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The Opar is a unique monster that is encountered in Dark Cloud, found in the Divine Beast Cave. It resembles a massive, blue frog with a white belly. The Opar has no variations, making it a unique one-time experience. This monster does not exist in the Japanese version.

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Battle Tactics[]

The Opar can be very difficult to defeat if not fought properly. It has two attacks, one is a body slam, and the other is a vapor cloud that causes the Goo status. It moves very slowly, so the easiest way to defeat it is to use ranged attacks. If you attempt to fight it at close range, it is best to attack him from his side or rear, so that he can't body slam you. When defeated, he does a final body slam and releases another vapor cloud, so stay back when you finish it off.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud Opar
Habitat Divine Beast Cave
Type Marine
Hit Points 28
Defend No
Weakness Thunder
Steal Rotten Fish

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