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The Moon Armlet is an armband weapon used by Monica Raybrandt in Dark Chronicle. It's either built up from the Pocklekul or from the Thorn Armlet. It's got a high Chill and Scale attribute meaning that it's effective against fire-based enemies or reptiles. You can find the Moon Armlet in dungeons' chests or you'll be able to buy this armlet at Starlight Weapons in the Starlight Temple for 1800 Gildas when you get to the Chapter 6.


Attributes Attack Durable Flame Chill Lightning Cyclone Smash Exorcism Beast Scale Required enemies
Minimum 88 52 0 99 0 0 0 0 0 60
Build up:
Star Armlet 91 104 113 45 99
Maximum 125 81 125 125 130 125 125 125 125 125

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