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Moon Bug

The Moon Bug is monster in Dark Cloud. It is encountered in the Moon Sea, and closely resembles a ladybug, albeit differently colored. They are fairly strong, and drsl a lot of damage.

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Battle Tactics[]

The Moon Bug can be quite an annoying monster to fight. Somewhat of a cross between the Rockanoff and the Pirate's Chariot, it rolls around fairly quickly, and can fire a huge cannon at great speed. Naturally, you'll want to avoid his shots by strafing sideways and closing in on him. Fortunately, while the Moon Bug will try to roll toward you, its turning system is not great, so side-stepping should be quite easy. You can attack as it rolls past you if you opt close range combat. Alternatively, it can't defend against projectile attacks, so you can keep strafing and firing projectiles at it until it dies.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud Moon Bug
Habitat Moon Sea
Type Metal
Hit Points 450
Defend No
Weakness Thunder
Steal Bomb