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P-3000 render

The P-3000.

The P-3000 is an ATV-Type vehicle encountered in Dark Chronicle. Flotsam uses it to attack the Blackstone One in a final attempt to get Maximilian's Atlamillia. After it gets destroyed by Max, the P-3000 explodes and launches Flotsam onto the train. Flotsam then takes off his clothes to reveal dynamite he has strapped to himself and dares Max to throw another bomb at him. However, he is stopped by a young kid who reveals herself to be Monica, who then slashes Flotsam and kicks him off the train.

Battle Tactics[]

The only way to defeat the P-3000 is to throw the bombs that Cedric gives you. Simply pick up the bomb as you would pick up a dungeon monster or rock, and throw it toward the side of the train. Make sure you toss it at the right angle, or you will hit the train! Also be mindful that the P-3000 has a tendency to jump to the other side of the train to dodge the bombs thrown at it. The battle will end after three bombs have blown up on the ATV.