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Osmond's weapons are guns and flamethrowers in Dark Cloud. They are ranged weapons, which combine well with Osmond's ability to hover, allowing him to both strafe and shoot at enemies. All his weapons focus on a high rate of fire, with the flamethrower having the shortest range, and the laser pistols having the lowest rate of fire, but the highest damage. His Supernova is one of the strongest weapons in the game, with a very high maximum attack.

General information[]

Icon Weapon Inventory description
Machine Gun icon Machine Gun A powerful blazing gun. Default weapon.
Jackal icon Jackal Upgraded machine gun.
Snail icon Snail Gun made of shell. Fires magic bolts.
Swallow icon Swallow Enhanced machine gun. Light & easy to use.
Blessing Gun icon Blessing Gun Device emits magical attribute. Attacks various ways.
Skunk icon Skunk Upgraded blessing gun. Spell emitting device.
G Crusher icon G Crusher Emits powerful shot. Great destructive power.
Hexa Blaster icon Hexa Blaster Powerful beam cannon that emits magical energy.
Star Breaker icon Star Breaker Machine gun weapon. So powerful that it breaks stars.
Supernova icon Supernova Strongest beam-type weapon. Filled with space power.

Weapon flowchart[]

Machine Gun
Blessing Gun
G Crusher
Star Breaker
Hexa Blaster


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