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Mayor Need is the mayor of Palm Brinks in Dark Chronicle. He is also a support character who can be added to the party starting in Chapter 2. Mayor Need is the father of Claire, and a good friend of Cedric. Mayor Need can be added to the party after telling him the combination to his safe which is: '1221. After recruiting Mayor Need, he may be found in the second front most passenger car of Blackstone One. At this point he may be immigrated and placed in Georama areas.

He operates his own medal exchange, where you can trade medals for a number of clothing, as well as the unique Name-Change Ticket. His party ability is to increase Gilda gained from defeating enemies by 30%, which stacks with Wealth.

Mayor Need is first seen speaking with the circus ringmaster Flotsam in the back room of Flotsam's Circus regarding the progress of finding the Red Atlamillia in Palm Brinks, but the mayor has had no luck finding it, not even after scavenging the Zelmite Mine for it. Angered by the lack of success, Flotsam brutally smacks Need with his cane, strangles him with it, kicks him in the butt, and steps on him as he voices his disgust and discontent with the people of Palm Brinks and how with them having been kept safe and sound behind the city's walls, it is no wonder they haven't found the Atlamillia yet. Need pleads for Flotsam not to tell the citizens about the outside world beyond the city walls as it could cause a panic and they'd never find the Atlamillia then, but Flotsam assures him he will keep it their own little secret until Maximilian alerts Flotsam to his presence. When Need sees Max had been eavesdropping on their conversation, he pleads for Max to run for it, but Flotsam quickly sends his men after Max after seeing he wore the Red Atlamillia around his neck.

Unable to do much else after that, Need returns to his office at the Palm Brinks City Hall. Some time later, Cedric enters Need's office to confront him on what happened with Flotsam after Cedric rescued Max from Flotsam and Linda in the Underground Water Channel with the Ridepod. Faced with no other choice when reminded that he and Cedric are good friends for several years now, Need decides to tell him everything. Once he finishes explaining things to Cedric, Need believes there is nothing else he can do when asked by Cedric what he'll do now, but Cedric doesn't buy it, and Need believes he's useless as mayor. However, Cedric then suggests reopening the Blackstone Railroad, convincing Need the time is now to show the people of Palm Brinks the state of the outside world and attempt to help rebuild it so there's a chance to fix everything and show the people there is nothing to be afraid of now. After some thought, Need agrees to reopen the Blackstone, but remains behind in the station to watch as Cedric departs on the Blackstone One with Borneo and Erik, admitting to himself he didn't have the guts and puts his faith in Cedric to carry it out.

Later on, Need, joined by Assistant/Vice Mayor Morton, oversees the opening of the Fishing Contest and Finny Frenzy in the town square where Flotsam had his circus earlier.

Following peace being restored with the defeat of the Dark Element, Mayor Need is outside the train station again when Max stops by. Having regained confidence in himself, Need tells Max that he intends to expand the Blackstone Railroad, but first he needs Max to stop by the Zelmite Mine to find a fresh deposit of Zelmite to use to complete the expansion project. After Max, rejoined by Monica Raybrandt, finds the fresh deposit, Need summons everyone to outside the train station to make the formal announcement that the railroad is expanding, and he'll need everyone's help to make it happen, especially with helping to rebuild the various communities that had been decimated by Griffon previously, impressing even Max and Monica with how far the mayor has come in gaining confidence in himself, and the citizens of Palm Brinks with cooperating to make the world a better place for a brighter future.