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Osmond is a character who appears in both Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle, with changes to his character in the sequel. He is an inventor and scientist. In Dark Chronicle he is a high-ranking worker at the Lunatic Wisdom Laboratories and invents the Nova-Cannon for Max's Ridepod. Osmond is the same person in both games, as Moon People live extremely long lives through their connection to nature, although Osmond is more technologically oriented.



Osmond is a witty yet serious Luna-Lab worker, his main interests and assignments being creating robotic parts for machines. In Dark Cloud, it is mentioned that he loses his temper when he doesn't get his way, and that he is quite ruthless and ambitious.


Osmond appears to be a Moon Person, like Pau, but hides behind a lot of clothing. He wears big goggles with red lenses which cover half his face, with a yellow and purple scarf covering his other half. In the first game, he wears something of a spacesuit, form-fitting with rubber gloves and boots, alongside a jet pack that is strapped to his back. In the second game, he wears normal Luna-Lab colors.


Osmond is a genius inventor in both games, taking little time to design and control both the Sun Giant and Ixion. In the first, he takes a large role, being the fifth and final ally who joins Toan on his journey. His most prominent feature is the use of a jet pack, which allows him to easily cross canyons in the dungeons that are too wide for even Xiao to jump across. In the second, he still takes a large role, being the driver of the Ixion once the crew gets it, in place of Cedric and the Blackstone One.

An example of his inventions would be the Nova-Cannon for the Ridepod. He has a hand in making Ixion as well, and pilots it. In Dark Cloud, he helps the party by assembling a robot called the Sun Giant for them to use in defeating the Dark Genie.


In Dark Cloud, Osmond's weapons of choice are guns, which can be categorized as machine guns, flamethrowers, and beam cannons. All his weapons have a high rate of fire, with machine guns having the longest range and beam cannons doing the most damage. Notably, if he uses a flamethrower or a beam cannon, he will not be able to defeat the final boss due to his distance. He can increase his defense with the Carrot Cookie, which is found in miracle chests.

Other appearances[]

Osmond also appears in another Level-5 game, White Knight Chronicles, as a guest character. In the game he is a pituitary and the leader of the wind walkers. His name changed from Osmond to Osmund in the game, but his appearance is almost exactly the same as in Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle.