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Moon Ship

The Moon Ship is a giant flying airship from Dark Cloud. It was left behind in the Sun/Moon Temple by the Moon People and guarded by the two crests. One crest went to the Moon People, and the other to Muska Lacka. Toan journeyed through the temple to obtain the ship to head to Yellow Drops, where perhaps the Moon People there still possessed the magic capable of resealing the Dark Genie. To do this, he needed to go through a sequence similar to a Duel, where he jumped across fallen pillars due to the King's Curse's final will.


The Moon Ship looks like a large sailing ship resembling a Viking skip with an ornate dragon's head rising from the bow. It has wings that fold out from the side and wheels to move it, which are presumably magical and make it capable of lunar flight. The control panel is installed in the mouth of the dragon which is the only place seen where you can ride on the ship. Though there were cannons on the ship, the game never showed them being used. The fairy king also complimented on its design saying that all the moon people are excellent artist.