  • For some reason, my hair just won't do what I want it to today.
  • Normal Rams are like "farm teams" compared to our "Major League."
  • We're better fighters than the average Rams, 'cuz we can actually negotiate turns while charging.
  • Look at how my belly's been hanging out recently. Guess it's a beer gut.
  • I know most Savage Rams have a reputation for being - well, savage. But I'm not like that, so relax.
  • I can even use this axe as a shield!
  • Chaarrrggge!
  • Heavy as we are, you think humans could lift us up? Not a chance!
  • A couple days ago, I charged at the girl I like. Now she hates me.

Ram Z[]

  • Wanna know why I'm in the dumps? ‘Cause some idiot thought I was a sheep, for cripes sakes!
  • My waist size? I don't really wanna say, but- 52 inches.
  • All these fairies fluttering around just depresses the hell out of me.
  • I'm greatest at sprints, not so good at marathons. The old bod just can't sustain running power for that long.
  • If it rains, I can't do anything because my hair gets all sticky-icky. If it's windy, I don't do anything except fight the compulsion to let myself get blown away.
  • Get too fat and your manbreasts really develop. (Sigh) Too late for me.
  • My girlfriend's furious again. Tell me, did I say anything to set her off?
  • Humans look at us and see just another stew ingredient. The bastards.
  • It might be time to face the music and admit I have middle-age gut.
  • It's my kids' birthday today. I gotta buy ‘em something on the way home.
  • I think the Chimeras really overrate themselves.
  • Life, battle- it's all rhythm and dance!


  • Who's the guy who's talking crazy?
  • Huh? You have a problem with me? Come on over here and take your best shot.
  • It's a ram's duty to be strong, know what I mean?
  • No, I'm not a pig, you rude son of a...
  • Want me to justify staring straight ahead? ‘Cuz I'm sure something will eventually come this way.
  • I'm always on standby, ready to charge at a moment's notice.
  • Last time I charged my girlfriend, she just sidestepped me.
  • If I gain any more weight, my prize thoroughbred legs won't even be able to support trotting speed.
  • I hate it when things get complicated.
  • So we eat a few of their crops. Humans just use that as an excuse to declare open season on us.



  • You're an unfamiliar face. Where do you come from?
  • I've been all wrinkly like this ever since I was a kid. It's just not faaaair!
  • I'll stomp all over those humans. Simple.
  • I feel so heavy today.
  • I hate humans, because they only feed you when it's convenient for them.
  • Us elephants would probably be nothing without our nifty trunks, huh...
  • We're having a volleyball tournament tomorrow. I can attack and receive with this trunk.
  • I wish I could move a little more quickly.
  • I hafta make my trunk stronger. Maybe throw some weights on there and do some curls or something.
  • Far away, we elephants are considered a symbol of courage and pride.
  • Humans used to make us do circus tricks. We won't stand for that anymore.
  • Elephant trivia for you: We can drink over 2 gallons of water at once.
  • I would love for him to wrap his trunk around me!
  • I'm going as fast as I can. I just can't seem to go any faster than this, you know?
  • Sure is hot today. Maybe I should go soak in the water.
  • During the summer, I flap my ears up and down to fan myself. Cool, huh?
  • Oh no! I've lost my son. He's too young to be left alone!
  • One day, I'm going to own an elephant-only circus.
  • Ahh! I have a pimple on my face!
  • If I don't have my face shield my stomach flab gets in the way and I can't even stand up.
  • Gosh, that's darn nice of you to talk to me like this.
  • Do you want to talk about it?
  • I have beautiful tusks now, but when I was young, I was ashamed of how small they were.
  • Long ago, I saw a flying elephant in a picture book. I think he was flying with his ears. I wonder if I could do that.
  • Snuff, snuff! I won't do that again. I promise to be good.
  • I want new clothes!
  • My dream is to walk trunk to trunk with Snuffeen. She's my angel!
  • I love this place. My mom and dad are here, and I'm going to have a sister soon, too!
  • My skin is getting dry!


  • That elephants at the Moon Flower Palace are different from other elephants. There's something exotic about them, so mysterious. I just can't stop thinking about them.
  • Living free sure beats being kept as pets by those lousy humans anyday, doesn't it?
  • Don't you think I'm the most fashionable elephant in Moon Flower Palace?
  • I'm the Moon Flower Elephant.
  • Uh-oh. I think I made her mad!
  • I'd do anything to look good, but I'm beginning to regret putting on this outfit today. I'm burning up!
  • I always take a shower in the morning.


  • When I was young, my mom was a big star in the circus, you know!
  • My girlfriend has a great pair of tusks.

Priest of Rama[]

Priest of Rama[]

  • This hand is mine and not mine...
  • Even priests get stiff necks.
  • When I attack, my hands get huge and I attack every human in sight!
  • The gods are watching all you do.
  • In my heart I have vowed to fight the humans together with you.
  • Countless monsters have learned from my teachings.
  • Want, and ye shall receive. Seek, and ye shall find. Joy be unto you!
  • The gods know all your prayers and all your thoughts.
  • We are all the gods' creations. Everything has meaning. But I wonder how much meaning humans have.
  • The path you are on is the path of the gods. Go forward without hesitation.
  • If you believe in fate you must believe in the will of the gods. Accept whatever fate brings.
  • For some reason, my shoulders are really stiff. And then, sometimes, when I'm rubbing my shoulders, I swear I can feel someone looking at me. Haha, it's probably just my imagination, you know.
  • Pray now. If you pray, a transformation will arise within you.
  • If you want to hear the word of the gods, go ask another Priest of Rama.
  • Fools, my anger the anger of the gods! Prepare for your judgment!
  • Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow can worry about itself.
  • Do not question right and wrong. The gods were chosen for a separate path to save all.
  • The power of unseen beings. The inevitability of fate. Don't fear. Accept it.
  • Do I believe in the gods? Ha-ha, what a foolish question!
  • Even if you mistake the path, your next step may change your fate. You must not stand still.
  • All the difficulties in the path you follow are for your benefit. It is proof you have been chosen.
  • The gods never abandon anyone. Those who disagree reject the gods.


  • May destruction befall all humans! Glory be unto monsters!
  • Go forward as glory awaits you!
  • Enter through narrow gates. The gates that lead to ruin are wide and the roads leading there are broad. Many go that way.
  • Glory unto to all monsters!
  • Confess your sins freely, if you so wish.
  • To those who do not understand their gods' infinite love and mercy are like jewels cast to swine.

Crow Priest[]

  • Who do you fight for?
  • Do you want to hear the gods' revelations?
  • Love thyself.
  • You will likely witness greatness.
  • Oh valiant youth! Press onward without fear or cowardice!
  • May the gods watch over you!
  • I feel there is something special about you.
  • All things come from the gods, exist in them and return to them.


  • Poor lost sheep. What do you need from me?
  • Pray for the souls of those who would kill you right here and now.
  • Love thy enemy. Pray for those who would cause you harm.
  • Sometimes our prayers are not for ourselves but for others. Who do you pray for?
  • Monsters and humans are living creatures. We are all the same in the eyes of the gods. Love to all!
  • Pray to the gods if you are in distress. They will surely show you the way.

Night Stalker[]

Night Stalker[]

  • You look pale. I think you could use a nice, warm bowl of pumpkin soup.
  • Man, my head is spinning. I've been fighting all day - and overusing my spin move!
  • I found out my girlfriend went out on a date with an Inky. Shoot, what gives? What in heck could those wimps have to offer?!
  • Pumpkins are very nutritional. You should eat some if you want to grow up strong.
  • I sweat like a pig but my girlfriend always wipes it for me. Isn't that sweet?
  • I've been told I have an evil look in my eyes. What do you think? Keeheehee!
  • Other monsters are always catching glances of my face. I wish they'd buzz off.


  • Floating is actually quite tiring. Oh boy, my shoulders are cramped.
  • How do you like the hem on this robe? It looks like an umbrella. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Phew!! I'm burning up in this robe. Are you doing okay? Or is it just me?
  • Shoot, my stomach's sticking out. Guess I gotta cut back on the calories.
  • You stare at me like that, I just lose control. Oh no, I'm starting to sweat again.
  • He's gone to visit a friend's house.


  • You know what, this robe is thicker than it looks. I'm sweating like a pig!
  • Alright, time to go scare some humans out of their wits!
  • A human got one of my buddies. Argg!! I'll get my revenge, I swear!
  • Even we NightStalkers must learn to fight during the day. But boy, it really is hard for us.
  • I just love pumpkin pie. Lip-smacking sweetness, I tell ya!
  • No way, man! I can't take it.
  • Think I get dizzy doing that, do you? No need to worry about me.
  • My name's Rich, but unfortunately, I'm not rich at all.
  • How do ya like that spin attack? Doesn't it remind you of a ballerina dancer?


  • My wife is cooking me some good pumpkin soup. I've gotta hurry home!
  • Halloween has got to be the coolest holiday of them all! Wouldn't you say so, too?
  • What's under the robe you ask? Tsk, tsk! I could never give away our secret!!
  • Isn't it cool and mysterious how you can't see under the robe? The girls just love it!
  • Oh my, it's raining, isn't it!! I must go pick up the children. This robe will act as an umbrella!
  • Oh, I'm busy as can be! It's my daughter's birthday - I must bake here a pumpkin pie!



  • I really hate windy days. I can't walk in the direction I want to go in.
  • Ugh! I hate my sloped shoulders. When I try to throw them back and stand tall, they start to ache.
  • You ready? Every night I do stretches after my bath.
  • People always ask which is my front side. That question always gets to me.


  • Seems there are humans hanging around here. If I find any I'll wipe 'em out - no mercy.
  • Ha-ha. No matter how strong a human becomes, he can never conceal his shadow!
  • A trick for when it looks like the enemy's got you. Lower their guard by pretending to exercise. Got it?
  • This body is so versatile. Compared to those Masked Tribesman goofs, we can fit into any little opening. It's absolutely perfect for hiding from enemies.
  • I love my girlfriend but everytime it gets dark, we disappear completely. Well, love is blind. Isn't that what it means?
  • Hey, how's it going? I'm really not that strong, ya know. Could you teach me how to become stronger?
  • Buzz off! I'm meeting my boyfriend here and I don't want him to get the wrong idea.
  • Yes, I am thin on the outside and shallow on the inside. You got a problem with that?
  • My body's nice and stretchy again today.
  • Oh! You surprised me! Next time talk to my front side.
  • What am I gonna do? It's my girlfriend's birthday tomorrow. I should buy her a ring, or a necklace, or a...
  • My body's so stiff lately. It just won't behave.
  • I'd like to talk to a human. I shouldn't say stuff like that or everyone will get mad at me.
  • I detest sunlight.
  • Hey! Quit sneaking up on me! It startles me.
  • Today's Inkspots game was awesome! Let's go see a baseball game at Ebony Stadium next time.


  • Be careful where you sleep. If you sleep on the roadside you might be taken for a shadow and stepped on.
  • Look! I'm this thin! When the wind blows I have to grab onto something so I don't get blown away.
  • What do you think of my ultrathin body? If you're fat you can't be a Darkness.
  • There are so many flaky, air-headed monsters out there, you know? But we Inkies are dead-serious.
  • It may not look like it but inside I really have it together.
  • I look pretty weak, right? But this arm is like a blade.
  • Today's love horoscope is fantastic! Today I'm going to ask out Darkness. Definitely!
  • The Darkness are known for flexibility. Front to back and left to right. I bend well, don't I?
  • One-two. One-two. Always stretch before an attack.
  • We Darkness are very flexible. That's because we all stretch every day.


  • Did you know that we're this thin because we are advanced shadow monsters.
  • I look thin and weak, but I'm pretty strong.
  • It's tough when the wind blows. My body's so light I get blown away.
  • We are ultrathin when we turn sideways. I've been exercising to gain muscle but it's not working.
  • Me and my boyfriend are so in love. But we can't tell ourselves apart in the dark.
  • I'm in a band called Night Rangers. Come listen to me sing at our next gig.

Skeleton Soldier[]

Skeleton Soldier[]

  • Those Gemrons are like Element-hunting machines, never letting out a single peep, nothing, man.
  • Did you see this years Miss Bones? Now she was a real belle.
  • The Bone Breakerz concert last night was so dope. You gotta check 'em out, man. They're awesome!
  • I guess those Gemrons all collect their own respective Elements. Like the Fire Gemrons collecting Fire Elements. You know.
  • Bones are a Skeleton Soldier's life! Keep them polished, or the girls will hate you!
  • On my birthday, my boyfriend gave me a ring made from his own bones.
  • The female ribcage is so attractive. Right?
  • Listen up, for healthy bones you need 1- Calcium, 2-Exercise, 3-Lots of sunlight. You see, you do learn something every day.
  • Oh no, I forgot to drink my milk this morning!
  • Aaah, why do I have bowlegs? It's too much for sweet little me to bear!
  • Lots of great musicians come from these woods. I guess the world loves rock and roll.
  • A guitar looks cool with bones, right? Over half the Skeleton Soldiers are guitarists.
  • It's a rough day. First I broke my leg, and then my girlfriend broke off our engagement.
  • Recently, my bones have been squeaking when I walk. Guess I'm getting old.

Master Jacket[]

  • I really love this jacket. I'm thinking of getting a hat as well.
  • I don't care how many Skeletons you've seen. I'm different.
  • I feel kinda bummed out. I think I'm coming down with Calcium deficiency.
  • I always look laid back, but I'm actually really serious.
  • I like a girl with a nice round skull.
  • Lately, my skull seems a little loose.
  • In order to protect this cave, I'll fight until I'm reduced to a pile of bones.
  • I'm always cold from the waist down.
  • Whoa, I forgot to drink my milk this morning!
  • Just what is going on inside her skull, I don't know...

Heat Wear[]

  • It's trendy to leave jacket buttons undone now, is it? I think having them all neatly done up is much cooler, though.
  • I really love this jacket. Really, really love it. So, I really want to avoid getting any nasty stains on it...like human blood, for instance.
  • I've really been taken with the idea of a hat to go with this jacket. Something like those Captain's hats that you see in story books would be perfect.
  • Why it ain't just easy dealin' with dem young'uns. Just now I was showing some Skeleton Soldiers a thing or two. What a rowdy bunch of fellers, always got a bone to pick with people, I'm telling ya.
  • I got this jacket from my old man. So, it's my dream to one day, pass it on to my son, so he can wear it.
  • Her jacket really brings out her figure, and what a figure it is.
  • Which do you prefer in a lass, thin bones or fat?
  • Those fleshies have so much attached, muscles, skin. Surely it's all just extra baggage?
  • My joints have not been so great recently.
  • Actually, I don't think that bad of fleshies. I mean, think about it, I was one myself once, right?

Skull Chief[]

  • I drink so much milk, I'm thinking of buying a cow.
  • Do you want to see my bare chest?
  • I really feel the cold in my bones.
  • Worry? What would I worry about?
  • I guess I look pretty stupid moving my mouth when I walk, huh? I wish I could control it, but I can't.
  • The Skeleton Soldiers are all so sad. I wonder when their big break will come?
  • My birthday is the day the fleshy this body belonged to died.
  • Ain't it nice? We don't hafta worry about having bad hair days or going bald like those fleshies do.
  • I don't want to answer any uncomfortable questions, but I'm thinking of taking a trip.
  • ...Lately, I've had no appetite whatsoever. That's a bad thing, right? What am I gonna do?
  • My girlfriend had a change of heart. What? My fault?!
  • I've got to get my Karaoke up to par for the next night out, so I'm pretty busy.
  • We don't need flesh nor blood, so long as we have Calcium. Pretty sweet deal, huh.
  • However I may look, I'm actually pretty cowardly. Night trips to the bathroom scare the wits out of me.
  • Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Why do I always get into so much trouble?
  • You can't see it, but actually, the inside of my jacket is all embroidered.
  • I think the lasses would look better with a miniskirt as well. Jackets alone don't do it for me.
  • I want some kind of a skirt. Just this is too embarrassing.
  • Boney, skull face, skelly! Stop calling me stupid names! Find something cooler!
  • I've been working on my abs, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere. I know.. you don't have to tell me. Ah, my fragile dream... shattered.



  • I'll make no bones about it, when my girlfriend wants something, she gets it.
  • Wow, I can't take my eyes off here hip bones!
  • We're called Hornheads, because we have horns on our heads. You get it?
  • The youth of today, spineless wimps, all of 'em!
  • My father told me, when I was young, "Work your fingers to the bone, lad."
  • I'll just rest my bones a little longer, and then back to work.
  • I'm confident enough to attack as well as defend with my shield.
  • The other day, you know, I was like dragging my weapon along, and it smacked into this Sand Moler. Didn't mean to hurt the poor guy, though. But he shoulda been watching where he was going.

Silver Gear[]

  • Wahh-ha-ha! I'za can't hit a thing!
  • Go go gogogo! I'za fill ya full of arrows!
  • Oh no oh no! This bowgun, it won't shoot!
  • Oh no oh no! This helmet, it's too big!
  • I'za gonna shoot ya! I'za gonna shoot ya down!
  • Oh no oh no! This helmet, it's so heavy!
  • Oh no oh no! This helmet, it's a little tight!
  • ...I'za bad shot! I'za can't hit a barn!
  • Ya talking to me? I'za not understand a thing ya say!
  • We'za don't miss twice. Ya dead with second shot!
  • Shoot shoot shooshoo shoooot! Gya-ha-ha-haaa!
  • Oh no oh no! This costume, too cold!
  • I'za reckon it here soon, the Skeleton era.
  • Don't surprised, I just don't feel like eating. I'za appetite is small!
  • We're so clumsy, but helmet protects. Someone see I'za face, no good!
  • We'za use Bowgun to shoot, but sometimes like to crash with bodies as well.
  • Don't just look at Bowgun! Vest is cool too! Very best, very best vest, very vest!
  • We'za easily moved, cry all time, but hide with helmet. So, we'za really good guys?
  • We'za actually shy to big degree, ya know? No I'za though.
  • News today say "Shock! Gacious puts on 6kg!" I'za wonder how ya did it.

Platinum Gear[]

  • If you're in a tricky spot, I'll be here to save you, so don't worry.
  • My ribs have been giving me trouble recently.
  • If we all combine our power then surely we can trounce those fleshies easily.
  • No escaping it, my spine is hunching as I get older.
  • If you fight to protect something, you are so much stronger.
  • My bones squeak when I run. I've almost had it, young one. I leave the rest to you.



  • I can't reach. Could you wrap me up in the back?
  • See, among us mummies, the bonier, the better.
  • Recently, I'm just down to skin and bones. Everybody wants to peek under my bandages.
  • I'm about to lose my bandages here. Think you could fix 'em for me?
  • I wonder how she's decomposing under her bandages...
  • The whole point of the ancient mummification process was to bring the dead back to life.


  • Experiencing the decomposition of your own body is so fascinating.
  • Man, she's got a sexy collarbone. So, are you a ribcage-man, or more a hip bone kind of guy?
  • Wrap, wrap.
  • I wonder what kind of human I used to be before becoming a mummy.
  • Humans have no idea how dangerous a weapon bandages can be.
  • My soul shall live throughout eternity. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!
  • We were reborn to curse those humans.
  • I have my boyfriend wrapped around my finger.
  • Fresh bandages are at the top of my Christmas wish list.
  • I curse all those Damn humans! And I damn All of those cursed humans!
  • The only downside to being swathed in bandages is that you can't play with fire or you'll get burned.
  • Bandages can be mightier than the sword.


  • Just my luck. I get wrapped up by a girl I like and then the bandages get snagged.
  • I have to admit, his bandages are a lot whiter than mine.
  • I heard there's a Ram Z that's spreading rumors that I have bad BO, the little bugger.
  • That Ram Z, Gourdy, is so cute. He's such a doll, isn't he?
  • I'm a big fan of Earth Dragons. They're sooo dreamy!
  • How would anyone know I stink?! I've never, ever taken my bandages off!
  • My girlfriend is so laid-back. I can really unwind around her.
  • Half of winning is luck, right? Boy, I'd love to try playing cards with those Demon Puppets some time.
  • Do you think they sell pastel-colored bandages anywhere? I'm sick to death of deathly white.
  • Hello. I'm Ghoul. You'll never find another monster that looks quite as good in a coffin as I do.
  • Those Demon Puppets are so boring. All they ever do is play cards.
  • No. I do not suffer from malnutrition. But thanks for your concern.


  • Oh, you like how I got my bandages wrapped, do you? Yeah, they're pretty tight, aren't they?
  • What'd you say, I'm "ancient?" I prefer the term "Undead", if you please.
  • See? I told you. The crack of a bandage is worse than getting whipped by a wet towel.
  • I will continue to die - for eternity!
  • If I stop to fix my bandages, I'll be late for my date! What should I do?!
  • Holy water, holy cross... Don't make me laugh!
  • Jeez, I'm thirsty. I never noticed before, but our mouths are always hanging open.
  • My leg bandages look like they're about to peel. I better fix them.
  • Yeah, I guess you could say we used to be humans, but so what?
  • If we had shields or even industrial strength bandages, we wouldn't take so much damage.
  • It's all right. You can talk to me. I promise I won't place a curse on you.
  • We mummies would be a lot stronger, if only we had some real weapons.
  • Cough! Cough! I think I'm catching a cold. Better change to my winter bandages.
  • My boyfriend's been acting weird lately, like he's been hit by sunlight or something.
  • We were born out of human vanity.
  • That mummy-girl over there, her mouth is open just a crack. Now, that's nice.
  • The skeletons are having a track and field day. I'll beat their bony butts in the relay race.
  • Waterrr...water...
  • Cough! Cough! ...Hahah, tricked ya! As if mummies can catch colds!
  • You touch me, you're cursed automatically... joke! Ha-ha-ha!



  • I'm a little pale? Thanks for your concern, but this is just normal.
  • The mountain of treasure buried here is ours! So those humans can get lost!
  • Our boss, the Captain, remains as fast as us, no matter how old he gets. He's an easy man to respect.
  • Humans have been attacking? Well, we did steal a load of their treasure, I guess.
  • There's got to be some treasure buried in this cave somewhere!
  • Just between me and you, I'm thinking of stealing that Mimic's treasure.
  • Way back when, I sailed with the Captain. You ever worked a ship?
  • On a clear night, I'd talk with the Captain for hours.
  • The treasure of a long dead pirate is said to sleep here.
  • The body I built up working the ship's rigging comes in useful in a scrap as well.
  • The sea's the best, for sure. I want to just fight at Captain's side forever.
  • I'd rather be a Skeleton Soldier than this. This body just makes me feel half finished.
  • This bandana is a fine example of pirate garb.
  • All pirates want to be a Captain. Same for me, goes without saying.
  • One day I'll get my own ship, and then I'll be the Captain!
  • Pirates are true to themselves, and proud until the last.
  • If we're talking about sheer scope of ambition, then I think I've got you beat.
  • Tell me, do you have burning ambition?!
  • Those scurvy humans got to the treasure first!
  • I just wanna be rich. Then I can surround myself with pretty honeys, just like Captain! Isn't that what every man wants?
  • My ambition...is to be the most ruthless pirate in the world! I don't care if people hate me so long as everyone knows my name!

Zombie Pirate[]

  • Oh the mighty ocean, source of my very life!
  • The strong win, and the weak lose. So, you'd best fight hard.
  • Why do we sail the seas? Because they are there.
  • I'm not dying here! I'll die at sea, on the pitching deck of a ship!

Ore Robber[]

  • I don't care if you're a monster or a human. Just don't bother me while I'm getting my dig on.
  • A Diamond's hat can fetch a fair price.
  • People look down on us Ore Robbers. But them humans do just as much stealing as us, if not more.
  • We do all our working in the dark, so we're not used to being out in the sun very much.
  • Those scurvy human mongrels, just carrying out treasure off like that!
  • You want to steal some of my moves, do you?
  • My dad, and my dad's dad, and his grampa too, they all worked this place looking gems and jewels.
  • My swords are nothing more than extensions of my arms. I'm that confident in my skills.
  • I'm in the middle of looking for a nice gem to put in the engagement ring I'm gonna give my girl. You gotta promise not to tell a soul, okay?
  • No doubt about it! I can smell the treasure that sleeps here. I've got a sensitive nose.
  • There ain't nothing like that moment when you dig up something good... It's like being in heaven.
  • Are you crazy? There's no way I could get bored of mining all day long. You obviously don't understand what excites a man's romantic spirit of adventure.

Elite Corsair[]

  • I'll come through anything, flag flying. My head is loaded down with dreams and ambitions!
  • Peace and freedom are all based on perspective. Humans don't own the world, and the fighting won't end until they realize this. Could take a while...
  • Best not to fight those who don't have any reason to live. You'll end in a bad way, even if you win.
  • No matter the reason, we don't hold back against those who dirty our pride. That's one of our rules.
  • Hey, look, don't get too friendly! By the time the fear has gripped you, it'll be too late.
  • Stop talking and start fighting! That's the fastest way of getting to know each other! What you don't want to? Oh, go on.
  • I know it is exciting to throw yourself out into exploring the wide, new world, but, you can easily meet a sticky end out there. Just be careful.
  • It's tough living when no one believes in you... but it's better than just giving up.
  • Ah, so many people to fight in the world! What's the point of going wild if you have no one to hit?!
  • Keep your eyes peeled for treasure!
  • Oh no. I don't want to just end up buried! Hey, Captain, do something! Huh? Who're you?!
  • So what kinda treasure you got?
  • Once you die, that's the end, but I know I'll at least go out laughing. And I'm not done yet.
  • It's survival of the fittest out here. If we don't teach those pathetic, wimpy humans, who will?



  • Some people think Living Armour are too slow, but I reckon they do pretty well, considering.
  • Aye, I used to drive the gals crazy when I was younger.
  • I long for the time I rode the open seas, aye.
  • Even now, I live with the sea. Without her, I'd be a lost man.
  • I'll go down with the ship, fighting to the very last!
  • Matey, have we met before?
  • My sword skills are no less perfect now than they were when I was half my age.
  • Seems some humans got to the Corsairs' treasure first. Not that I care about that stuff any more.
  • Even though I'm getting on a bit, I'm still in the front lines come fight time, matey!
  • I ain't gonna let some young chump beat me, no way, no sir!!
  • Oh... My mother, the ocean...
  • I've known Auntie Medusa for a long, long time. We often sailed the seas together.
  • To bag yourself a girl, you need to be just as fast as when you're fighting.
  • I'm sure you understand the powerful romance of the seas, aye?


  • My gut tells me that anywhere that smells of the sea is home.
  • I've got no intention of giving an inch to these young ruffians!
  • My journey is a long one. Yours too? I can sense it, aye.
  • I left many a gal in tears at the port, aye. Was a cruel man, that be for sure.
  • Actually, I sailed the seas along with the Pirate Tanks.
  • All the treasures I ever collected now lie in the belly of a Mimic.
  • Those Corsairs still look up to me, even now. Aye, that warms me bones.
  • You just leave it to me matey. Now, what was it you wanted?
  • Even now, the gals still flock to me. That's the appeal of a little life experience, matey.
  • Seems boots like mine are all the rage on the streets right now.


  • Spade and those others, from my point of view, still have a lot of learn.
  • I'm a man of the sea. To tell the truth, this place just doesn't do anything for me. I can still hear the sound of the waves, echoing in my ears, beckoning me to come back home.
  • I wonder, do you understand the romance of the seas?
  • Huh? You say some gal has gone crazy for me?
  • I don't look badly on aging. You can see things clearly, with a few years behind you.
  • I was always Captain, aye. Always will be. This mine's going no where without me.
  • There's this monster who's big on strange comedy, but I don't get any of it.
  • I've known that Spider Madame for a mighty long time. Oh no, it's not what it sounds like, no way.
  • There are few who can stand as my equal in terms of speed, matey.
  • I long for that time when I wanted to make everything on the sea mine.


  • What's wrong? You youngsters worry too much. Don't let it get it you.
  • Even as you get older, if you can keep a goal in sight then life remains worthwhile.
  • There are reasons why they call me the Boss.
  • To stay Captain, you need to be able to keep the trust of others. You understand?

Bone Lord[]

Bone Lord[]

  • I reckon I'm the only one in the world who can use this massive sword.
  • Just hang on a minute. You're in for a rough time if you think I'm just another bonehead.
  • Come and get it, you flesh covered fools!
  • Aren't you envious of my body? Well? It's a real work of art.
  • Monsters born purely to fight. That's me and the boys.
  • What's that look for? You got some kind of problem?
  • Hey, there's nothing I don't know. Come on, shoot.
  • So, where'd you come from? Not from around Gundor now, are you?
  • I don't like this. Fleshies running all over the place, so I hear.
  • We Bone Lords are sometimes called the skeleton nobility.
  • You got something you're proud of?
  • Don't make me laugh. There's now way fleshies could hope to beat us.

Flaming Nail[]

  • I'm fundamentally different from a mere skeleton, so let's not make that mistake again, OK?
  • Man, what's with all this infernal clicking, all the time! Oh...Right, that's me.
  • A broken bone hurts, right? Yeah, tell me about it! I'm pretty robust though.
  • All the fighting recently has worn me out. I don't feel half the man I used to be.
  • We're planning a raid on those dumb fleshies tonight. Huh, it's not a dirty tactic at all. Waiting just doesn't suit us, and the best form of defense is attack, after all!
  • Did you catch the last "Master Jacket" full on Heavy Metal concert? It was so loud, I almost went to pieces!
  • Stop staring at me! I'm a lone skeleton, OK. I don't need anyone else!
  • We don't just hang out in the graveyard, you know. Come on, not the most happening place, is it?
  • Even facing a mighty foe, I always fight until my bones are laid bare! Hey, what's with that look?!
  • You don't look so good! Sure you're eating enough? What's that? Speak up!
  • Hey you! Yeah! Don't take this the wrong way, but I've got a bone to pick with you.
  • I've been thinking of going on a diet, recently, but...what do you think of my waist? Slim enough? Looking good?...huh, no sense of humor, huh. Who needs ya.

Evil Nail[]

  • And just who are you, huh? Why don't you be a good kid and run on home to your mommy, huh?
  • I can tell you're just blown away by all the decorative engravings I have all over my bones.
  • Don't reckon I've seen you before. So, think you got what it takes? Then come hunting with us sometime. There's no better rush than letting some fresh young victim have it. It's the sport of champions, man.
  • And just who do you think you are? Never seen you 'round these parts before, man. Well, I guess that's because I'm new here too. Ka ha ha ha.

Bone King[]

  • Everyone around here make me laugh, pathetic bunch of losers, the lot of them.
  • You, if you don't want to get broken, hand over your valuables! What's this?! A bone?! Oh man, I can't rob you of that! Looks like we think alike.
  • We Bone Lords use both a sword and these sharp claws to attack without mercy.
  • I just can't stand fleshies! Harping all the time about dreams and hope, man! Now, me and you, there's a pair of creatures with a little realism, at least!
  • Greetings, I'm a Bone Lord, the highest class in the whole skull kingdom. Know any really tough ones? What? You? You must be joking... Trust me, you do not want to try me. You don't stand a chance.
  • I'm too strong to be skinless! Trifle with me, and you'll end up looking like me! Bring your worst! Ahh! Now that's the spirit!!
  • I raised those Skeleton Soldiers with my own hands.
  • Don't even think of confusing us with low bred Skeletons!! They're not in the same league as us! We've got much tougher bones! Can't you tell?
  • So you think strength comes from just building up muscles, do you? Then how do you explain us, eh? Those who just placate themselves with excuses will never know true strength.
  • Those who scoff at our Skeleton family can't possibly have heard of the Bone Lords. Anyone who trifles with us is dispatched with all speed. Punishment must be dealt!



  • I wish it would rain. Rain really gives me energy.
  • Hurry, friend! You can do it. If you get the message to him, I know he'll help us! Run, Froggius!
  • Have you heard? Some humans actually keep us as pets! How rude!
  • Those Pixies are pretty selfish, but I heard if you give them a Gooey Peach, they shut right up.
  • Even those pesky Pixies act nice when they're munching on Gooey Peaches.
  • That old toad. He'll be sued for workplace harassment.
  • I got in a fight with Ribbie. What? I should apologize first? Aww, do I hafta?
  • You'd better go home now. Your mother must be worried sick!
  • Have you seen my little Ribbio? He just recently grew legs, you know. He shouldn't be out by himself!
  • I don't want to be in the sewer. I want to go to the woods!
  • Boy am I tired! I just laid a few thousand eggs.
  • I'm a good singer, you know. What's that? You want me to sing? Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbiiiiiit!
  • Hey, wait up! Aw, man. I did it again. I made her mad again.
  • Master Toada, of frog legend, please save us! May the croak be with us!


  • We should watch our weight! You don't want to turn into one of those fat gourmet frogs!
  • Oh, hi. You must be new. Follow my lead and you'll be just fine.
  • Spring or no spring, if anything bad happens, I'm going back to hibernate again.
  • Huh! I didn't realize it was spring already.
  • Yuck! I wish Ribbie would leave me alone! I can't stand the way he spreads his wings at me!
  • Hey, let's see who can jump higher. C'mon!
  • Guess what? My house is full of tadpoles. They just hatched last night.
  • It hasn't rained in so long. I'm starting to get depressed.
  • My mom was killed by the humans. I'll get my revenge someday!
  • Soon as I learn to jump high on one leg, I'll be ready to dodge my opponents!
  • I was sent out for chores, but now I think I'm lost!
  • I don't know when I got these wing things. They're not really wings, though.
  • With wings like these, I feel like I can fly. Too bad I'm just a regular frog.
  • What beautiful eyes! And those patterns on the face... how lovely!


  • Someone said they saw a human. You haven't seen anything, have you?
  • Don't bother me. I'm busy getting ready for hibernation.
  • I'm hungry. I haven't eaten since yesterday.
  • Is it true that when we get older, we turn into wart frogs? Gross!
  • I could really use a good swim.
  • Oh no! I'm gonna be late! See ya!


  • Every time my wife and I fight, she conveniently forgets to wake me up in the morning.
  • You must fight every battle as if it will be your last.
  • I wonder when Ribbio is coming back? He knows he should froggie-call.
  • I've gotten so old! I can't jump like I used to.
  • The humans are getting wise. We must come up with a plan.
  • I know I've got wings, but I can't fly. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll learn to fly.



  • Oh gosh! My children will be home soon. I have to hurry home and prepare dinner!
  • If I spin around then I'm really fast. I am a slow walker, though.
  • This sewer is fabulous! Always filled with water.
  • The peace in the sewer has been disrupted! I believe the humans are infiltrating this place.


  • We're much cuter than those Tortoises? Right? Right?
  • People think we're really slow, but we can actually move around pretty fast.
  • I get dizzy if I spin around too much.
  • I can't believe all the tortoises can stick their necks out so far.
  • Doesn't Toba have a great shell? He's such a hunk!
  • In today's monster horoscopes, it said Torties would have the worst luck. This just sucks.
  • Sometimes I notice moss growing on my shell.
  • I heard nothing but bad things about the humans. Are they really that awful?
  • Hello, I am Turk, the wedding chaplain. Interested in tying the knot?
  • What? Humans? Here? Oh, that's only a rumor.


  • My boyfriend got transferred to Sindain Forest. He says he wants me to go with him. What should I do?
  • Hey! You must be the new kid.
  • One, two, one, two. I'm so big it's a workout just getting from one place to another.
  • I don't know what to do. He just told me to wait here and ran off somewhere. Hey, you haven't by any chance seen the captain, have you?
  • My back hurts! This shell on my back can get so heavy!
  • I love getting piggyback rides from my Dad.
  • Do you really think turtles are long-lived?
  • Turtles are thought of as slow movers, but surprisingly, we have good motor skills.


  • I'm very sorry.
  • Being old is really hard on the legs.
  • When I get big, do you think I'll be strong like the Tortoises?
  • Some of the other Turtles have a tendency to apologize way too much. It's depressing, isn't it.
  • Our strongest weapons are our shells. Humans don't stand a chance if we use our shells on them.
  • You must be a thief. ‘Cause you just stole my heart.
  • We may seem slow, but when we spin our bodies, we can outpace many monsters.
  • I'm dizzy! I think I spun too much.



  • There's no ocean close to here, so this forest is a little tough for us Tortoises to live in.
  • My baby used to be a cute little Tortie, but he went and grew up, and now he's as big as me!
  • I don't care if you say I'm like her. Makes no difference to me.
  • Our little Granddaughter is so cute. You just want to pinch her little cheeks!

Sea Tortoise[]

  • This shell can withstand any kind of attack. I'm very proud of it.
  • We're known for our long lifespan, but I wonder how long we'll live?

Star Tortoise[]

  • Right now I'm building my home.
  • Those humans killed my son! He mistook a plastic bag for his favorite food, jellyfish. And now he's dead! I'll never forgive the humans for using the ocean as their garbage dump.
  • Maybe I should take the Arkeraths hiking with us this weekend.
  • We lay our eggs on a quiet beach at night. Every year we choose the same place.

Ebony Tortoise[]

  • Son! Son? Have you seen my boy? He's gotten himself lost, I'm afraid.
  • You know, I've lived so long, I can't remember how old I am.
  • My daughter always gets her way. As a father, I have a hard time talking to her.
  • We turtles may be long lived, but all good things come to an end. Live each day as if it's your last.



  • You heard of the Frog Race? I'd sure like to give it a shot someday.
  • Our ancestors? Fish, of course. Or was it amphibians? Shoot, I never can remember.
  • Check out my sweet fins!
  • My girlfriend does a swim you just wouldn't believe! But I'm not showing you.
  • Of course we can swim! At least the last time I heard... I haven't tried it myself.
  • I tried to fly many times, but I could never travel beyond a few feet.
  • What a bad day. Even my spear broke.
  • There's a video game about frogs getting run over by human technology! Awful!
  • Wow, my jaw is humungous! Don't hate me for it, okay?
  • You'd be surprised how much energy you use frog-kicking.
  • Don't just stand back and swing your spear. Get a running start and jab your foes good!
  • I bet you didn't even notice that we're wearing clothes! See?! We're civilized! Sort of.
  • We're the opposite of Froggies. We grow legs after we become adults. And that's how we can come up and live on land.
  • Many fish are very fond of keeping things tidied up.
  • I heard that when we get turned into fillet, we're sold for a fine profit by humans.
  • The humans polluted the oceans beyond repair. People say we started growing legs so we could come up on shore and escape the filth of the water.
  • My girlfriend is so cute, any froggy would want to gobble her up!
  • I'm searching for a beautiful left-handed fish who is somewhere in this cave.
  • I was more fish, but my girlfriend wanted more frog. That's why she left me.
  • I'm heading out to go shopping with my bud, Ribbiana. She's a Froggy.
  • My wife and I are finally going to have a child. We're watching over the egg now.
  • Hello there, ribbit!
  • My child suddenly fell sick, then she ran off. This must be the humans' doing.
  • If you attack enemies from afar with your spit, it will have a sticky effect.
  • I'm worried if I'll be able to get a girlfriend. I mean, look at my jaw!!
  • Holding these spears all day is enough to make your back sore.
  • I don't want me girlfriend to see me thrash around when I'm picked up.
  • I can't recall what the sea looked like anymore.
  • I'm running short on sleep. I can't stay awake much longer!
  • At least once in my life I'd like to meet a Space Goyone.

Steam Goyone[]

  • My boyfriend says my lips are sexy!
  • These goggles add to our coolness!
  • My stomach hurts! Yesterday I swallowed something funny.
  • Pretty soon I need to get myself a spear.
  • You got a problem with outer space amphibians?!
  • Our lips may be blue, but that needn't worry you!
  • The sea is not the place to bathe.
  • I get it! You're not a monster from this volcano, are you?
  • You think I look like an old man fishing?! Whatever.
  • Whaddaya think? Aren't these goggles like totally the sweetest? I got them for my girlfriend's birthday, man. Do you think she'll like 'em?
  • Isn't my Mohawk sweet?
  • We're much better dressed than the Goyones.
  • Why is she mad all of the sudden?! I'll never figure women out.
  • For some reason, when I do my frog kick, I can't help but move my arms as well.
  • I have an egg inside me now. I'll be giving birth to it soon!
  • What should I give my girlfriend for her birthday? A pearl necklace?

Moon Goyone[]

  • Watch out for attackers who move around to your right, where you have no spear.
  • There's something about you. Your aura shimmers with life energy.
  • I'm worried about these circles under my eyes. I've gotta get me some sleep.
  • My baby's legs finally came in! Now she's a full-fledged Goyone.
  • We swim around normally, but we can charge attack when needed. That is the Goyone method.
  • I heard that the humans have a game that involves spear-tossing.
  • I'm exhausted. I've had quite enough frog-kicking for today.
  • What? Gawd, don't stare at me like that.
  • I heard in the human world we are eaten raw!!
  • I was coddled by my grandfather when I was a little tadpole.
  • I was worried about my lips being puffed up, but my boyfriend said he likes them!
  • I can't believe the humans could be so cruel to make a delicacy out of us.
  • One time I saw a bright, scrumptious snack hanging down. But dad told me, Those are called "fishing hooks," and they will be the death of us.
  • It feels great swimming through air.


  • Ribbit, Ribbit. I haven't seen you before.
  • Ribbity took my food!
  • I'm a nice, juicy amphibian. Know any girlies who'd be interested in me?
  • What?! The humans have drawn near?! Yikes!
  • I wish I could swim in ecstasy forever!
  • My eyes are swollen from lack of sleep.



  • That Papuko's got such a beautifully-carved mouth. What I wouldn't do to be with her.
  • My friend Kabob's a pumpkin-hurling marksman. Nails the bad guys every single time, I'm tellin' you.
  • Who hates pumpkins? Imagine Halloween without jack o' lanterns or Thanksgiving without our pie.
  • Our barrels can get like ovens, but even so, we don't sweat as much as Night Stalkers.
  • We Pumpkinheads were made out of spare gardening parts. I like to dig in the garden with my leg shovel.
  • The grass on my behind is getting longer. I'd better have it trimmed before people start talking.
  • I've been growing some basil. You really oughta try gardening yourself.
  • My pumpkin barrel's almost empty. Better fill up soon.
  • My boyfriend's taking me for a wheelbarrow ride this weekend. I better wear lotion or I'll get sunbaked.
  • Pumpkin! Pumpkin! Get your sweet, ripe, and reasonable pumpkin right here!
  • Hurling little pumpkins with this barrel is no piece of cake. You gotta practice every day to keep your edge.
  • Man-eating grass, yipes! And I doubt they're strict carnivores.


  • M-My leg bucket's cracked! I gotta get home and fix it.
  • Ugh, my head feels like it's about to split open!
  • I won a brand-new shovel! I'm gonna switch it with the old leg shovel right away.
  • I mean, think about it. What possible reason could humans have to enter the forest?
  • Zukiko's got such cute eyeholes. I feel like I could get swallowed up by 'em.
  • Don't worry. My neck moves like a snake, but my head is still on tight.
  • Hey, don't ask me where to go. I'm terrible at directions.
  • (Sigh) My crush on that gal gets bigger by the day.
  • Y'know, some people say things without thinking. They could probably use a little sensitivity training.
  • I feel good today. My hat's cocked at just the right angle on my head.
  • I always get stiff shoulders wearing this barrel.
  • You ever tried gardening? It's so exciting to watch little plants grow up before your eyes.


  • Are you hungry? I made some tasty chestnut pie.
  • A Danger Bomb is coming by for some coffee. So remember,absolutely no smoking.
  • Recently, I got a Stormflower seed. And boy, was it good.
  • I've gotta go and share these chestnuts with a Wraith I know.
  • I was thinking, what a cute little hat that fairy's got. But it wasn't a hat at all!
  • My flower garden is just starting to bloom. But don't worry, there aren't any Dark Flowers here.


  • I must be getting old. Lately my eyesight's been so bad I can't even see bats come down the road.
  • There is no translation.
  • Plowing is just one of our important duties. We love to work, yes indeed.
  • People always tell me the way my boyfriend runs is so cute. Tee-hee.
  • I can't watch over the crops without this neato hat, I'll have you know.
  • So he goes, "Hey, your leg's made out of a shovel!" And I go, "Yeah, what of it?"

Man-Eating Grass[]

Man-Eating Grass[]

  • Where's my face, you say? How rude!
  • I don't know why they call me "grass.""Man-Eating Flower" sounds better to me.
  • (Sigh) He's so dreamy - I wish he'd have me for lunch. Oh, shoot! I'M the one who eats HIM!
  • There's a weird bug on me. You don't have any spray, do you?
  • How am I supposed to eat people when my jaws keep locking up on me?
  • Ohhh, my aching head.
  • Don't worry. My policy is "Monsters don't eat monsters".
  • I'm a flower fatale.
  • I may be a weed now, but my dream is to become a beautiful flower, like Cursed Rose.
  • My stupid mother! She says I have a big face. Who does she think I inherited it from?
  • Aside from eating people, I'm actually quite renowned among the plant kingdom as an opera chanteuse.
  • Humans really are the tastiest creatures. Where's a tree-hugging hiker when you need one?
  • I wanna ask my girl out to dinner. Any suggestions? Some place that serves humans, of course.
  • I have to remember to keep my jaws shut when I walk or other monsters will hate me.

Cursed Rose[]

  • I've heard those Man-eating Grass long to be just like me. They are only kidding themselves. Ha! As if they could ever be thiiis beautiful.
  • Every morning, I wake up, look in the mirror- and fall in love all over again.
  • Of course, I wear a mud pack every night to preserve this fragile beauty.
  • Mirror, mirror on the tree, who could possibly be more beautiful than me?
  • Yes, even a beautiful rose can have poisonous thorns, my dear! Ha-ha-ha-ha!
  • I'd wager the entire plant kingdom that you've never seen a monster as beautiful as me.

Dark Flower[]

  • Spider Madames are always bragging about their amazing adolescences. I hope I never get like that.
  • You're so cute, I could eat you alive.
  • If beauty is a sin, I'm going to hell.
  • It's a secret, but I hid one of my seeds in the vest pocket of a Fairy Helper.
  • I fell sorry for the Himarras. It's not their fault they're so unattractive.
  • This Zelmite mining road is a monster haven.
  • I don't associate with the wild flowers over there.
  • (Ah-choo!) Excuse me, but I'm afraid you'll catch my cold if you come any closer.
  • I've heard that Fire Ghosts and Snow Ghosts are at odds with each other these days.
  • Fairies just love to flutter around me, like moths to a flame.
  • Oddly enough, Rosella has been rather quiet lately. I wonder if something is wrong.
  • Man-Eating Grass bests me in the monster department, but in the plant kingdom, I'm the queen.

Mystery Plant[]

  • Oh, the embarrassment! I got a cavity in one of my fangs! I better start flossing.
  • It only makes sense that a beautiful flower would be poisonous. Don't you think?
  • There are some nice-looking flowers in the wild, but who cares - bigger is ALWAYS better! Yeah!
  • I could really go for human tonight.
  • I never want to grow up and be a mature plant.
  • Once in a while, my long stalk just gets in the way.
  • Another bug bite! I know I must taste good, but why do they always pick on me?!
  • Not to brag, but if I stretch, I can get my jaws open to a 160 degree angle.
  • My jaws have been stiff lately. I can open all the way, but can't snap shut fast enough.
  • I don't know, maybe my head's too big for my body, but boy, do my shoulders ache.



  • I had a weird dream last night. I was talking to humans. Everyone knows humans can't talk.
  • They wash their faces? They'll get oily otherwise.
  • Those ones on the floor below are always zoning out, but I wonder if they're photosynthesizing ok.
  • I hear those Rams come a-charging if they get some Premium Chicken in their sights.
  • You know what Rams love to eat? Premium Chicken! Talk about living in the lap of luxury!
  • Sewer Rats are so simple-minded. All they need to be happy is a measly piece of Cheese.
  • Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! All those silly Sewer Rats ever think about is Cheese!
  • Love, hate, love, hate. Ah, makes my head hurt.
  • Well, good day to you. Don't ask me about the road. I look at the sun all day so I only know east and west.
  • I got a date today on the brightest hill in the forest.
  • What should my anniversary present be? Wife doesn't like oil so maybe a towel.
  • Yesterday, the boy put out buds. Hope the little guy grows up big and strong!
  • Hmphf, hmphf. Growing all these seeds makes my head heavy.
  • I'm on my way to see my girlfriend. But I have like no sense of direction, and to be honest, I have no idea where I am right now.
  • The words of the sunflower "The you staring at you is grand", Yeah a little embarrassing, I know.
  • I'm making a ring to give to my girlfriend right now. I sure hopes she likes it.
  • That one, he loves my head flower. He's always talking about how cute it is.
  • The other day my boyfriend asked me, "Who do you love more, the Sun or me?"
  • Soon the seeds I sowed with my life will begin to sprout. Wonder how they'll turn out?
  • I'm broke this month. Taking my girl out's expensive.


  • No? You talkin' to me?
  • My lover proposed to me. You know what he said? "I love you more than anything ,even the sun itself." Ooh, How romantic!
  • I just want to look at my sweetheart, but my body always just turns to face the sun. Ah so goes the woes of the Himarra.
  • I wonder if I can't just grow a bit taller??
  • Now don't you go confusing me with that Cursed Rose, okay.
  • My petals flow in the breeze more beautifully than any others in all of Starlight Canyon.
  • Shoot. My leaves are browning.
  • If you tiptoe, you can approach enemies without alerting them with the sound of your feet.
  • They say pretty flowers have sharp thorns. Well, I'm pretty, and I definitely have thorns, babe.
  • Once I heard about a different crop of Himarra that lives far, far away!
  • Don't stare at me like that. I don't care how pretty you insist I am. He he he.
  • Pretty cool, huh? Pretty passionate too, huh? Just don't go fallin' in love with me, sweety.
  • My mommy always tells me I talk too much. But I like talking!!
  • When I grow up, I wanna be big and tall like the Cursed Roses.
  • My passion is my strongest trait, but she says I'm smothering her. What should I doooo?
  • Hmm? Did you just begin to say something? Shoot, you make me curious!
  • Hi there. What was your name again?
  • A big gust of wind carried off two of my best petals! Shoot, I can't believe it!


  • The other day a Mallone shared some chestnuts with me. Boy, are they delicious! Nice and sweet!
  • I was wondering why I had so few seeds lately. A Cabuble was eating them!
  • The sun doesn't come out here, so we act as their sun surrogate!
  • Boy, I'm so glad I never grew big and huge like those Dark Flowers.
  • I visited Mallone's house the other day. There were so many adorable little flowers there!



  • I'm on my way to hear the forest orchestra. Why don't you broaden your horizons once in a while?
  • Hey, you must be new! Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you.
  • No one wants to have anything to do with me. I think it's because I look scary.
  • I'm lonely. Even birds and bugs avoid me!
  • Maybe I'll decorate myself with flowers. You think I'd look nice?
  • When it rains, everyone comes and sits under me to keep from getting wet. I just love it when it rains, because it's my only chance to talk to all the monsters of the forest.
  • Back in the day, I was a real lady's man. But I'm not as handsome as I used to be, so about the only ladies I have a chance with now are the old Spider Ladies.
  • Tore thinks, therefore Tore is.
  • My granddaughter Toresa is getting married soon. Gosh I feel old!
  • So what do you think? Isn't Rainbow Butterfly Wood great? The air and water are so clean.

Mad Tore[]

  • What is Drone fussing about? I wonder if something happened.
  • My first grandchild was born! He's a cute and bubbly Dorone. I sure can't wait to see him.
  • You know, getting old is not all bad news. You get wiser as you get older.
  • You sure look tired. Something on your mind?
  • So who are you again? My memory isn't what it used to be.
  • Recently an old pal of mine was chopped down, and turned into a chest. I miss him.
  • Christmas is my favorite time of year. I just love getting all dressed up in fancy decorations.
  • Lately woodpeckers have been trying to nest here. I just hate it when they peck at me.
  • Mankind can be so barbaric and cruel. They don't hesitate to chop us down and burn us.
  • Do you know what tree rings are? They're the concentric circles you see in the cross-section of a tree. A ring is formed each year, first raw in the spring, and then thickening in the summer and fall.

Steam Tore[]

  • I get so tired when I stand up, I can barely keep my eyes open.
  • The leaves on my head have grown so much. It's getting heavy for me!
  • Finally, my li'l Steam Tore is out on his own.
  • I think my arms got thinner. Must be old age.
  • My mouth gets dry if I open it for too long.
  • How many hundreds of years have I lived by Mt. Gundor? I don't remember anymore.
  • People say I always look sleepy. I am sleepy, but that's beside the point.
  • My li'l Steam Tore says he wants to go to the zoo!
  • I must preserve the peace on Mt. Gundor.
  • Maybe I'll go home and have some tea.

Great Tree[]

  • When you're young, it's good to learn things the hard way. You'll cherish the experience later.
  • Since water is so scarce here, the leaves on my head are turning brown!
  • Tomorrow my wife and I will go on a trip to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary!
  • My first love was in Rainbow Butterfly Wood. Although now she's probably old like me.

Baron Balloon[]

Baron Balloon[]

  • Auntie Medusas love red...Which means they probably love rubies. Not that it's any of my business...
  • Those Spider Ladies just love collecting their gold bars, I tell you.
  • I hear Spider Ladies are into gold, and Auntie Medusas are into rubies.
  • I tightened my neck too much, and can't breathe! But if I loosen it, the air will escape. What a pickle!
  • Always carry yourself with pride. Pardon my lecturing. It comes with age, you see!
  • Now, always remember, ladies first. Always treat them right.
  • If I lose too much air, my balance gets off. We Barons are delicate creatures.
  • Oh how I envy the young! I may look young, but I've wrinkles, you see.

Count Balloon[]

  • There are rumors that humans have appeared. If you spot one, let me know.
  • These gloves I'm wearing were my work gloves when I was just a young rookie Baron Balloon.
  • Ahh, my face deflated!
  • Feel my skin. Isn't it baby-soft? I work nights lately, so it's quite the chore keeping my skin so soft.
  • My face looks like it's about to pop? Not to worry. I take good care of myself.
  • I am a Count Balloon. I may be a woman, but I was chosen to be part of this clique, you know. Oohohoho.

Duke Balloon[]

  • Every time I fight, I fear that my balloon will burst!
  • My family comes from a long line of noble blood. Understand?
  • Nope, I don't pull no doves outta this hat, no sirree.
  • If you become a Duke Balloon, you'll have to learn to be a little snobby, OK?
  • The top hat is a Baron Balloon's pride and joy. It's also an excellent weapon.
  • Did you know that Baron Balloons shave 3 times a day to maintain their smooth face?

Face of Prajna[]

Face of Prajna[]

  • This sword is getting dull. Time to sharpen it.
  • This may surprise you, but even I have a special someone who tells me how pretty I am. But he's really shy. He's probably around here somewhere with his head in the ground again.
  • If I traded this fan and sword for a nice dress do you think I would be cuter?
  • Well, hello. How are you? No, don't run, let's talk.
  • Don't confuse me with a demon. I'm a Prajna, we're totally different. Please remember that.
  • Hey, don't sneak up on me! You really gave me a fright! What, you're scared too?!
  • I'm sorry for my big face. I don't want to scare you.
  • Whatever I may look like, I'm happy every day.


  • Long ago, I served as a knight under a great king.
  • Well, I admit, even I think my face is a bit big.
  • I've got a nasty cold, so best you don't come too close.
  • Don't you worry. I can see just fine.
  • This sword is of a different age.
  • I hide my eyes because they drive women wild.

Face of Yaksa[]

  • Has his day!!
  • Every dog. And what comes next?
  • Stranger than fiction!!
  • Truth is. And what comes next?
  • Have your cake. What comes next? "And eat it too." You get it? This isn't such a fun game?

Demon Puppet[]

  • For comfort!
  • Too close. And what comes next?
  • And into the fire!
  • Make a mountain. And what comes next?
  • Out of the frying pan. And what comes next?
  • Out of a molehill!

Dog Statue[]

Dog Statue[]

  • Sometimes, when I'm on guard, I just have to shake a paw. I still don't quite have it.
  • Gimme some food!
  • I look like building blocks! Don't you think that's cute?
  • Lots of people take it easy but I always work like a dog.

Coral Dog[]

  • Who are you? I'm not allowed to talk to monsters I don't know.
  • I really chase after the girls I like.
  • I've got to get home. Mama will be angry!
  • I got a date with my baby tomorrow! I'll put her on my back and we'll go for a nice, romantic drive through the country. If you know of any good places to go, let me know.
  • Sorry, I'm in a hurry!
  • Hey, hey! Let's be friends!

Toy Rock[]

  • Whew, whew. I'm woof parched.
  • My fans are on the rapid increase, woof!
  • Wow, wow! I've made a new friend, woof woof!
  • Hey hey, where are you going?
  • I'm cute even when on guard, woof!
  • It's my job to keep everyone at the Moon Flower Palace in order, woof.
  • Being on guard is harder than anything. I have to be sure to keep my ears in and everything.
  • Don't look ate me from the front. I look like a, woof, hippo, and it really bothers me.
  • I've got to get back. The children are all waiting!
  • Whew, I ran all the way and she isn't here yet!
  • Hey, tell me? Just what is a hot dog? You don't eat us, do you?
  • My tail wags when I'm happy. Did my tail move when I talked to him?


  • I love to be petted! When I get scratched under my chin, I'm in woof heaven!
  • If you're ever in trouble, I'll help you out, OK?!
  • Clatter-clatter. My wing's sound a little strange, don't they?
  • Mama told me never to talk to strangers.



  • Come on, come on! I wanna see some real guts!
  • If I'm surrounded by rocks, I can change to the same color and hide myself!
  • I've got a mighty big body, but a timid little heart.
  • Wha-ha-ha! Hey kid, you happy?
  • Thing's aren't so how with the little miss recently. Maybe she's got her eye on another guy...
  • Hey bro, do you like the good stuff?
  • My pal reckons he saw a human. Sounds unlikely to me.
  • Festivals sure are nice. The Golems get real worked up once thing start rolling.
  • You're a lively one.
  • Yo, you. I heard the news. We got humans up in this valley now, right?
  • Nothing like a couple of raw eggs to wake you up in the morning.
  • It's been dull, recently.
  • I'm a little busy, actually. I was just heading out to pick up a few things.
  • My little miss thinks my massive shoulders are really cool. Not that I'm boasting or anything.
  • Spit it out, come on. It's not like I don't have anywhere to be, OK?
  • The youth of today just don't seem to have any heart.
  • So, you wanna know how I got to be so big, do you? Well actually... I dunno.
  • Nothing cool happens any more.
  • I guess you already know all about me. Can't say I've heard of you though.
  • Uncle Ivanoff often played with me when I was smaller.

Lava Golem[]

  • I'm not good at talking to people I don't know well.
  • I'm really, truly, honestly, so, so slow.
  • You should take a break, sometimes. Sometimes it's good to just rest your stones. Know what I mean?
  • I might be rock hard, but I worry about being slow.
  • My eyes might be small, but I see really well.
  • Lots of other monsters turn to me, because I'm the biggest.

Rock Taster[]

  • Take a stretch as well, bro. Feels good, yeah?
  • I get on with Cabuble pretty well. We have a similar outlook.
  • When I was just a wee tot, old grampa Rock Face used to babysit me a lot, yes sirree.
  • Man, I've ended up falling for the same girl as some Cabuble!
  • Those Face of Yaska are always scheming up something.
  • Why're those Jokers always so cold, I wonder.
  • It's old Rock Face's birthday today. I'd better take him something.
  • Those Card monsters sure do have fancy markings, don't they?
  • How you like these shoulders? I could wipe one of those puny humans out with one swing of these guns.
  • I got long arms, so me's shoulders is always stiff.
  • What, I'm talking funny? Different monsters talk in all sorts of ways, ya know.
  • Wonder if I'd look like one of dem Mummies too if I wrapped myself in bandages?


  • I've got macho for days, right?
  • I think I'm developing a bit of a stoop.
  • You happy? Hang in there bro!
  • I think I've got a chip on my shoulder.
  • I'm so hard. I doubt that there's anyone who could even crack me.
  • My shoulders get pretty stiff, dragging these heavy arms around all day.



  • If enemy draws near, move not, just watch-off. When they come close, attack-off.
  • Hummmmm? Anything you wanted from Ivanoff?
  • This body is so hard, no blade nor weapon can hurt Ivanoff. Wah-ha-ha!
  • The basis of battle is the 'calm'. Be unmoving, like the rock-off.
  • At a glance it may look like I'm sleeping, but that is just to fool my enemies-off.
  • It's been a while since I ate borsch-off.
  • Wife is making piroshiki for Ivanoff. I hurry home tonight-off.
  • Zudora-sutovich. This is what Ivanoff says for 'Hello'.
  • My eyebrows are too big? Like I need to hear that-off.
  • We Ivanoff could be said to fight using techniques much like a Mimic-off.
  • My daughter is about going to be married-off. I'm sad-off.
  • Starlight Canyon is a very easy place to live for Ivanoff.
  • It looks like there are some humans around here-off.
  • Well? How do you like Starlight Canyon's gathering of the most attractive Ivanoff?


  • The inside of Ivanoff's mouth is made from hot lava-off. That means it's full of love-off.
  • Sometimes I roll too much and get dizzy-off.
  • Humans don't see Ivanoff. Think just a rock-off. That's the time to attack-off.
  • If roll when feeling sick, even Ivanoff can feel a little sick-off.
  • Have you seen them-off? I have stone teeth in my mouth-off.
  • Huh? Who are you-off?
  • Ivanoff was a little jagged when young, but now nice and round-off.

Rock Face[]

  • When I was young, the girl I liked had a pretty flower growing on her head-off.
  • I'm pretty popular with the ladies-off. Even Hearts are all over me-off.
  • Me and Spider Lady are about the only old-timers here in the Zelmite Mines-off.
  • We take care of Rock Tasters when they're small-off. But when they get big-off...
  • Hmm, first time to Zelmite Mine-off?
  • Ahh, rest and relaxation-off.
  • Oh, I was once young and fresh-off.
  • Aren't my eyebrows cute-off!
  • I've been rolling my whole life so my horns are all worn down too-off.
  • Not to brag-off but, I look really young for my age-off.


  • For a long life, you need at least some recreation-off.
  • Everyone gets rounder as they get older-off.
  • Huu-huu-huu. Sorry, just remembered something funny-off.
  • Time just rolls by.
  • When Ivanoff was younger, was made of much harder rock-off.
  • Those upstart pebble Iwanosuke have been increasing recently-off. They are a pain-off.

Crescent Baron[]

Crescent Baron[]

  • M-moth holes in my cape! I should have sent it out to the cleaners.
  • I hope I shine forever.
  • My chin sure is pointy.
  • Two moons floating in the night sky, my friend...
  • I hate that round guy. A monster's always gotta be sharp.
  • It makes me nervous-Sometimes I think my forehead and chin may stick together.
  • My forehead sure is pointy.
  • Don't you think a crescent moon is so much more beautiful than a full moon?
  • Don't you think there are a lot of accidents on the night of a full moon?
  • I wonder if I'll turn into a full moon, too, when I get old.
  • Revolving attack! Whir, whir, whir.
  • Won't you dance with me on a moonlit night?

Stick Joe[]

  • The Two Night Moons are the moons of August 15 and September 13, on the lunar calendar. These were the most famous moons, and if you saw one you'd have bad luck if you didn't see the other, supposedly.
  • The 17th night is called Stand and Wait. The name comes from the people standing outside, patiently waiting for the moon to show its face. Interesting stuff, isn't it?
  • The word "eve" comes from "evening". So New Year's Eve is the "evening" before the new year.
  • Are you bored? I'll teach you something worthwhile.
  • Moon on a rainy night? That's what you call something that exists unseen.
  • The moon has many names. I'll teach them to you.
  • The 19th night is the Sleeping Moon - four days after the full moon. You lie down and wait for the moon.
  • The 15th night is the Full Moon. It is when the moon is round and full. It occurs around the 15th or 16th day of the month according to the lunar calendar.
  • The 18th night is the Sitting Moon - three days after the full moon. It is called this because on this night you tire of standing and waiting for the moon, so you sit and wait for it.
  • The 16th night is the night after the full moon. It's called the Hesitant Moon. It rises a little later than the full moon, so it was named the Hesitant Moon.
  • The 23rd is the waning moon - the 23rd Night Wait. It rises in the middle of the night. There is a custom of waiting up to watch this moon.
  • The Morning Moon is a moon still visible at daybreak. Moons after the full moon are morning moons, but it's used mostly from the waning moon to the 26th night.
  • The 26th night is the reverse crescent moon. It rises around 3 am. People used to stay up for the 26th Night Wait.
  • The 20th night is called Waiting Late. The moon does not rise until late at night.
  • From ancient times, the Crescent Moon is believed to have a mystical power.
  • As you might know, the Crescent Moon is a thin moon 2 or 3 days after the New Moon.
  • The 7th moon is the waxing moon. It is also called a Crescent Moon.
  • The Evening Moon is visible in the evening. It's the 3rd moon from the start of the month.

Moon Joe[]

  • We can only see the side of the moon from here. Seeing the dark side is scientifically impossible. It seems humans also have bright and dark sides.
  • No one knows the deepest thoughts of another. They are like the dark side of the moon.
  • My heart is always a crescent moon, never to be completely full.
  • Crescent Moon...It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? I'm just glad I wasn't named Splintered Moon or Waxing Moon or something silly like that.
  • I admit it. Humans have their own knowledge and intellect. But they've got another thing coming if they think they can walk all over everyone, you know?
  • What are you doing here? This is no place for the likes of you to be. Leave the premises immediately!
  • Such an elegant stance. You better watch and learn.
  • Good grooming is important, even to a monster. You should spend time on your looks, too.
  • You want to know where the front of my face is? Hmm...Depends on the angle, I guess...
  • Those without the will to fight are as good as dead in this world. Don't you agree? What's the point of time spent rotting away?
  • At any rate, always be kind to women.
  • You must always remember to fight elegantly.
  • The moon is a deep and mysterious object.
  • They say many big accidents occur at new and full moons and careless accidents arise at the half moons.
  • Hello, young one. You aren't from around here. Don't wander about. Go back to your own kind. If war occurs, you'll end up a soldier.
  • The moon has a great influence on humans.

Moonlight Hulk[]

  • I wonder why people make wishes upon starts but not the moon.
  • You're different from the others... My instinct tells me so. Have you grown weary? It seems all the fighting has tired you. Take a rest once in a while.
  • The moon is a sacred place. How dare those humans land here and spoil it. It's so completely outrageous and asinine, if you ask me.
  • I have lived long enough. I wish for nothing more. But, if I had a wish, it would be for a comfortable world for my dear sons to live in.
  • My son has got some mouth on him. He sure takes after his mother. Ha ha ha.
  • What is my wish? Why do you ask such a thing? Well, it's not anything worth talking about.



  • Much to my dismay, as of late I am often told that I couldn't beat a sloth in a race. But to be honest, I can't move any faster than this.
  • Have we met before, somewhere? Sorry, must just be me.
  • To protect Ocean's Roar Cave is our duty...
  • I'm sure seeing a statue move about really scares those humans.
  • I heard once that, when we die, our bodies fall apart...
  • Seeing as we shouldn't move at all, there's nothing wrong with being a little slow.
  • Living Room... The room where the family takes it easy.
  • I haven't moved for three years. I'm still considered an amateur.
  • I shall protect this Ocean's Roar Cave as long as I have the strength left in me to do so!
  • When I walk, I tilt my head, don't I?

Living Armor[]

  • I'm often told I'm hard-headed but the rest of me is pretty tough as well!
  • I have what other monsters lack; a body so hard that you could use me as a footbridge.
  • Well, looks like some humans have foolishly set foot here. Time to go to work.
  • I have something against monsters that jingle.
  • I shouldn't be moving at all, OK? So if I am a little slow, you'll just have to forgive me.
  • I've heard that there are mysterious rocks called Geostones.


  • There are mysterious stones called Atlamillia, somewhere out in the world.
  • Come on, you can tell me. I can quite literally seal my lips.
  • I don't care how many Silver Gear there are, they only talk rubbish.
  • I heard that when our lives end, our bodies turn into regular stone.
  • Humans keep coming back with stronger and stronger weapons. We need to respond in kind!
  • I want to see those shocked humans faces when I suddenly start moving.
  • There's no monster as hard as I.
  • Protecting a fine temple like this would make even a Guardia happy, surely.
  • My thoughts are as solid as I. I consider nothing but the defence of the Palace.
  • I wonder, when I die...will I just turn back to stone?
  • Being made from stone, we do tend to hold our ground, but I don't think I'm totally inflexible.
  • The hat that Diamond wears is also really just rock. Might be nice if looked more like that.
  • Statues in love?! That could just never be.
  • It's said that our companion Statues in Ocean's Roar Cave fight without shields.
  • There are lots of mysterious stones and rocks in the world.
  • Come on, talk to me. My heart isn't made of stone, you know.
  • In the distant past, humans even ate from stone plates, with utensils made from stone.
  • What's in a stone? I get the impression that humans are always looking for some stone or other.
  • Sometimes, I think that maybe the moon that shines down at night is just another big rock.

Dark Keeper[]

  • What the...? Humans have even got in here now, have they?
  • Was it the gods that blessed us, mere suits of armor, with life, with spirit and thought...?


Mimic (Ch. 1)[]

  • The impatient tend to leap from the chest too early. You must wait for the right moment.
  • Looks like a Miss Mimic is going to be coming over. You'd better find yourself a chest, soon.
  • I've not seen you before. You new?

Mimic (Ch. 2)[]

  • I've been having problems with these old hinges recently. Could be a problem.
  • Hey hey, what do you think of this chest? I've gotten a bit tired of it lately, actually.
  • I want to be a real big shot, like King Mimic, one day.
  • Hey, a new face! You got any problems, just come find me.

Mimic (Ch. 3)[]

  • You'll never see a group of Mimic. So we have to train hard to fool humans on our own.
  • I stole all the treasures in this chest from other Mimics. Well, think about it, I was born in a treasure chest, so I want to fill it up, right?
  • It's my job to scare humans, but most of the time I get the scare. I still have a lot to learn.
  • Whew! It's always so hot in my chest. I can hardly breathe. So I'm always wild when I burst out.
  • I'm trying to beat my best record from last year, for total number of suckered humans.
  • My eye is sore. It's not much fun only having one of them, you know?
  • A beautiful Mimic like me can easily attract droves of humans.
  • You see? It's this shapely form of mine that tricks those humans.
  • Whew, my mouth aches from all this chin wagging.
  • No humans around today, so I'm taking a break. Even just sitting around all the time isn't easy.
  • Mimics need a firm mentality, in order to stay totally still until our prey comes along.
  • I'd like once to walk hand-in-hand with my girl. But I'm a Mimic, so I belong in my chest all the time. Heart-rending, isn't it?
  • I'm going stir crazy, locked up in this confined space all the time!
  • My chest is so rusty, I may have to abandon it.
  • We Mimics are the only Monsters who look different depending upon where you find us.
  • Every single day, just sitting in my chest, hanging out in the chest. Another day in the stupid chest! Hummmm, do you think I'm bitter? Well? Do you!?
  • I'm no ordinary Mimic. When a human comes along, I show 'em what I'm made of! Right, I'm off to set myself up!

Mimic (Ch. 4)[]

  • I've never seen a human. Are they really such horrible creatures?
  • Humm, what's with you? You smell kinda... Humany. Suspicious.
  • Attack is all about timing. The closer you draw the human in, the better a Mimic you will be.
  • Nice to get a work out. I've been stuck in the old chest all the time recently.
  • I've just started out as a Mimic. Take it easy on me, OK?
  • My father has a bad habit of grinding his teeth. A Mimic's teeth are his livelihood, so he should stop.
  • Humans sure are idiots, aren't they? They're so gullible they'd fall for anything.
  • This mouth makes talking pretty hard.
  • Nice to meet you. I'm Mimico. I'm just starting out as a Mimic. I know I can do it!
  • We can't compete with the treasure of a King Mimic.
  • I'd pack more of a punch if I had a bigger tongue, like a King Mimic.
  • Waiting. That's what a Mimic has to be best at.
  • Ah, I'm starved. Any humans nearby?
  • I'm a Mimic, now and forever! I don't want to be a King Mimic!
  • Sorry, I'm busy right now. Maybe later, OK?
  • I hear there's a group of Mimics somewhere that have those incredibly gorgeous jewels. But you know, I'm perfectly happy with the jewel I was born with.

Mimic (Ch. 5)[]

  • My son just stays in his chest all the time recently.
  • Give me money! Give me treasure!
  • One day, this chest will brim with treasure! Then I am going to propose to my girl!
  • Isn't it humid today? It can't do your skin...or chest any good, can it?
  • I'm only have eyes for treasure. Sorry, but I'm not interested in you. Bad luck.
  • Ah, my tooth! A precious tooth, broken!
  • Mimio?! Why do you look like Mimio?!
  • Don't look at me like that! Have you no shame?!
  • Unlike other Monsters, we don't have anything to do until the enemy gets close. Kinda boring a lot of the time, to be honest.
  • I've got to be careful, or the lid could rust closed.
  • I don't want to be a Mimic forever. One day, I'll become a ruler, a King Mimic.
  • Humans who just come at us from the front are so foolish.
  • Whew. It gets very stuffy in there, with the lid closed for hours.
  • I've got a favor to ask. Could you wake me up in about thirty minutes?
  • My girl loves to shop. She goes mad trying to get the best bargains.
  • This is so heavy! I'd like to try moving without all this treasure in here, just once.
  • Hey, you got a problem, just go on and tell me.
  • With humans, in the end, it all comes down to pure greed.
  • Humans try to open the chest because they are driven by their greedy desires.
  • I'm tired of just sitting around, pretending to be a treasure chest.
  • The plan is to become a fine Mimic and propose to my girlfriend!
  • Only a chosen few Mimic go on to become King Mimic. I've got to get stronger!
  • Always exciting to consider what kind of dumb fool will fall for my trap next.
  • We can jump quite high. Don't underestimate the power in these thin arms.

Mimic (Ch. 6)[]

  • That's my wife over there. It's kinda embarrassing, be we here on our honeymoon.
  • We're here in the Rainbow Butterfly Woods on honeymoon. A nice spot for it, isn't it?
  • Mimics are top class Monsters. They change the outside of their chests to match their surroundings.
  • Some newlywed Mimics are here on honeymoons! I wonder where I could go on mine...
  • Those simpering newlyweds...They had better not get in my way!
  • Honeymoon?! Yeah, right! There are monsters fighting for their lives around here! Come on!
  • I'm a treasure chest. Go ahead, take a peek. The humans always fall for that line.
  • Stupid humans, always undone by their own greed. This treasure chest ruse is perfect.
  • Man am I starved. Come on, greedy humans, come to Papa.
  • Got anything to drink? My tongue hanging out all the time generates an awful thirst.
  • My dad told me I'm making great strides towards full Mimichood.
  • That's my son over there. His lunging out of the treasure chest timing has really improved. Watch.
  • You wanna know why I'm jealous? 'Cause my kid's fangs are starting to come in and before long, he'll be a mature Mimic, his whole life ahead of him. (Sigh) I wish I could go back.
  • Heard the saying "Sly as a fox?" I understand foxes used to outsmart humans all the time way in the past. It's such a hoot. I wonder why they ever gave it up.
  • My daughter's treasure is growing bigger and bigger by the day. And I think it's much more alluring than anything the King Mimics have.
  • Boo!..."Surprise!"..."You were expecting a jack-in-the-box?!" Hmm. Which one should I use?
  • Listen, it's not enough to merely catch the humans. Any Mimic worth their salt will make them cry high to the skies in horror.

Mimic (Ch. 7)[]

  • This one knight had this incredible look on his face! God, I wish I had a camera!
  • Nothing beast the look on their faces the moment you lunge out of the treasure chest!
  • I wouldn't mind it if that Diamond Card Soldier settled inside my chest.
  • My son and his wife are on their honeymoon in Rainbow Butterfly Wood.
  • If you've got time, I'd like to regale you with my life story. It's kind of long, though.
  • I wonder what kind of treasure the King Mimics store in their bodies.
  • That little dragon's pretty quiet. I don't know whether it's because he's shy or just doesn't like me.
  • Whenever I see a human, I get the urge to snap at them right away. It's almost Pavlovian.
  • We Mimics are everywhere. You should see our family reunions. It looks like a warehouse.
  • I fit in perfectly here at the Moon Flower Palace.
  • Wherever you find a treasure chest, you'll find a Mimic waiting inside!
  • I'm taking medicine for a jaw problem. Something to do with the hinge.
  • Actually, I heard Ice Elementals and Flame Elementals hate each other.
  • I take a lot of pride in being a resident Mimic of Moon Flower Palace.
  • When I grow up, do you think I can become a King Mimic?
  • Look at my gorgeous set of choppers. I can rip through a human in two seconds.
  • You gotta practice just sitting there, doing nothing. Don't pretend to be the chest. BE the chest.
  • The other day, I dozed off and didn't realize I had a human right in front of me! How lame!
  • I'm always waiting for the right Mimic to come along with the key to my heart.
  • My top and bottom teeth seem to grind together when I chew. Maybe I should see a dentist.
  • Time to scrub the chest. Humans are much more attracted to me when I'm polished.
  • Waiting for hours and hours, though, you do get a bad back.
  • Mimics need a certain elegance, too. Without it we'd never be able to trick anybody.
  • I'm headed over to Father Crow's for a confession.
  • Hee-hee-hee-Mmph. Gotta keep a straight face and my lid closed or the rubes won't fall for it.
  • Yeeow! Catfight! Wow, women fight each other a lot dirtier than men. Leave me out of it, please!
  • I like the surprise part the best. The look of their faces is so classic. Hee-hee.
  • Mimics don't need any special tricks to be effective. All it takes is patience.

Mimic (Ch. 8)[]

  • We've got a worldwide Mimic symposium coming up soon. It oughta be a blast.
  • God's, please protect all Mimics, big and small.
  • We Mimics have the largest total population of any monster in the whole world.
  • Look at the finish on that guy's chest. He must rub himself down with beauty crème or something.
  • Bwa-ha-ha! Man, I've seen some looks of surprise in my time, but that goofy face took the cake!
  • Can you imagine a worldwide gathering of Mimics? It'd be like a pirate's wet dream.
  • Everybody's got a lock guarding their heart till they meet someone who has the right key.
  • Even among Mimics, though, some are great at fooling humans- and some of us outright suck.
  • The best Mimics have the timing of their out-of-the-box-lunges down to a science.
  • You don't have to worry about a thing. We target humans exclusively.
  • Peek-a-boo! Nah, that one wasn't so good either. I guess I'll concede victory to the King Mimics.
  • Look at that girl's dewy eyes...I feel like I could get sucked in and drown, like in a whirlpool.
  • Peek-a-boo! I don't know. For some reason, the kids are less than delighted when I do that.
  • I haven't been out of the chest for days, and man, is it getting humid in here!
  • Someday, I'd like to get married and settle down with a nice King Mimic. That's my dream.
  • I did it! I did it! I bamboozled my first human!
  • I'm hoping there are at least a few good-looking girls at the party tonight.
  • Even when I stop for a visit, my man won't come out and see me. Oh no! Do you think he hates me now?

King Mimic[]

King Mimic (Ch. 1)[]

  • The Mimic have all been riled up recently. I wonder what's happened?

King Mimic (Ch. 2)[]

  • Achieve total detachment. That's the principle of King Mimic fighting style.
  • Whoa, you surprised me! I only just made it to King Mimic. I still have much to learn.

King Mimic (Ch. 3)[]

  • I've only just made Mimic King. I keep making some kind of noise, and giving myself away.
  • Heh, those Mimic are always giving me envious looks. Well, they can only dream of the treasure in here.
  • King King Father King. King King Mother King. King King Sister King. Yeah, my whole family is just as royal as I.
  • I hate it when I'm sleeping, and some humans come along and just go and wake me up.
  • The bigger the treasure chest, the faster the humans come running. What fools they are.
  • You know, bigger is better.

King Mimic (Ch. 4)[]

  • Timing is vital for a King Mimic. You need instinct, honed over years, to know exactly when to leap out.
  • Have you heard of me? I have the most beautiful chest of any Mimic, no woman can resist it.
  • This place is ours! Humans are not allowed in, under any circumstances!
  • I'm the King. So I'm allowed to arrogantly look down on everyone.
  • I am the Mimic King among Mimic Kings. Indeed, the King of the Mimic Kings among Mimic Kings. Yes, the King of the Kings among...OK, I'm lost.
  • So, have you spotted the differences between a Mimic and a King Mimic? Well, aside from the sizes, we Kings also have this much longer tongue.
  • Do you always engage royalty such as I so casually?!

King Mimic (Ch. 5)[]

  • King Mimic often get stomatitis and that doesn't just cure itself you know.
  • I have a tough time, because my tongue is a bit short and so my attack range is poor.
  • Aren't King Mimics fine? We can change ourselves like a chameleon, to match our surroundings.
  • This gaping maw can swallow a human whole.
  • Enjoy every day. That will lead to true happiness. And that's it.
  • Doesn't matter where you go. King Mimics are always going to be strong.
  • We always have to clean up after those dumb Mimics. Give me a break.

King Mimic (Ch. 6)[]

  • My tongue's had an awful pallor lately. Wonder if it's something I ate.
  • It's like a "vibe." If you can catch the vibe, you can call yourself a mature King Mimic.
  • You can't fool humans well enough? Then you've got no business being a King Mimic.
  • You wanna talk to me about something? That's a switch. Usually, people are just after my "gold."
  • We change the design of our treasure chest to go with our surroundings. No one else can do that.
  • Humans lead such an easy existence. It's no wonder they can be fooled so easily.
  • Put a human in front of me and it's like signing their death warrant.

King Mimic (Ch. 7)[]

  • We King Mimics are a full 1.6 times bigger than plain old Mimics. So we hold 1.6 times as much treasure.
  • I'm not biased. Some of my best friends are Mimics. But, y'know, the older King Mimics disapprove.
  • What's inside my chest? Ah, that would be telling...
  • Would you mind terribly if I devoured you? No, just kidding. Really.
  • My little girl's getting married. I feel happy and sad at the same time. We dads are complex creatures.
  • Just leave it to me. This place is too dangerous for amateurs.
  • I think we've got some humans wandering around nearby.
  • I'll educate those damn humans on who's got the right to be here at Moon Flower Palace.

King Mimic (Ch. 8)[]

  • Oww! My jaws are sore from all this chomp-chomp-chomp.
  • One thing you gotta take care about is lunging out of the box in the afternoon. Suddenly going from pitch black to rays of sunlight is really disorienting, so just grab the prey and get back inside.
  • Cough! I think I've got a cold. Damn. How many humans are gonna open a coughing box?
  • Oh, a newbie. Well, if you have any questions about being a King Mimic, don't hesitate to ask.
  • Hey, loosen up. Even if you're new at this, you gotta put on a game face or the humans wills snicker at you. And if anyone's gonna be snickering, it better be us at them.
  • It's better to have too much than not enough.
  • I think, therefore I am in a box.
  • Eh? Did you say something? I'm sorry. I've gotten a little hard of hearing.
  • Don't you dare tell anyone this, but I have never managed to trick a human. Not a one.
  • If humans ever stopped being greedy, we'd be done for.
  • Sure, my treasure chest is a human death trap. But it's also art.
  • Wherever we go, we're Kings. You could say we're Kings of all monsters, in fact. The strongest, too.
  • Having thin arms is an asset in our business; the better to quickly snake around human necks.
  • I'm thirsty...Gimme a jewel.

Killer Snake[]

Killer Snake[]

  • Did I meet you before somewhere?
  • You're lucky to have found me. We are the rarest of all monsters.

Sea Serpent[]

  • We are the gods chosen to watch over this most sacred of places, Ocean's Roar Cave. He that dares disturb the peace of this cave shall have to face our wrath.
  • Hahahah! The humans haven't a chance against us when we surprise them by popping out of the ground.
  • You have a fire in your eyes. I sense that very soon you will develop into an excellent monster.

Sand Dragon[]

  • You have grown strong. I can see it. And smell it.

Dead Rope[]

  • You've done well to come this far. You deserve praise.
  • Your face tells me you are on a journey. We gods guard Zelmite Mine. We don't allow trespassers.
  • I knew of you from long ago. How, you ask? The answer to your question lies within you.
  • Throughout history, the humans have acted out of mere greed and vanity. We shall not forgive them!

Fire Gemron[]

Fire Gemron[]

  • Us Gemrons have had our gems ever since we were born. They're an inseparable part of us.
  • I can spew flames pretty darn far, I'll have you know.
  • Those Diamond Cards have those big diamonds, and they sill want more. Can you believe it?
  • Before going into battle, training is essential. I can protect you if your skills are rusty. I don't mind going on a trip, but I hope it's not one of those never ending stories.
  • Aaargh! I'm so ticked off! Let's burn everything to the ground, man!
  • The only reason I can spin around and around is 'cause I have this gem. Without it, I'd be probably dead, let alone unable to spin like this.
  • ......I'm not real good at talking and stuff. You think you could go chat with someone else?
  • I bet I'd be even stronger if I was living in a volcano or something.
  • I think I spun around one too many times. Ooh boy, now everything's spinning..
  • You're a stranger... My mom told me I shouldn't talk to strangers.

Fire Gundron[]

  • You looking for something, buddy? I can help! But it'll cost ya. Don't worry! I don't charge much.
  • Mimics have pretty treasure, but my jewels are prettier... Right?
  • Who are you? Roooar, I've never seen you around these parts before.
  • Some Gundrons can be pretty shy. So don't be judgmental, alright?
  • Those Red Dragons sure are neato, huh...They must look ten times stronger than us, man...
  • Roooar! This is where I get serious with showing off my jewel-power harnessing skills!

Fire Drake[]

  • Settle down, settle down. You always miss something when you rush things.
  • Oh, long time, no see! Listen, if you get into any trouble like last time, just give me a call. I'll be there in no time!
  • I heard those Mimics think we never talk at all. We like to talk, but sometimes it's just a little embarrassing, you know...?
  • Lately I've been feeling this "higher power", you know? Maybe I'm the Chosen One or something...
  • When you're stuck on something, it doesn't do any good to rack your brains over it, see? In times like that, just lay your head down on your jewel, and when you wake up, it'll come to you!
  • No matter how bad things may look, just think of your loved ones and you can make it through anything.
  • Owowowoooouch... Something I ate yesterday must not have agreed with me.
  • Everyone has their own way of fighting... I fight how I feel like fighting.
  • I'll keep on fighting until the day my jewel runs out of juice!
  • You looking for something? Just to let you know, you shouldn't be wandering around here too much. If something bad happens to you, don't say I didn't warn you.
  • You must be Moglin if you don't know who I am! Or maybe, I'm wrong...?
  • What? You've never heard of me before? Oh well. I guess I don't really stand out that much anyway.
  • Who knows? I may die on the battlefield tomorrow... Is there anything left to say after that?
  • Isn't this just the prettiest jewel you ever did see?
  • Gimme a break! Can't it wait until later, pal? I am like, sooo late right now!
  • Of course we go to sleep holding on to our jewels. They make the perfect pillows!
  • That's it! I'm not gonna just sit here and accept my fate without a fight! I've had it! I'll fight until the bitter end!
  • When the heart moves the tongue...others will truly understand. We should talk things out, not hate each other. But I guess that doesn't mean much coming from us, since we don't talk much anyway.

Fire Wyrm[]

  • Oh, what fools these monster are. I'll crush every last one of ‘em till my dying breath. But I don't think we have to worry. Looks like we're gonna be the last ones standing.
  • To us, time is eternal. We don't die of old age like humans.
  • We can melt anything in sight with our mighty breath. Pretty nifty, eh?
  • The flame of life of the Reptile family shines eternally.
  • Did you know that dragon scales are harder than any other substance around?
  • Lately the humans have been encroaching on our territory. You better watch your back, okay?

Ice Gemron[]

Ice Gemron[]

  • Have you seen any humans? They're so weak, they'd be perfect testing material for my new attack. It figures, I guess. The only time when you could actually use one, they're nowhere to be found.
  • Those Diamond Card soldiers sure are greedy little devils. They can never have enough diamonds.
  • I'd rather have nothing to believe in at then be chained down by some silly belief!
  • I'm setting out on a journey to find the warrior spirit inside me. Wanna come along?
  • Which do you think is stronger, the soul or the flesh?...The soul? You are so ignorant!
  • Why must we keep fighting, only to lose sight of what's important? I'll never understand...
  • You look like something's bothering you. If you want, you can tell me. Go ahead, I'm all ears.
  • Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you're still sky-high.
  • You wanna be big and strong? Well you gotta start by being tough on yourself.

Ice Gundron[]

  • You've got good taste. I don't fit in with mainstream Gemron society these days. One day, I'll shake up the Gemrons. When that day comes. I could use your help. What do you think?
  • Aaaarrgghh. I don't feel like talking now.
  • Come on, now. What're you gonna do if a human sneaks up on us while we're just shooting the breeze?
  • It's too hot for us here on Mt. Gundor. Roooar.
  • We're not usually very social, so most of us don't know how to react when you try and talk to us.
  • Rooooar. Leave me alone, will ya?
  • Ro-ro-roar!
  • Rooooooooar! Ro-ro-ro-ro-roooooar!!
  • Rooooar! I wanna go somewhere where it's nice and coooool.
  • Roooar. It's so hot here I'm worried my jewel's gonna melt on me.

Ice Drake[]

  • This Moon Flower Palace really is a nice place. It's so pretty here my precious jewel pales in comparison.
  • Those Stormies look like springs when they move. I never get tired of just watching 'em.
  • I just feel so calm when I look at this strange space with the round floor. I hear this is what it's like to stare at the night sky too.
  • Lately even us Drakes have been starting to talk a lot more, just like other monsters. But there are still some left who don't like to talk much.
  • After getting back from my long trip, I'm too tired to back you up in some silly fight. I'm going home to get some sleep. Catch you later.
  • You won't make too many friends going around making a racket like that, Mr. Joker. You should be more like us, the strong and silent type.
  • I don't talk to people I don't like! It's pretty self-explanatory. I'm all for keeping things simple!
  • Hey, that's quite the mug you got there. You know, I'd be willing to let you join the squad if you want!
  • I'm gearing up for the Monster Olympics. I need to get my flying speed up. Way up.
  • I heard there are humans here now. This is our sacred palace. How dare they invade our territory.
  • I'm getting sick of this meaningless war. Why do they have to fight us? It's crazy... I can't stand those darn humans...
  • Our war is not about massacre. It's about cleansing unpure souls. This is the only way we can save the humans from themselves...
  • Why are the humans after Zelmite? At this rate, they're gonna steal all of it right out from under us!
  • I don't care if you call me an old fogey of a monster. But I just don't like talkin', ya hear me?
  • If people wanna fight, fine, let 'em duke it out all they want. But that ain't fore me. I'm more of a free spirit. I do as I please. See ya around, bud!
  • I'm tired and banged up from all this fighting. Can't this wait till later? You must be worn out too.

Ice Wyrm[]

  • I can freeze just about anything with my super breath. Pretty cool, eh? Haha! Get it? Pretty "cool."
  • Flying around, I see many things. The humans are terrible - always living in contradiction to nature. They despise us for how we look, ignoring their own internal ugliness. They won't last long.
  • ......What? You want something from me or what?
  • Absolute zero. There isn't a life form on the planet that can survive in that world.

Wind Gemron[]

Wind Gemron[]

  • Roooar.
  • Sorry, I don't really feel like talking right now.
  • My boy's not too good at talking yet. All he can do is roar.
  • Tell you the truth, we don't really go for fighting. Long ago, we lived quiet lives in a land where monsters lived in peace and harmony with nature, and the only way to rebuild that is to fight for it. Are we wrong?
  • Who are you? You're a stranger, so I can't talk to you. Daddy, where'd you go?
  • ...Oh, hello, there.
  • Hmm, You're not from Starlight Canyon, are you? I don't think I've ever seen you before.
  • There's no wind today, so I'm not in much of a talking mood.
  • You're a good kid. I can see it in your eyes.
  • Sorry, I'm kind of shy around monsters I've never met before.
  • Gemrons like to stick together in packs. Maybe we're all just lonesome and need the company.

Wind Gundron[]

  • People who don't talk are just hiding stuff. They're just afraid their secrets will get out. But all us Wind Gundrons just love to talk. We ain't got nothing to hide.
  • You on a trip of something, pal? I'd love to hear about it sometime, when you have the time, of course.
  • I hate it when people won't shut their mouths. So just leave me alone!
  • Hey, you. Do you know what your parents look like? You do, huh? I've never seen my parents. But everyone here's real nice to me. I'd do anything to protect 'em.
  • It's important to never give up. The moment you lose hope, it's all over. And that's the truth.
  • Nature and the earth are our reservoirs. Geez, we should really be more grateful for what we have.
  • We're going to put on a flying circus show pretty soon. You wanna come watch?
  • So, you wanna challenge me? Ha ha! You better think twice, weakling. Unless you have a deathwish.
  • POoooWER is EeeeVERYTHING!! Pretty intimidating, isn't it?
  • Isn't fighting scary? It sure is to me. I just hate war...
  • Impatience only leads to failure...
  • I think I've been in a rut lately. How about you? Anything good happen recently?
  • I'm a hermit Gemron, yes indeed. I couldn't care less about what's going on in the world. Now, if you'll excuse me...
  • We Wind Gundrons are much more adept at talking, as you can probably tell.

Wind Drake[]

  • Actually, I hate battles! I mean, they're painful! Where's the fun in that?! Are you a good fighter? If so, I'm standing behind you.
  • When you live as long as I have, you get to see a lot of amazing things, kid. One of these days you'll know what I'm talking about.
  • I hear there's a bunch of treasure up on this mountain. You wanna look for it together?
  • Zelmite crystal!? Never heard of it. Does it taste any good?
  • Hey, don't sneak up on me like that! I know I look tough, but I'm actually a big scaredy-cat.
  • There's a dampness in the air. I reckon there'll be a storm upon us soon.

Wind Wyrm[]

  • I'm sick of fighting already... I wish I could just go someplace where it's quiet and peaceful.
  • I go wherever the wind takes me, wherever my heart takes me. That's how I live my life. I'm like a fluffy little cloud, blowing in the wind.
  • My breath can slice right through anything. You wanna see?
  • You're making fun of me because I'm small?! Size isn't everything! Try me out; I'll kill you!

Thunder Gemron[]

Thunder Gemron[]

  • Roooar. What do you want?
  • We Gemrons may look young, but we've been living as long as the redwoods. And though I have a lot of sand left in my hour glass, I still get a senior citizens' discount.
  • Some of us are real good at talking. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.
  • Why does everyone talk to strange monsters they don't know? I'm just perplexed by this phenomenon.
  • Our rep's probably not too good, is it...But you know what, we do our best to fight out here every day.
  • ...Oh, hi. Pleasure to meet you.
  • I'm well aware that other monsters think we never talk. But what can we do? We just don't like talking, that's all.
  • Roooar. Just get outta here, will ya?
  • If you've got so much time for small talk, why don't you do some training to get stronger?
  • Do you think you could just leave me alone?
  • Roooooar. I goofed up. Roooooooar!!
  • It's just easier to spin around and attack. Takes too much energy to spit lightning all the time.

Thunder Gundron[]

  • Rooar? Who are you?
  • Rooar. You know, we're not as quiet and timid as all the other monsters say we are.
  • Ro-roar. I hate talking.
  • Hey buddy! You on a trip somewhere? Maybe I could...Wait, it's not some long, grueling quest, is it? Nevermind, then. When I go on trips, they have to be nothing but rest and relaxation, all the way!
  • I'm not much of a talker. Gimme a break, roar-kay?
  • Rooar. I don't really need anything from you, but do you need something from me?
  • Ro-ro-roarr. I'm no good at talking, roar.
  • Roar. Griffon's soldiers sure like to run their mouths, don't they?
  • Roooooooar!
  • Roooar. I don't feel much like talking, okay?
  • Rooooaaar. I wish I could go on a trip too.
  • Rooooar. Oh no. What should I say?
  • Rooar. Every once in a while you'll find a Thunder Gemron who actually likes to talk. But I don't. Sorry.
  • Ro-ro-roar. So, are you one of us?

Thunder Drake[]

  • Lightning has an awe-inspiring amount of power inside it. Probably too much for humans to handle though, That's for sure.
  • What do you mean, how do I fly? You're flying too, aren't you? You don't even know how you're staying up in the air?
  • I'm in a bad mood right now. Go away.
  • Whenever as storm comes I get all excited and tingly inside. You know what I'm talking about, right?
  • ...What is it?! You look kind of suspicious. Who are you? Where'd you come from?
  • All the other Gemrons say I'm still green, so I'm on the road to get experience and earn my stripes. I won't go back home till everyone recognizes me as a full-fledged Gemron! How about you, are you more the sorcerer or the apprentice?
  • Hey, you're pretty handsome, guy. I wish I looked like that.
  • (sigh) Boy, am I starving. Maybe I'll step outside and grab a bolt to eat or something.

Thunder Wyrm[]

  • Hmm? Is that human I smell on you? Lately it's been rough living here, too. I swear, people are only thinking about themselves nowadays.
  • My plasma breath knocks ‘em dead every time! You're part of the reptile family too, right? You got plasma breath too?
  • Hey, you're hiding something. I can see the sweat on your brow! Come on, spill it! I won't tell anybody else!... No? Alright then, forget it. Just forget it!
  • Us reptiles have our own rules. You know what happens when someone breaks the rules, right? Yes, I'm sure you do.

Holy Gemron[]

Holy Gemron[]

  • A long time ago, humans and Gemrons coexisted peacefully. They even worshipped us, as either gods or agents of a god. How the times have changed. It's scary how the past is forgotten.
  • Rooooar! Why should I talk to you, huh?
  • You want to know if we can tell each other apart, even though we all look alike? Come on, of course we can...Well, sometimes we do get mixed up.
  • I already got all the friends I need, see? Go talk to some other Gemron, will ya?
  • You've heard about the Gemron who can talk up a storm, right? That's our Holy Gemron chief elder.
  • We are holy beings...But you already knew that, right?
  • I may be small, but with the power I get from this jewel, I fight like a giant. So don't mess with me.
  • Roooooar!! Where'd my mommy go?!
  • There are so many ways you can communicate without talking. So why do you like to talk so much?
  • I can't just strike up a conversation with someone I don't know. Who do you think I am?
  • Boy, am I beat. I'm too tired to even howl.

Holy Gundron[]

  • We travel on the same plane as the spirits of the dead, who lend us their ethereal force. But recently, the spirits have been angry and bitter. We must fight for those poor souls.
  • Lately there've been a lot of chumps who don't understand what it means to wield true power. If they only knew that knowledge is strength, you know?
  • Where doth lies the path of the righteous..The question goes unanswered still.
  • Human culture's pretty nifty. We need to start adopting the good things they've come up with!

Holy Drake[]

  • I've made up my mind. No matter how much I get picked on, I'm going to keep my chin up and be strong.
  • Once the village elder told me that our lineage traces back to a mutation of a dragon. That's why I'm saddened when the dragons don't pay us respect.
  • Lately I've been eating too much. I think I'm beginning to pack on the pounds ...So, do I look fat to you?
  • I wanna be strong! That's how I used to feel, anyway. But now I'm wondering what true strength really is.

Holy Wyrm[]

  • A mouse snuck it's way in here somehow. Can't you smell it? I got me a good honker here. Can smell a mouse a mile away. I can.
  • In ancient times our kind was revered and worshipped as gods. But now.....It's crazy. What's the world coming to?
  • Whenever we get hungry we just hunt for food. But this is merely for survival. The law of the jungle. You got that?
  • The history of dragons far predates that of humans. You're young. There's no need to brood. You must do what is right, and be true to yourself. This will lead you to the Way. If something's bothering you, don't be hasty about settling matters.
  • Only when it's necessary am I proud to fight. I don't care for the senseless destruction of lie, but sometimes there's no choice.
  • The blood of the Reptile family is noble and unique. No matter what time may bring, we must not forget this.



  • Who goes there?! Who dares disturb our holy grounds?!
  • These foolish humans will feel our wrath!
  • Show yourself, blasted human! Or have you already given up?!
  • I will show you the power of the breed of Dragons, once and for all!
  • Will our deep anger ever subside?!
  • If you wish to fight by our sides, first prove your allegiance to us! Then we will become true allies.
  • Long ago, dragons had eyes of deep green. But over the years, our hatred towards the humans has turned our eyes fiery red.
  • Behold the toughness of our hides! We, the Dragons, born to fight!
  • Who are you, stranger?!! Surely you know this is sacred territory! Be gone, or you will suffer dearly!

Red Dragon[]

  • God gave birth to our breed to rid the earth of the wretched humans!
  • You can't even defeat a fledgeling monster? Well then, let me show you how.
  • Our souls rage!! We shall show these humans a bloody end!
  • You there, do you by chance know where those putrid humans are?
  • Mercy and compassion are empty concepts. Only strength matters in this world!
  • It was never possible for humans and Dragons to coexist.
  • This volcano has acted strange lately. Do you know anything of it?
  • Bah! Why should WE care about the humans?! They are but our servants.
  • If we chose to, we could annihilate the whole world! But we would never do so. For we respect the mother who gave us life.
  • Gyahahah! So somebody dares to stand up against the likes of us?!
  • When humans witness our power, they call us "evil creatures." They only say this out of weakness!

Earth Dragon[]

  • Ahah! Now I see. You challenge us to a fight! Perfect! We have been in need of some entertainment.
  • Recently I feel compassion in my heart. But frankly, it is quite a nuisance.
  • If you want some action, I will give you as much as you could wish for.
  • Behold our slick, strong hides! We make those blubbery Memo Eaters look like slugs!
  • Do you feel an uneasiness in recent times?


  • Time flows eternally... And history repeats itself...
  • I can't believe I've lived to the day that humans would defile our sacred realm.
  • Many young souls have great vitality, but their arrogance will bring about their end.
  • I heard the Mem Eaters even learn battle tactics in their sleep. The lazy wretches!
  • Those worthless, greed-ridden humans! We shall get rid of them from the very face of the earth!
  • Wisdom is the most important asset in battle! The foolish always perish in the end.
  • And THEY call US evil?! They are wrong... so wrong...
  • Hrrk... This wound is nothing to me. Do not be alarmed.
  • Surely you are one that understands the baseness of this wretched world.
  • When I recall my fallen comrades, the rage within me boils over and again!
  • We are simple fighters. We require no weapons.
  • These sharp teeth and fine claws are made just for battle.
  • Hahaha! Fine, fine! Sometimes it's best to just have a good time.
  • Is it true that some humans give their own lives to protect what they love?
  • Do not be afraid. Humans have lost their animal intuition. They wouldn't stand a chance against us monsters.
  • What business have you with the Zelmite mine?! Surely you haven't come to challenge me?!



  • Hello. I'm a rookie clown. Other clowns love to pick on me.
  • The recession has hit us clowns hard. Circuses no longer require our services.
  • In a hurry, got a date tonight! What do you mean, "Am I going dressed like this?" How rude! These are my Sunday best!
  • Don't tell anybody, but I don't like Flotsam.
  • I think lately I've put on some weight. I miss the skinny me!
  • Flotsam won't give us any melons.
  • Listen up. A good clown needs to have a sense of rhythm.
  • I'm bored! Do you want to hang out?
  • Hello. I'm Pierre, formerly know as Flotsam.
  • Atchoo! I think I caught a cold.

Griffon Soldier[]

  • Ultimate Power! Absolute Justice! All hail Emperor Griffon!
  • Emperor Griffon is merciful to all living things. Every soul is the Emperor's soul!
  • When I joined this army, I thought that if I followed the Emperor, then only good things would happen. Now I know my instincts were correct.
  • Emperor Griffon's charisma is undeniable. No one even compares to him.
  • All great things must come to an end. The Emperor can't live forever. Then it will be my turn!
  • We must stop fighting! We must unite under one flag, as one kingdom. This world would be so wonderful if we could just join together!
  • You have a question about the Emperor? Knowledge is meaningless. Just have faith.
  • The Emperor's powers know no limit! I even fear him at times. Could he be a god?
  • You're new, eh? You've come to join the Emperor's Army. I see. There is much for you to learn!
  • Pledge your allegiance to Emperor Griffon! He is our true leader!
  • Hey, I wasn't slacking off! I was deep in thought! Please don't report me to my officer.
  • There are some renegades among us. How silly of them! They must have a death wish.
  • I sense some turbulence in our world. If it gets any worse, I must notify the Emperor!
  • Rules shmules! I'm sick of rules! I'll do things my own way from now on!
  • I'm looking for someone who is officer material, which I can see that you are not. Sorry!
  • The Emperor and I used to be enemies, but now I work for him. I think I made an excellent choice.
  • What business do you have with the Emperor? He's busy now!
  • Have no fear! Pledging allegiance to the Army is a sign of greatness. You've sworn your loyalty, right?
  • The Emperor spends time alone in his chambers. I think his fame isolates him.
  • If you have a question about the Emperor, then ask me! I work closely with him.
  • If there is such a thing, I must thank fate for bringing me to the Emperor!
  • Hey you! Stop snooping around! Any suspicious people are shot on sight, so be careful!
  • The Emperor never asks for any help. I wish I could be of more assistance.
  • I don't know how long I've been working for the Emperor, but I still can't figure him out.
  • We have no tolerance for rebellion. Foolish rebels, especially humans, will be punished.
  • Whether through fear or charisma, a unified army is a strong army. This army!
  • Lately my commanding officer has been in a bad mood. I wish he would stop taking it out on me.
  • Wake up and smell the coffee! The fastest way up the ranks is fighting. Be alert at all times.
  • I joined this army cause I felt like if I followed the Emperor, I'd be part of something great.
  • I have a picture of Emperor Griffon in my room. I just adore him! Don't tell anyone about it!
  • It's survival of the fittest. If you don't choose the right side, you won't survive. That's how I've lasted this long, but I don't know if I've made the right choice.
  • Don't think, unless you have a death wish! Just obey orders!
  • Winning battles all the time can be boring. I wish we'd run into some strong enemies once in a while. Not that I want to fight the Emperor, or anything.
  • We need a break once in a while. Can't just fight all the time. My body won't hold up!
  • They told me that the harder I work, the faster the promotions. I guess I haven't worked hard enough.
  • What do you think of the Emperor? Isn't he a little too mysterious? But I guess he'll protect us.
  • If the Emperor does all the thinking for us, where is our freedom? I don't think I'm cut out to be in the army.
  • My friend went to discover the Emperor's secrets, but he still hasn't returned. I doubt I'll ever see him again.
  • Hey, guess what! The Emperor spoke to me! Cool, huh? What, not interested?
  • Even if our flesh should die, our souls will continue on with the Emperor!
  • I've been ordered to keep quiet. So see you later.
  • I also have bigger plans in mind. If I ever get to meet the Emperor, he and I will get along just fine.

Evil Performer[]

  • You think my nose is OK?
  • What? Evil Performer seems like a drag queen? Who told you that?
  • Check out my sexy body!
  • Huh? I walk funny?
  • Would you like to have some tea?
  • Hi. Did you need something from me?
  • Check out my fighting outfit! I'm a little embarrassed, though.
  • What? Evil Performers are weak, you say? I don't think so!
  • Stop staring at me. What a rude kid!
  • I hate my slumping shoulders.
  • Got to have rhythm, you know? Yeah, oh yeah! Get down!
  • Why are women so selfish? I don't know why I put up with them.
  • Darn it! I did it again! The ringleader will be mad at me.
  • I'm a choreographer. Check out my dance steps. Follow my lead!
  • I just know Evil Performer has his eye one me. Am I the luckiest guy in the world or what?
  • Would you like to join my fan club?
  • Yes, I know I'm pigeon-toed. But I can't help it.
  • Being an Evil Performer isn't all that easy.

Dark Alchemist[]

  • It's Showtime! My two favorite words. There're no business like show business, after all.
  • Seeing isn't everything. Lust, fear, rage, and other feelings can lurk beneath the surface. I'm not so good at showing them, though.
  • My make-up is one of my weapons. It's a psychological weapon. It puts people at ease, and they let their guard down. I mean, you're talking to me, aren't you?
  • I'm a sad clown? You must be joking! I can hardly wait for my next battle!
  • What? Nothing to fear! I'm but a harmless clown. Ha ha ha!
  • My friends are all hilarious. Although none of us knows what the others really look like.

Spider Lady[]

Spider Lady[]

  • The guys just couldn't keep their hands off me when I was young!
  • Skeleton monsters hate Holy Water, right? I wonder what would happen if you doused 'em with some. Ha ha. But don't go getting the wrong idea now. I'm actually really nice once you get to know me.
  • I wonder what would happen if you threw Holy Water on those skeleton guys. Interesting...
  • What a bother! This is no time for chatting!
  • This cane belonged to my great-great...Oh, phooey, I forgot. At any rate it's very special!!
  • Oohh, my back hurts. You look bored. Couldn't you give a lady a massage?


  • The humans seem to have entered the cave. It wouldn't surprise me if they are hiding somewhere inside.
  • I'm so old one of my legs stopped working. Now I'm down to seven!
  • Heavens! Young ones these days have such bad manners. Why, when I was young...
  • Darn, I've gotten to the point where I can't walk without a cane. Times are hard.
  • Fat Naga and I have been friends since we were young.
  • I've really been enjoying my spider's web knitting lately.
  • I was a speedy creepy-crawler when I was in the prime of youth, lemme tell ya!
  • Humans have no qualms killing spiders because they think they're creepy. But I bet they don't know that spiders are actually doing them good by eating harmful insects!

Spider Lady (Zelmite)[]

  • My lower back has become so sore. I've gotten into the habit of holding my hands on my waist.
  • You are very well mannered. I'm impressed.
  • The old timers her in Zelmite Cave are myself and old Mr. Rock Face.
  • Give me a break. Hearts always blame everything on me.
  • I've got to be the one of the only monsters who walk sideways!
  • We mustn't forget our ladylike ways of elegance and grace! Ya hear me? Being old makes us all elegant and graceful-like, ya know?
  • What? You think I look like a bee? Don't worry, I won't sting you.
  • Ah. I just love mascara. Don't you think it compliments my looks?


  • Don't you call me an old lady! I would much prefer to be referred to as Mrs. Spider.
  • Oh, heavens to Betsy! I think I found another grey hair.
  • Everyone gets old sooner or later. We cannot hide from our destiny.
  • If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. Years bring wisdom.
  • There's on point in having any dreams. They're never going to come true.
  • Spiders are actually very patient, you know. After spinning their web, they wait quietly for their catch.

Masked Tribesman[]

Masked Tribesman[]

  • Lately, I've been gaining weight in my organs too. This is not good...
  • If I ever lost my face shield, I don't know what I'd do!
  • I'm not horrible or anything, but fighting's not really my forte. I think I'll let you take over.
  • You seem like a pretty weak fellow. What's wrong with ya?
  • Those Gemrons really don't talk much at all, eh. But get this, I hear there is one that does talk.
  • Hey, you haven't seen my big brother, have you? Where could he have gone?
  • I'm part of the Masked Tribesman. But to tell you the truth, it's tough work carrying this shield around.
  • You can tell by Tore's face that he's one of us!
  • I have the feeling that my waist has gotten bigger. I don't imagine the ladies will like me like this.
  • These lips are my secret weapon.
  • Even middle aged monsters have an appetite. Once a monster loses their appetite, they are finished.
  • As long as I have my face shield, I'm not afraid of anything.
  • When I run, I always have to carry my shield with my hands because it gets in the way.
  • Who is fatter, me or Ram?
  • Fire Gemrons? They often open up to me.
  • I'm downright frightened of humans.
  • If monsters aren't strong, they can't be called monsters. I guess I'm no longer a monster...
  • I may not look like it, but I'm actually pretty fast.
  • Ah, a chest! Some treasure! Every single time. Humans are greedy layabouts. I tell you.
  • When I was young I was actually quite slender.
  • Nikapous teach you many spells. They may not look it, but they are actually very helpful.
  • It's difficult to talk with this shield obstructing me.
  • I'm so envious of the Skeleton Soldiers.
  • Will I have to part with my shield sometime?!
  • Dragons are so slick! I think their muscles are cool.

Lava Runner[]

  • My daughter's belly button sticks out just like mine. I didn't want to give her that trait!
  • My shield is my love. Which is just fine with me!
  • Gosh, the back of my head is awfully flat, isn't it?
  • For some reason it's really fun to talk with you.
  • Why? Why? Why can't I get this filth off of me? Please tell me.
  • I don't really know much about myself. I wonder if my belly button might actually be something else?

Stone Guard[]

  • I'm going to make a wish to the Crow Priest. Please, let me become a frightful beast!
  • Evil Nail and Skull Chief are really rather monstrous. What? I should lose weight?
  • There is no translation.
  • I'm currently looking for a bride.

Last Guardian[]

  • Compared to my big shield, I am actually quite slim. I haven't totally neglected my body.
  • At some point I realized how much I liked the cover of shield. I can sleep like a baby in here!
  • Almost a machine, almost a toy; but it is neither. It's my precious, giant shield! My very essence!
  • Sometimes I think about the future, but this shield always seems to get in the way. Well, it holds me back in some ways, but it protects me quite nicely in battle.
  • On the battlefield, they call me the Iron Blockhead. But I'm no blockhead!!
  • There is another race of monsters called Nikapous who are similar to us. They are a bit more handsome than we, but we far surpass them in our shield handling!



  • You want my mask? Hah! You must be joking!
  • My kid's going to be born soon. Well, c'mon, celebrate for me!
  • This mask makes me look like a big, tough opponent to anyone who sees me from far away.
  • We Nikapous have ancient ceremonies for many things. To pray to find a companion, or to bear a child.
  • You must defend with the proper timing. If you miss, you'll take some major damage.
  • Girls flock to guys like me - they love strong and sturdy types, and the mask helps, too.
  • I heard that humans, too, believe in ceremonies. But I have my doubts. Humans?
  • For the Nikapous, our shields are our pride.
  • Growwwll! Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to frighten you.
  • I'll give you a good challenge! Give me your best shot!
  • Trust in the gods of nature will invite their favor. And this will in turn improve your fortune.
  • Maybe you should try losing your mask. Sometimes people need to bare their souls.
  • Many enemies give before even fighting us whey they see our shields from afar.
  • I have heightened sensitivity to astrological signs. In fact, many of us Nikapous do.

Iron Mask[]

  • If you pray to the King Snake that your staff stay in place until needed, it won't rise up in front of other people and embarrass you.
  • Make a paper airplane out of pink paper. Write your name on one wing, your friend's name on the other wing, and then let it fly. If it sails more than ten feet, your friendship will last forever.
  • We Nikapous are an encyclopedia of charms. But give us some new ones to add to the collection.
  • Did you meet with Iron Mask? He can teach about the charms of the Nikopaus.
  • Draw a red star on the pinky of your left hand. Later, if you're really surprised when you notice it's rubbed off, the one you love will love you back.
  • Write the name of the one you love on a piece of paper. Then erase it and put the shavings in a small bottle. Carry the bottle around you and your love will soon become requited.
  • To squelch a bad rumor about yourself, write it down on a piece of paper and bury it under a tree.
  • If you put a photo of the person you like under your pillow, they'll appear in your dreams.
  • Write your problems on a wind chime in black ink, and put it somewhere where the rain will hit it. Then all you have to do is wait for the rain to wash your problems away.
  • When there are 3 numbers in a row on your watch (e.g. 2:22), silently make a wish the number of times that the hour is (e.g. 3 times for 3:33). If you do it in 5 seconds, your wish will come true!
  • If you see an airplane, clap twice and "take a picture" of it by holding your hands like a camera. If you do this a total of 100 times any wish you have will be granted. (However, you must start over if you spot a helicopter before you reach 100)
  • High success rate: When no one's looking, put on the shoes of the one you love and walk 3 steps.


  • Fight...Capture souls...The end of their souls...the gods voices do not reach them... They are traitors to the gods... Yet, I will not give up!
  • You want my help?!... If we travel on the same path... we will end up in the same place... If not... then we will face each other on the battlefield.
  • Now... is the time for you... to put your life on the line... and fight!
  • Let us... pray... together...
  • Wait a second! I'm in the middle of a ceremony here.
  • The ceremony is for delivering offerings to the gods and pledging loyalty to their diving presence.
  • All right. I'll explain our ceremony, handed down over the generations.
  • God lives with you. Do you understand?
  • I am scared of nothing...My soul is with the gods...and the gods are with me.
  • I am at one with this mask.


  • I have no need... of friends. For the gods are my constant companions.
  • You- have business with me?! Well, I have no business with you! Begone!
  • Can you hear the gods?! Their voices only reaches the Chosen. No? Then, poor fool, begone!
  • Do you know the human words "dream" and "hope?" If you know them- Ah, forget it. Farewell!
  • Must overcome...my suffering...Must be strong...
  • I am on the correct path...and if it led me so...I would fight every creature on this planet.

Auntie Medusa[]

Auntie Medusa[]

  • I was a real beauty in my day. Just look at my figure - you can still see it, can't you?
  • Oh, my beautiful skin, where did all these blotches come from?
  • Maybe it's age catching up, but my shoulder aches terribly. I need that trip to a hot spring.
  • Just when did my tummy go and get so fat?
  • Oooh, if I catch the sun, my skin hurts so much.
  • Callin' me Auntie' is just rude. Look, my skin is still so firm, so smooth.
  • How big is my waist?! That's no question to ask a lady.
  • I'm the third of the three beautiful sisters, who were once called Gorgons.
  • Those dratted humans. My snakes need to eat, you know! Let's settle this!
  • What do you mean, my arm snake looks like an office lady? Just drop it.
  • I can't believe this. Now my tummy sticks out more than my chest.
  • My beauty is enough to make every woman on the planet jealous!
  • Don't you find my smooth movements just so attractive?
  • Even the snakes on my head and arms are getting fat.

Fat Naga[]

  • No mistaking it. I'm the No. 1 beauty in the world.
  • What? You want to get married? I can help you out there.
  • I don't like this double chin at all.
  • I ate too much again yesterday.
  • There is no translation.
  • Looks like humans have a thing for snake skin too.
  • In this world, beauty is everything.
  • I'm so beautiful, did you perhaps mistake me for a mermaid?
  • No one tells me how beautiful I am any more.
  • Hey, are you having some kind of problem?

Miss Gourgon[]

  • Who's the most beautiful in the world? You're looking right at her.
  • Come now my darlings, it's supper time.
  • Watch out. Don't end up jealous, just because I'm so beautiful.
  • It's true, men are best when they're young.
  • It's so strange, just when did I become so fat?
  • My shoulders ache so much, recently. If you have a moment could you massage them?
  • My sweet, sweet snake darlings have been a bit down recently.
  • All women are jealous of my incredible beauty.
  • And just what are you staring at? I guess I really am that beautiful, aren't I...
  • I really hate those Card guys. They're just too thin.
  • Ooh my, this cologne smells awful nice. I'm glad I borrowed some from Heart.
  • I should share some of my beauty with a Heart.
  • I borrowed some lipstick from a Heart. I just wanted to see how red looked for a while.
  • What was that? Someone calling for their mommy?
  • A Heart tricked a man into giving her earrings again.
  • Those little Hearts have nothing to match my lovely green lips.

Mrs. Gourgon[]

  • I love to cook up stew. Especially a beef one, vivid red.
  • My rear has got so big, I have trouble walking. Now how did that happen?
  • I don't understand how humans can hate snakes. Just look how cute they are!
  • I have the horrible feeling that, even now, the fat cells in my body are getting bigger.
  • Aren't some humans about to come?
  • Ask me anything you like. Asking is a moment of shame: not asking can lead to a lifetime of it.
  • It's time for my darlings' dinner.
  • I heard that snake skin is fashionable with humans now. Another ode to my beauty.
  • Human girls are so thin. I can't say that I care for them.
  • I'm exhausted. Won't someone snake me out of here?
  • I wonder if there are any nice gentlemen nearby?
  • As I get older, my skin is getting all blotchy! Ah, my beautiful skin, all gone.



  • How rude! As if I'd ever consider trying to lose weight.
  • Do I look soft? Would you like a touch?
  • That guard is NOT crying, no matter how much it looks that way.
  • If you have any bad dreams I can gobble them up for you.


  • If you want to have good dreams, you've got to start by relieving yourself before beddy-bye time.
  • Last time, I ate the bad dream of a Leogriff.
  • If you have a scary dream, I can eat it up for you.
  • Boy, it's hot in here. What I'd give to have an ice-cold, chilly dream!
  • Aww, I'm absolutely starving. Let me munch on your dreams a bit, will you?
  • The squishier we are, the more the babes dig us.
  • Owowow ouch...I don't think I should have eaten that last dream.


  • If you are having trouble sleeping, don't bother counting sheep. Call me instead.
  • I got fat from munching on too many dreams.



  • Oh, who cares about fighting?
  • Someone said they love my hat, but I wasn't wearing one. Isn't that weird?
  • Hey, I'm the most popular girl in Rainbow Butterfly Wood.
  • Let's play a game together! First one to bite the head off wins! It'll be fun!
  • You know what I really look like, right?
  • Ha, ha, ha! What kind of game do you want to play?


  • Is it true that Himarras won't face anything but the sun?
  • Is it true that Night Stalkers are really family-oriented?
  • Is it true that Rams can only run in a straight line?
  • I heard that humans can't fly. That's too bad!
  • I gotta find me some scrumptious humans to gobble up, baaaby!
  • You know, I love to trick and betray people. Ha ha ha!


  • Isn't Ummagumma into weird rituals?
  • How come there is only one moon now?
  • Are humans really that mean?
  • Hey, are Miss Heart and Miss Gourgon fighting?
  • Hey are Fire Ghost and Snow Ghost enemies?
  • How old is Rock Face?


  • Is it true that among the Skeleton Soldiers, the girls with whiter bones are more popular?
  • Hey, hey, is it true that only one of the Wyrms can talk?
  • Is it true that Ladhas will eat your bad dreams for you?
  • Do Scarecrows really have a green thumb?
  • Does Smiling Wolf still reminisce about his late wife?
  • Hey, don't you think Space is a little egotistical?

Fire Element[]

Fire Element[]

  • Ha, ha, ha. So you think you can defeat me? You're pathetic.
  • I'm going to finish all off every last human with my vicious flame.
  • Don't let cowardice overcome you. Keep the flame burning within your soul!!
  • Falling in love with that Ice Element was a big mistake. If I get near her, she melts!
  • If a girl refuses you, don't give up. Just keep on pushing! Works like a charm.
  • Let those blasted humans feel the wrath of my burning rage!
  • Hey you look a bit pale. You okay?
  • You better not get too close unless you want to get burned.

Fire Spirit[]

  • I can't stand it when others tell me to cool off.
  • My sole attack is my powerful flame.
  • Doesn't being here in Mt. Gundor just light your fire?!
  • Those Bomber Heads are scary. I heard that if you get too close to 'em, they explode in your face!

Fire Ghost[]

  • Man, who's sweating' in here?! Ah wait, it's me.
  • The best monsters are scorching hot!
  • I hate non-hotties. They are all self-centered and always talking about cooling down. I hate that!
  • I know that my short temper is a problem.
  • I never want to let my spirit cool down.
  • Ahh...How I can I express this flame that burns for her?!

Magma Servant[]

  • I'm having a bad flame-hair day. It's not burning the way I like it to. (2X)
  • Wanted: Good soldiers with a burning desire to teach those humans a lesson!
  • My boyfriend proposed to me! He said, "I want to be the flame that burns for you forever!"

Ice Element[]

Ice Element[]

  • You need to keep a level head, pal.
  • Ah, I'm sweating. Come to think of it I'm starting to melt. Geez, it's really hot today.
  • Freeze, freeze! Bring on the next ice age!
  • Don't worry. At first glance I may appear frigid, but I'm, actually quite warm-hearted.
  • Ice reminds me of rocks. Rocks reminds me of rock n' roll!
  • Everyone thinks that Ice Elements must be emotionally cold , but it's really not true!

Ice Spirit[]

  • This Mt. Gundor here is way too hot for me.
  • We attack with the power of the ice that is released from our hands.
  • Guys who get too overheated are so uncool.
  • Stop trying so hard. It makes you look pathetic, pal.

Snow Ghost[]

  • The only time I heat up is when she enters the room.
  • Ever take a cold shower? It'll charge your world.
  • Everyone just relax and cool down.
  • Give it a break. You've always got something to say, don't ya?

Snow Servant[]

  • Just as two minuses make a plus, if enough of us work together, our power turns to heat.
  • Hahahah! Freeze the damn world over!
  • Don't let your mind overheat. If you cool down and think carefully, you may come up with something.
  • There are indeed lots of ice monsters, but they are mere icicles, while I am a thundering glacier!

Wind Element[]

Wind Element[]

  • Little Windy is so cute. I'd love to be carried off in her gale.
  • You are a new face around here aren't you? Please, bring a fresh new wind to this valley.
  • Those cowardly, greedy humans are a disgrace to all the living creatures of the world.
  • I wonder if a new wind breeze blow upon us tomorrow. Ahh, I doubt it.
  • I heard that trees that grow in strong wind develop strong roots.
  • You just name a type of breeze, and I'll make it blow!
  • I always get nervous in front of Gusto and end up a tornado.
  • I'm gonna get serious and show those humans what I'm made of.
  • I want to keep this Starlight Canyon nice and breezy with my calm winds.

Spirit Flyer[]

  • The one I love always moves away when I draw near. I hope he doesn't hate me!
  • So you think this is funny? Even we monsters catch colds you know.
  • Hmph. Those humans can't even see our true forms!
  • Making good, clean wind is my job.
  • Do they have any idea what would happen if we were gone? We are the ones who move the clouds.
  • My dream is to someday visit a place called Wind Town.

Storm Ghost[]

  • Okay, let's get this Moon Flower Palace blowing with some new winds.
  • Get your spirits up! Tomorrow will bring a fresh new air!
  • Just when you need it the most, I will bless you with a divine wind. Have faith in your prowess in battle!
  • A message came to me by wind that the humans are loitering about?
  • I'll show those humans just how tremendous wind can be.
  • Nice winds always blow by Moon Flower Palace.
  • I'll blow those humans to the moon.
  • Don't worry about it. Sometimes it's okay to just leave things to the wind.
  • Achoo! It looks like I caught a cold.
  • Don't worry! Just throw your worries to the wind, and kiss them goodbye!
  • Ah...The wind always smells so nice when she walks by.
  • Normally can't be seen by humans. But, we sometimes show ourselves by turning into tornadoes.
  • Hey, where did you come from? I sense a different wind in you.

Wind Servant[]

  • Swoosh, swoosh! Blow all of your troubles away!
  • Tomorrow will bring a new wind!
  • I still can't blow strong winds, but I can make grass and flowers sway.
  • I'm going to propose to her today. I've finally found a partner I can flow with for the rest of my life.



  • I'm kind of irritated today. Oh my! I've got more sharp edges than usual!!
  • Jellyfish have similar abilities to us.
  • Along with earthquakes and fire, we have been feared by humans since the beginning of time.
  • People think I'm mean because of my sharp angles.
  • I heard there are some humans loitering in our cave! Well, I have a shocking surprise for them!
  • Aah. That's much better. If I don't zap at least once a day, the stress just builds up, ya know?
  • Oh Thundie! His shiny skin is enough to make any girl short out!
  • We Thunder Elements can't fall in love with any other type of monster, because we would electrocute them.
  • Please leave me alone. I'm trying to charge right now.
  • Once I've released electricity, I have to recharge.
  • Each second of delay between the flash and the thunder means the lightning is 1000 feet away.
  • My pop is always thundering around about this and that.

Thunder Spirit[]

  • I never hesitate to electrocute any annoying monsters.
  • I'll teach those humans not to underestimate mother nature. Take a zap from me!!
  • Yeah, that's right. Beautiful things always have sharp angles. Just take a look at me. Don't I look nice?
  • Yo! Put your over here if you want a nice shock!

Thunder Ghost[]

  • Watch out for that girl! She'll zap you good!
  • I want to be a blinding light for the length of my life!
  • Sunglasses just look awesome on me! Where can I get a pair?
  • Boy, I have electrified more monsters with my charm than I can count.
  • Imagine what a blinding sight would be created if all the electricity in the world were collected together!
  • Kzzzak! Kzzzakk! I've got to release my charge!!
  • Hmm? This is your first time to Moon Flower Palace? This here is my garden. Let me show you around.
  • I'll give those humans a nice shock in the rear!
  • I often dream of gazing down on the earth like the moon.
  • When I'm with that girl, my electric pulse goes haywire.
  • I'm getting old. My electric charge has been dwindling.
  • Porcupine? Sea Urchin? Hey, what are you trying to say?
  • That girl has the pointiest angles. What a turn-on!
  • We Thunder Ghosts are formed when multiple electric charges gather together.
  • My throat is all sore.

Thunder Servant[]

  • I'm not always pulsating with electricity. But does it appear that way?
  • I don't want to lose my sharp edges in old age...
  • My grandma has gotten too old to make thunder.
  • I can see you're attracted to me. You look like your shock has you all jittery!

Aqua Element[]

Aqua Element[]

  • Ah, I think I drank too much water. My face seems kind of puffy today.
  • My boyfriend and I are buying matching rings! Heehee!
  • If you look closely, you'll see we have fangs.
  • We are the beautiful ocean water as well as the morning dew on the leaves in the forest.
  • I've got wrinkles on my forehead now. I must be getting old.
  • Have you heard? There are humans somewhere in this cave.
  • Ahhh, it's been cold lately hasn't it? If it gets any colder I'll turn into an Ice Elemental.
  • Humans cry tears when they are sad right? We are those tears, too.
  • Man, you're kind of damp.
  • Is something bothering you? Come on, you can tell me.
  • I have very fluid opinions. Does that make me spineless?
  • Why is water free at human restaurants? Without water, you wouldn't have all the other drinks.
  • I always want to remain fresh and crystal clear.
  • My feelings for my girlfriend run as deep the sea.
  • No life form can survive without water.
  • Today is our wedding anniversary. We'll be having dinner all by ourselves!!
  • Water is life itself.
  • Those arrogant humans think that they can do anything. That is why we teach them an occasional lesson by smashing dams and causing floods.

Water Spirit[]

  • My girlfriend has the most beautiful skin. It looks as fluid and smooth as pure water.
  • This is not good. Lately, my lower body has fattened up.
  • I sure would like to visit that place they call "the Sea."
  • Where did that pesky Electric Spirit run off to?

Rain Ghost[]

  • I'm no ordinary water drop. My mission is to protect this Moon Flower Palace.
  • It's dangerous to approach Electric Spirits.
  • Your eyes are full of life, like a fish who has returned to water.
  • When I perish, I wonder if these beautiful little water-drop girls will die as well?
  • I had a fight and I broke up with my girlfriend. It's like a part of me has been washed away.
  • Water is the source of all life for all living things.
  • Humans are foolish to pollute water, the source of all life. It is an outrage!
  • Those humans keep us from being able to live as crystal-clear water.
  • I heard that sometimes humans cry when they are happy. I don't get it.
  • We are born from the water drops created when rain strikes the ground.
  • Come on, if you have something to get off your chest, say it and get it over with.
  • Aargh, I don't get along with him at all. We're like oil and water. We just don't mix. Who am I talking about, you ask? Come on, I can't tell you that.
  • Do you have a dream? My dream is to return to a state of pure water.
  • The ladies tell me I'm like deep-sea water. Is that good or bad?

Tempest Servant[]

  • I will never forgive those water-wasting humans!
  • Almost all living things contain water. That's right. If it wasn't for me, even plants would shrivel up.
  • Every water disaster that occurs is our way of making ourselves known to those wretched humans.
  • As we turn into water vapor and then into rain, we are constantly changing our shape.



  • We can't let the humans run amuck anymore! We must stand up for peace in the sewers.
  • Wipe that smile off your face! Get with it!
  • Well done, man. The Vanguard should be secure. Ha ha ha!
  • You know, "Vanguard" means pioneer. Oh, I see. So the monsters who invade the sewers are Vanguards.
  • Unless the Balloon Baron sends his orders, we can't do anything.
  • I'm old, and can't move like I used to.
  • I'm usually pretty quiet. So I don't know what to say when people talk to me.

Neo Vanguard[]

  • You've got to take care of yourself. We Vanguards rust easily.
  • I need to oil my joints before they rust.
  • Humans have been invading us. We'll take them out with this attack!
  • All this spinning is giving me a headache!
  • Hi. I'm easily mistaken for a man, but I'm a cute girl.
  • When it rains, my body can get moldy. So look out!
  • Check out these muscles! No staring, now!
  • Ha ha ha! Why so gloomy? Keep your chin up!

Vanguard Mk 2[]

  • Mr. Van is the leader of the Vanguards. You better go and pay your respects!
  • Hey, I'm new to the Moon Flower Palace. Can you show me around?
  • I feel so sluggish today. I guess I fought too much yesterday.
  • I've aged so. My legs aren't what they used to be. How I envy the young.
  • I really love Gerdie's legs! They're awesome, don't you think?
  • Vanguards are pioneers of this land. We were the first to settle here.
  • Check me out! Pretty fast, huh? If you want to beat the humans, you've got to be quick like me!
  • You stink like a human! Go wash yourself!
  • There's a trick to this spinning move. If you don't use it, you'll just get dizzy.
  • Oh no! I missed a good movie again. I always realize it the next day.
  • With a body this big, I'm easy for the enemy to spot. The Darkness have it easy. They can hide anywhere.
  • Without the Balloon Baron around, the Vanguards are out of control.
  • You know what? It's the Balloon Baron that's controlling the Vanguards.
  • Humans! Wherever you are, I'll find you and finish you all!
  • Hey, new kid! I'm counting on you!
  • Vanguish is so cool! I want to be just like him!
  • The Balloon Baron and I are inseparable.
  • Yes? Did you want something?

Sonic Bomber[]

Sonic Bomber[]

  • At the moment, I'm flying high on overconfidence and am therefore invincible.
  • At the moment, my stomach is growling like a den of bears, as I'm famished.
  • At the moment, lacking female companionship. I'm on a date with myself.
  • At the moment, I'm dancing ecstatically to music.
  • At the moment, I'm unsteady on my feet due to severe lack of sleep.
  • At the moment, my empty stomach is making me rather irritable, so buzz off.
  • At the moment, I'm suffering from heartbreak and letting myself wallow in self-pity.
  • At the moment, I'm dreaming about the latest girl I'm fixated on.
  • At the moment, being dreadfully busy, I'm losing my few friends.
  • At the moment, I'm berating myself for being late.

Metal Bomber[]

  • At the moment, I'm being apologetic from something that wasn't really my fault.
  • At the moment, I'm counting sheep to help me fall asleep.
  • At the moment, I'm causing my friends agony with my corny jokes.
  • At the moment, my bike is frightened and lost since it was stolen by a baddy.

Ultrasonic Bomb[]

  • At the moment, with humans in the vicinity, I'm on red alert.
  • At the moment, having had my girlfriend cheat on me, I'm insane with jealousy.
  • At the moment, I'm trying to shed my stress through several dollars worth of pinball.
  • At the moment, having lost my job, I'm scouring the help wanted ads.
  • At the moment, I'm a pop music idol with a hit at the top of the charts.
  • At the moment, I'm really excited because my girlfriend is over for the first time- so scoot.
  • At the moment, I'm immersed in a fantasy role-playing game, although I've got a test tomorrow.
  • At the moment, I'm suddenly popular as a result of my musical activities.
  • At the moment, I'm exhausted and as such will take a much-needed break.
  • At the moment, I'm secretly concerned about my girlfriend's recent weight gain.

Krau Mauness[]

  • At the moment, I can't keep from cracking a smile because I have a girlfriend.
  • At the moment, I'm humming a tune because I'm in a good mood.
  • At the moment, I'm living life at full speed because I'm adolescent.
  • Although I hardly ever cry, at the moment, I'm deeply moved and am close to tears.

Yo-Yo Barrel[]

Yo-Yo Barrel[]

  • Okay, okay.
  • Say, hey. Hey, hey.
  • I know, I know.
  • Hey, Yo yo yo.
  • Yo baby, I'm happy now.
  • How are you?
  • Alright, alright.
  • I am Yoyo Barrel and you?
  • Good afternoon.
  • How old are you?
  • Thank you baby.
  • Rooooar. Boy, am I sleeeeepy. yawn
  • Who are you?
  • I love rock'n roll music. Yeah!
  • Have a nice day.
  • Yo yo yo. What's up?
  • You're so lucky!
  • Let's sing a song.
  • Goodnight, bye.
  • Don't worry, be happy.
  • Hi again.
  • I'm sorry. I don't know.
  • Welcome!
  • Thank you, thank you.
  • Dance with me, honey!
  • Hi, hello. What? Oh, I dunno

Rolling Rocks[]

  • I love rock'n roll music. Yeah, I really do.
  • I am a rock'n roll star. Yeah!
  • Rock is my life.
  • Let's go see a show!
  • No life without rock music!
  • I like carrot juice! On the rocks!
  • Do you like rock music?

Clock Knight[]

  • I'm here to help, anytime!
  • Time is money!
  • What time is it now?
  • Slowly please.
  • Just a moment please.
  • How long are you going to stay?
  • You'll be a great monster someday!
  • Sorry, don't have time.

Spinning Saucer[]

  • Good job.
  • That's no good.
  • Nice to meet you.
  • Be careful.
  • I see.
  • No problem.

Pirate Tank[]

Pirate Tank[]

  • I'm almost out of cannon balls. Gotta restock my arsenal!
  • I never miss my mark!
  • Hey, is it true that your body blows apart when you die?
  • I used to roam the seas with the Captain a long time ago.
  • Pirates used to launch their attacks from here!
  • Just shoot everything to pieces!
  • My eyes feel dry. I need some eye drops.
  • My cannon fire range is farther than the lot of ya!
  • The wheels ain't turning so well these days.
  • Ah! Nothing feels as good as shooting your cannon.
  • You'd best be careful of thunder attacks. Oh, those hurt somethin' fierce!
  • Don't worry about aiming. Just keep shooting!
  • Lately my wheels have been on the fritz. I'm just not getting much speed anymore.
  • So, you have a crush on someone, do ya? Well, just go for it, lass. What's the worst that could happen?
  • My eyes are incredible! I can see across the sea!
  • I've heard there's a more powerful cannon somewhere around here. Rubbish if ya ask me!
  • When you look at me with those big eyes I just don't know what to do.

Pirate Eye[]

  • Everyone says I'm always busy, but not today. Come on. Let's do some pilligin!
  • I used to sail the seas with the Captain long ago. In fact, it's thanks to him that I came here.
  • This here is the prettiest cannon in this cave. These here wheels are lovely!
  • I'm good friends with King Mimic. We get along because we're both the best.
  • It's gotten a little dirty, huh? I ought to wash my cannon.
  • We're some of the strongest lugs in this cave.
  • My friend King Mimic just gave me some treasure the other day.
  • Sometimes I want to shoot fireworks, instead of cannon balls.
  • Hey, is it true that we fly into pieces when we die?
  • Wow, I can finally shoot a cannon. Now I can handle those humans!

Angry Canon[]

  • Does it scare you when I look at you with these big eyes.
  • I just saw Clover sinking down fast from the back. I wonder what happened?
  • The monsters here on the Zelmite Mining Road are like one big happy family.
  • I loaded too many cannons today. I'm beat.
  • I'm not really in a hurry, but I've got to look busy.
  • Don't worry. I'm not looking at you.

Iron Ghost[]

  • I hate thunder.
  • Don't worry. I never shoot at monsters.
  • Range is our advantage. We can attack from way far away.
  • Looks like it's about time to teach my son how to handle a cannon.
  • That tank keeps looking over here. Do you think maybe it likes me? Scary.
  • The wheels keep sticking. They might be rusty.
  • Lately there's been a lot of humans hanging around here, hunting for Zelmite and stuff. If I lay my eyes on one, he's gonna regret ever coming here. Mark my words, man!
  • It seems I was originally a weapon used by humans.
  • My sweetie has the biggest eyes. She is so very fine.
  • Oh no! I better get more fuel.

Bomber Head[]

Bomber Head[]

  • Oh, if you have Sturdy Rocks, give 'em to the Guardians, man. They're all depressed 'cause they lost their own stash...
  • I bet Guardias would love it if you gave them some Sturdy Rocks.
  • I feel safe when my body's filled up with bombs.
  • If something goes wrong and I blow up, you'd better get clear!
  • I got punched by my girlfriend when we had a fight the other day. Oh, the shame!
  • I'll knock any uppity human out cold!
  • It's hard to punch while spinning like I do.
  • The way I run is weak? Shut up.
  • Straight, hook, uppercut. I gotta practice my punches!
  • Don't worry. I'm not going to punch you.
  • I always end up jumping when I walk.
  • My dream is to shoot fireworks instead of bombs someday.

Triple Cracker[]

  • It's OK, our heads aren't suddenly going to explode. Don't be scared.
  • I've got lots of bombs today. I feel great!
  • We're Bomber Heads, the bombing professionals.
  • Since I was little, I've been raised to fight to the bitter end.

Danger Bomb[]

  • I get so excited when I hear the sound of explosions.
  • There wouldn't happen to be anyone here willing to be my punching bag so I can practice, would there?
  • My head's flashing again today.
  • Why do the belly buttons on those Masked Tribesman people stick out so far, anyway??

Sweet Dynamite[]

  • When the spark of this fuse goes out, I'll be dead.
  • Hey, wait. Do you think I'm bald?
  • I just hate flames. Caution, I'm flammable!
  • One, two, one, two. Can't forget to practice my punches.
  • What!? You want to take my punches?
  • Aw, darn. I forgot to polish my head today.
  • I thought boxing was a sport for guys, but lately it's been getting popular with women, too.
  • I'm going over to Scarecrow's house to play.
  • One, two, punch. Two, two, punch.
  • The Demon Puppets just keep on playing cards. Is it really that much fun?
  • I'm a fan of a band called the Aquabomb. They're really explosive live!
  • Counter punches are my specialty.



  • You didn't notice? We have wings.
  • If I find a human, I'll run it through with my spear. Stab it!
  • How can you fight with such a scrawny body?
  • A-ha-ha! This spear has incredible power.


  • Ugh. I feel so heavy.
  • My spear attack is all about speed.
  • I'm all rusty these days.
  • Oooh, I can't wait to take down a human.
  • I'm feeling ready to rip today!
  • Hey, look me in the eye when you're talking to me. Huh? Where are my eyes? Well...
  • Oh, did you notice I have wings?
  • Have we met somewhere before? Sorry, never mind.
  • Hey there, what's going on?
  • There is no one who can hurt me. I'm encased in a super hard shell, you see.
  • I was running the other day and crashed head first into a wall. Gotta look where I'm going.
  • My girlfriend blew me off. I think she thought I was rusty...

Iron Spear[]

  • I'm the mightiest of all. Yes!
  • I am Iron Spear!! Bow down to me!
  • People think I'm a loser. I wonder why? Is there something wrong with me?
  • You got something to say?
  • Man! My arm is getting rusty again.
  • Ever heard of antimatter? I've got lots of it inside me.
  • I am the hardiest knight!
  • Nothing can withstand the piercing of my spear!
  • The first rule of knighthood: Never turn your back on your opponent!
  • There may be a lot of youngsters making a hoopla about knighthood, but the most important thing is being able to go home to your family at the end of the day...
  • I may look tough but, thunder terrifies me.

Flying Steel[]

  • I am Flying Steel. Yes!
  • You're lucky to have met me! Yes!
  • Poor baby, you must've come a long way to get here. Three cheers for you. Hip-hip-hooray.
  • Come on! Give it all you got. I'm right here in front of you.
  • I am the strongest monster. Well, besides King Mimic, I mean.
  • You're challenging me to a battle? Well, I'll give you points for bravery.
  • It's a good thing you got to talk to me.



  • I guess I'm just not sophisticated.
  • Coco the Heart is really cute, but one of the Spades got her.
  • Why am I so flimsy? I want to be strong and manly!
  • I'm going to give her a necklace braided from white pearlwort for here birthday.
  • I want a chic hat like the Diamonds have.
  • Something's happening at the Moon Flower Palace! I'm beside myself with worry.
  • I love the spring, when the beautiful pearlworts are in blossom.
  • Working as a soldier here at the Moon Flower Palace is my quiet pride.
  • They say that you can be happy if you find a four-leaf clover, but I haven't seen one yet.
  • The Diamond's weapons are very strong.
  • The Spades are mean. They keep harassing us.
  • I'm praying that peace will come again, without a war, but...

S. Club[]

  • I hate this dorky club. I want a cool spade sword too so I can smash the bad guys in style.
  • Green is easy on the eyes. It's soothing.
  • I'm going to be an honest Club. That hope is embodied in the club my father gave me.
  • The Diamonds think they're popular but the head Diamond is the only real interesting one.

R. Club[]

  • Even though I was careful and brought my umbrella, it didn't rain. On top of that, I lost it!
  • I gave it to my girlfriend as a present, but she already had the same thing.
  • Hmm, even though everyone's working hard, It's not unusual for things to go wrong...
  • Things never work out well in the world. That kind of thing always happens to Clubs. Listen to what everybody has to say.

RSF Club[]

  • I'm always searching for happiness, but it's really hard to find.
  • I have to get stronger, so I can protect the people I love.
  • I hope my turn to be happy comes around soon.
  • My parent's wedding anniversary is tomorrow. I'm looking for a four-leaf Club to give them.



  • My lance is made from diamond as well.
  • The girls love the diamond in my hat!
  • I think she has finally fallen for me. The hat gets them every time.
  • One day, I intend to make this diamond into a ring for the girl I love.
  • Don't worry, it isn't as heavy as it looks.
  • So long as I have this diamond, any girl can be mine.
  • If I stand sideways, I almost disappear.
  • I'm sure you know that diamond is the hardest substance in the world, right?
  • I'd like to be strong, like Joker is.
  • I've worked hard today, so I'm going to treat myself.
  • When it catches the light, this hat of mine really shines. I just wish I could actually see it myself, you know.
  • Recently, I keep on catching the eyes of a certain Heart.
  • All the monsters get culture shock pretty bad when they first come here.
  • I'll run through anyone who enters this Moon Flower Palace without permission.
  • Those Spades are full of themselves, but I guess they are pretty cool.

S. Diamond[]

  • What would I ever do if I ever lost this diamond?! Just thinking about it scares me stiff.
  • Even when I fall in battle, this diamond will sparkle on.
  • Those Hearts always try to steal my diamond.
  • I've lost count of the girls drawn to me by this diamond. Are you another of them?

R. Diamond[]

  • Huh, just what's so great about Spades, anyway?
  • I wonder if there is a Monster out there who could understand my fragile heart?
  • I'm not angry, but for some reason my face just looks upset.
  • Of course, this lance is also made from diamond.

RSF Diamond[]

  • This diamond lance of mine is sure to stick it to those humans.
  • The other monsters always seem jealous of me, but I don't know why! Honest!
  • If I give her this diamond, do you think she will love me forever?
  • If the humans get me, could you make sure my girlfriend gets this diamond?



  • I'm going to become a Playing Card Soldier and risk my life to protect the Moon Flower Palace.
  • I feel like my heart's going to burst when I pass in front of that Spade.
  • You gotta be careful not to underestimate me just because I'm a girl.
  • I've got a Club girlfriend. Together, we'll protect the Moon Flower Palace from the humans.
  • Do you think my lipstick is too dark?
  • Spade Soldiers are always just like so macho. Such a feast for the eyes, if you know what I mean.
  • It's my job to cheer up the other monsters.
  • I always end up thinking only about the person I like.
  • The hats the Diamonds wear are sooo cute. You could probably buy a house with one of those diamonds. Hold on. What am I blabbing on about? Ha ha.
  • Give love to all the monsters!
  • When you're picking a boyfriend, a guy's heart matters more than looks do.
  • One of the Spade Soldiers said he liked me, but I don't feel the same way.
  • When everybody cheers up, I feel like I want to join in the fight.
  • I can't stand up to cold attacks.
  • Even though Hearts are thin, we're still passionate.

S. Heart[]

  • I'm so pretty that Miss Gourgon is always trying to be like me.
  • That Miss Gourgon went and took my lipstick without my permission. And that tube was the new in-color for this year, too. Now the whole fad's going to pass me by! Poop!
  • This is just too much! That Miss Gourgon ran off with my earrings again! And I thought I had them in a good hiding place, too! Poop!
  • Have you seen my mascara? I wonder if that Miss Gourgon went and took it again. Fiddlesticks!

R. Heart[]

  • A Spider Lady must have ran off with my mascara.
  • Even if I am a Playing Card Soldier, I wish I had a sexy body.
  • Earth Dragons are so cool and so studly. Wow, I think I'm in love!
  • I can't just say, "Give it back." Those Spider Madams are real scary when they're angry, you know.

RSF Heart[]

  • My earnest desire is for all beings on the planet to be happy.
  • My actual heart belongs to a special someone. Who? Now that would be telling.
  • I wonder, why do humans and monsters hate each other so deeply?
  • Do you want a taste of my Love Power as well?



  • My attacks are of a quality far above your mere, average Card Soldier.
  • When they say "lady killer," they're talking about me. I've been a bad man, I'm afraid.
  • We Spades are special among all the Card Soldiers.
  • Even Heart girls are obsessed with me.
  • I do nothing, and still drive women wild. I wonder why?
  • Those poor Clubs, so uncool, they'll never attract any of the right kind of attention.
  • Those foolish Clubs. They're just jealous of us.
  • This Moon Flower Palace is a great place to show off just how cool I am, is it not?
  • Out of all ordered to protect the Moon Flower Palace, we Card Soldiers were the first.
  • The Spades on this floor are the most vain Card Soldiers there are.
  • I'm different from those other Spades. I don't care about girls. I'm a proud Card Soldier!
  • I admit, those Jokers are tough.

S. Spade[]

  • Those Hearts, they can't take my intense gaze.
  • I'm great! I'm so great! I rule! I'm so cool! I'm the best! Don't tell Joker, though, OK?
  • I thought Club had been a bit strange recently. Turns out there is a girl he likes! Man, don't make me laugh! Oh, OK, go on then.
  • I am just so amazingly cool, it's scary. I get goosebumps everytime I look at myself in the mirror.

R. Spade[]

  • I'm getting hot looks from all the cute ones today.
  • I guess I don't have to tell you this, but I'm one fine looking Card.
  • Anything that looks even vaguely like a hat suits me.
  • Well, how do you like my cologne? All the girls will go crazy again once they smell this.

RSF Spade[]

  • About time to replace the feather in my hat.
  • Even the flourish of our sword is gentle yet swift. That's Spades for you.
  • if I ever want a girlfriend, then I can take my pick.
  • Oh my, I am such a sinner...



  • The strength of my scythe is scary.
  • Same as in any card game, the Joker is the strongest of all the Card Soldiers.
  • We Jokers are on a totally different level to the rest of the pack.
  • Holy relics and the like make me wanna puke.
  • Those who think they can trick me, end up being tricked themselves.
  • You know, I'm a liar. So sorry.
  • Feels great to just sidle up, and then tear out with my scythe.
  • What? You think I have problems? Anybody who worries too much is just plain stupid. Ha ha ha.
  • What, you talking to me? And just why should I chat with you, huh?
  • You! Yeah, you! Don't waste your time dreaming, ‘cause it won't get you nowhere.
  • Yeah, that's Death drawn on my body. Same as him, I'll reap you down to size!
  • The Card Soldiers are all real friendly, but that has nothing to do with me.
  • Whatever, I'm always in or causing trouble.
  • You think I should be in the circus?!
  • I respect Death the most. He reaps without mercy. Me too.
  • Humans? Yeah, I heard some got into the Palace. Bad luck for them then.
  • Same when playing cards, right? The Joker is always the outcast.
  • Why?! Why are we so hated?
  • Everything is just a mess of lies.
  • Nothing hurts me more than being mistaken for a clown.

S. Joker[]

  • I have to say, I love all thirteen people in my family. Whoa, pretend you didn't hear that, OK?
  • Well, I'm always telling jokes. So they named me, Joker. Ha, that's another one...kinda.

R. Joker[]

  • I'm gonna live forever, just like Death himself!
  • I look forward to the 1st of April every year.
  • The honest are idiots. I know the real way to make my way in the world.
  • An unlucky wind is blowing.
  • Love is so pointless. Watching Hearts makes me feel ill.
  • I'm pumped up. Feels like something is about to go down.
  • Don't trust other monsters! You can only rely on yourself.
  • Fight together?! I'm a lone Card. I don't need anybody else.

RSF Joker[]

  • I protect nothing but myself. I don't do nothing for no one, OK.
  • You know when they say "Jokers are wild" in cards? Man, they got that right.