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Olivie is a young Firbit living in Palm Brinks in Dark Chronicle. Olivie is a young Firbit girl, and as such sports their characteristic ears. She looks virtually identical to those found in Jurak Mall. Olivie is friendly, if not a little unhelpful at first. Since she will only help people who she respects (just like Firbits in general), she could be perceived as someone who needs people to prove their worth before helping them. She is a support character, being optional to recruit, although necessary for lure fishing.

To recruit her, Max must come first in any Finny Frenzy class and talk to her when no fishing events are being held, when she appears in the town square. Once recruited she sells the Lure Rod and all Lures as part of her shop; Olivie's Lures. In a party she has the ability to grant a free Pumped Up status effect with her skill Support, which is the same as when you use a Stamina Drink, although she will only be able to do this twice before needing to recharge.